9 Mobile Apps Every Muslim Needs To Download Now


Sabrina Hanim •  Jun 18, 2016

The number of mobile apps available these days can be pretty overwhelming, so we've done some work and came up with a list of 9 apps that you'll definitely find handy to have on your mobile!

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Here are some great apps you should have on your phone:

1. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro
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If there's only one app you should download on your phone, Muslim Pro would definitely be on top of that list. An app that's already widely used by Muslims around the world, Muslim Pro is the all-in-one app you're looking for if you want prayer times wherever you are, the Holy Quran with audio recitations by multiple reciters and translations in different languages, a Qibla compass, an Islamic calendar, a zakat calculator, the Fortress of the Muslim collection of dua and supplications, and the 99 Names of Allah for you to learn and memorize. You can even use the app to find halal restaurants and mosques around you, share your favourite Quranic verses with your loved ones, send Islamic greeting cards (definitely useful when Eid rolls around!) and check fasting times during Ramadan.

Download Muslim Pro from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

2.  Quran Companion by Quran Academy

It should be the goal of every Muslim to deepen their relationship with the Quran, whether by increasing in memorisation or recitation of Surahs, or trying to understand its meaning. However, many of us let time pass us by without building a meaningful relationship with the book of Allah due to many reasons, from being too busy with other obligations to thinking that it's just too hard to memorise the Quran (I've definitely been guilty of this!).

That's where the Quran Companion app by Quran Academy comes in.

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With guided lessons to help you memorise the Surahs you want, games and social motivation to get you going, this app is perfect for those who need flexibility and fun in learning the Quran. You can use it to memorise or revise anywhere and any time! I know i'm definitely benefiting from it ?

Learn more about the app here or get it on Google Play (Available on iOS soon).

3.  PrayerTime.sg

prayer time sg
If you're in Singapore, don't leave home without this app on your phone! With accurate data provided by MUIS, this app provides prayer time notifications, a Qiblat compass and locations of mosques around Singapore. Great when your out and about town!

Get it on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

4. The HHWT Travel Planner App (Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore & Hong Kong)


We've recently released three new destinations on our app (Tokyo, Hong Kong & Singapore) and with more destinations coming soon (we're working super hard on it!). This app will be all you need on your adventures around the world! Be it to find great local halal food, fun attractions to visit on your trip or if you're looking for a local mosque to pray in, we've got you covered ?

(P.S. You can also check out 10 reasons why you need to download the HHWT Travel Planner before you head to Seoul)


We really appreciate all the love and support we've received on our app so far, and we're looking forward to delivering you more features and destinations!

Download the app now on Google Play and iTunes App Store.


5. myDuaa: Fortress of a Muslim

The myDuaa app brings together a compilation of the well known Fortress of a Muslim collection of duas, right at your fingertips. With over 15 categories from clothing to greeting, remembrances for the day, what duas to make when you're facing difficulty and even for when you travel, this app is indispensable!

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Don't worry about language if you can't read Arabic, as not only are the supplications provided in its original Arabic - it also has transliterations, audio and English translations to help you memorise and understand your favourite duas. Found a dua that you love? You can bookmark your favourites or share it with loved ones too!

Get myDuaa on iTunes and Google Play.

6. AyahADay

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With it's easy to use interface and simple design, there's no excuse not to learn the meaning of at least one ayah of the Quran a day with this app on your phone. Developed with Bayyinah Institute and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, the app prompts you to read and listen to an ayah together with its meaning and explanation from Ustadh Nouman himself! Each audio clip is takes you less than 5 minutes to listen to - perfect for when you're on the go or even when you're doing chores.

Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.

7. Hadith of The Day

Credit: Hadith of the Day

Another app that's great for bite-sized learning is the HOTD app that not only lets you learn new hadiths daily, but also has selected ayahs of the Quran, heartwarming duas and an Inspire section where you can read about interesting Islamic facts, personal reflections, interviews of famous Muslim personalities and even learn more about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Download the app for Android or iOS.

8. Muslim Central

Always wanted to listen to more Islamic lectures but never got around to attending any in person or don't have the time to sit and watch one on YouTube? Download the Muslim Central app for a whole host of podcasts from your favourite speakers, regularly updated with their latest lectures. It's the perfect companion for when you're stuck in a long commute, because you can pick which speaker and topic to listen to straight from the app. From hundreds of lectures to choose from, there's bound to be one that speaks straight to your heart!

Muslim Central
Credit: MuslimCentral

Apple users do not have a dedicated app just yet, but you can check out the iTunes audio podcasts for every speaker and Quran reciter here, while Android users can either download the app for individual speakers or get the multi speaker app (which has most of the speakers) in one app here.

9. Prophetic Timeline

Prophetic TImeline
Credit: Prophetic Timeline

This app is a great resource for those who want to learn more about the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW at the convenience of their fingertips. Laid out in an interactive timeline of significant events in his life, with lessons and wisdoms to learn from each event, you can even bring to life the stories though the audio book feature narrated by a BBC voice-over speaker. The Sirah Map feature also allows you to have a visual representation of the locations that the Prophet and his Companions journeyed to in their lifetime. How awesome is that?

Prophetic Timeline is available both on Google Play and iTunes.

We hope these apps will be a great addition to your daily learnings!