9 Must Try Halal Eateries To Visit In Madrid


Kareemah Ashiru •  Apr 11, 2016

If you're heading to Spain, its capital city Madrid will surely entice you with its cobbled streets and modern boulevards. While you're off on your Spanish adventure, check out this list of 10 halal restaurants in Madrid, so you can explore the sights of the beautiful city without having a rumbling tummy!

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1. Al Aga Cocina

Al Aga
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A take-out restaurant established by a Syrian refugee family, the food consists of typical dishes offered in the Levantine region. These include but are not limited to: Shawarma, Humus, Falafel, Labneh, Kibbeh, Fatteh, and Grilled chicken to mention a few. The cost doesn’t even break your bank.  2 euros for the entrees and a main dish costs an average of 6 euros.

Location: Calle Villaamil, 52, 28039, Madrid, Spain

Type: Syrian (Arabic)

Cost:  €

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (Everyday)

2. Al Mounia

al mounia
Credit: restaurantealmounia

This regal restaurant is located in the most upscale neighbourhood of Madrid.  While sitting in this spatial arena you can’t help but feel like royalty ?. The cost of the meals here are a little bit pricey for an individual however there are several options for groups which makes it possible to enjoy one of Al Mounia’s savoury dishes. The group meal includes appetizers, main dishes, dessert and drinks. There is an additional special meal arrangement during the month of Ramadan.

Location: Calle de Recoletos, 5, 28001 Madrid, Spain [Salamanca]

Type: Moroccan

Cost: €€€

Opening Hours: 1pm - 4pm; 8:30pm – 11:30 pm Monday – Saturday; Sunday 1pm - 4pm

Disclaimer: A reader has commented that this eatery sells raw meat in the same place. Please reconsider visiting this restaurant if you have a sensitive stomach.

3. Baobab

If you are like me and are a little bit on the adventurous side, you might as well stop by Baobab. This is said to be the best Senegalese restaurant in the whole of Madrid. Because 92% of Senegalese locals are Muslim, their food is permissible to eat for other Muslims as well. There are also options for Vegetarians. Some of Baobab’s savoury dishes include: Thebou Dienne, Thiere and Yassa, to mention a few.  The average costs of these meals are €7 and trust me your stomach would be filled up for the whole day. A little bit of warning! Senegalese food in general tends to be on the spicy side, however there are options to get a less spicy meal.

Location: Calle de los Cabestreros, 1 28012 Madrid, Spain. [Lavapiés ]

Type: Senegalese

Cost: €

Opening Hours: 10 – 9pm (Monday – Sunday) Except Tuesday

4. Alhambra

Alhambra restaurant is located in Lavapies just right when you get off the metro. It’s has a welcoming ambience to it once you walk in. The dishes include typical Moroccan like couscous, harira and so on. Several residents have recommended Alhambra as one of the best halal restaurants in Lavapies.  The cost for a full meal is 7 € on average.

Location: Calle Tribulete, 4

Type: Moroccan


Opening Hours: 10 am – 12:00 am (Monday – Sunday)

5. Bombay Palace

Bombay palace
A Desi restaurant with a variety of scrumptious options common to this region such as Chicken/Lamb tikka, Vegetable Balti, Chicken Chaat; to mention a few. You can eat well here without breaking your bank. The manager is a Muslim and the majority of their dishes are halal.

Location: Calle Ave Maria, 26, 28012 Madrid, Spain [Lavapies]

Type: Indian


Opening Hours:  1pm – 11:30 pm (Monday –Thursday, Sunday);  1pm – 4pm (Friday – Saturday)

6. Bar Colores

Bar colores
Another Senegalese restaurant located in the heart of the international neighbourhood (Lavapiés), just like Baobab. The difference is that the price of the food costs less on average than Baobab. I have been here twice and I know I would visit many more times. Their meals are simply delicious.

Location: Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 43, 28012 Madrid, Spain [Lavapiés]

Type: Senegalese


Opening Hours: 9am – 1am (Monday – Sunday)

7. Sahara

Credit: madridarabe

This is another nice and comfortable restaurant located in Malasana which is close to the center of Madrid.  The typical food served here have Moroccan influences. At Sahara, one might have to pay a little bit more for meals, with the average cost being around 15 € and higher.

Location: Calle libreros, 18, 28004 Madrid [Malasaňa]

Type: Moroccan

Cost: €€

Opening Hours:  1pm – 12 am (Monday – Thursday); 1pm – 1 am ( Friday – Saturday)

8. Habibi

Located in Lavapies, Habibi has the typical middle eastern food but more in a Lebanese style. The average cost for a meal here is 7€.

Location: Calle del Ave Maria, 41, 28012 [Lavapies]

Type: Lebanese


Opening Hours: 1pm – 1 am (Everyday)

9. Red Velvet

Red Velvet
Credit: Red Velvet

Located close to the centre of Madrid, Red Velvet is owned by a Spanish Moroccan woman. Here you can find different savoury pastries. Red velvet cupcakes, cheese cakes, briwats and many more! If you need to snack on something, or just have a sweet or “salty” tooth. This is definitely the place to be.

Location:  Calle Barceló 6, CC Barceló , Local 305 305, 2 planta [Malasaña]

Type: Pastry

Cost: €

Opening Hours: 10- 3pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

El Barrio de Lavapiés is my recommendation for anyone who wants to try a diverse platter besides Spanish food and there are tons of other Halal restaurants located in this neighborhood. If you want to be like a local in Spain, there are a lot of good Spanish restaurants here in Madrid - just make sure to always confirm if there isn’t any  Cerdo or Jamon in the dish and of course alcohol. Enjoy Madrid!

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