9 Essential Modest Styling Tips For A Fuss-Free Travel


Sharifah Yusoff •  Jul 20, 2018

Between the long-distance flights and battling jet lag with heavy suitcases in tow, travelling is already a challenge without having to worry about looking good while you do it. However, it is possible to look stylish while on the road and it is easier to achieve than you would think! Imagine taking stunning photos during your vacation and you always being camera-ready to take beautiful #ootds against the backdrop of a new city. With these travel styling tips, you’ll be looking fly and ready to flood your feed. ?

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Note: Modesty can be perceived and interpreted in a myriad of ways. Modest fashion is best described as varying degrees of covering up on purpose. There is no one way to dress modestly so wear what is comfortable to you and respectable to where you are.

1. Know your itinerary

Everyone tends to overpack for their vacation be it an extra pair of shoes or entire ensembles that never made it out of the luggage. ? Avoid this travel blunder and save valuable space in your bag by planning your outfits!

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Start by counting the days you will be on vacation and break the days up into events or activities. Consider where you will be going and what you will be doing (for example: lounging around at the beach, sightseeing the city on foot, a dinner date at a fancy restaurant). Decide how many outfits you will need and coordinate an appropriate outfit - including shoes! - for each day/activity. You do not want to explore the beautiful Angkor Wat, for instance, without dressing respectfully or forgetting your swimsuit on the way to a water themepark. ?

2. Choose versatile clothes

So now you know the what and where, ready to pack with your luggage on the floor and your closet wide open: how do you decide what to bring? ?

Clothes that can be worn in more than one outfit are your best bet! Items that can be mixed and matched are truly versatile pieces that will help you create new looks without the added baggage. Effectively, each piece should be worn two or three times on your trip.

Experiment with how a top looks on its own (i) untucked over a pair of pants, (ii) tucked into a skirt, and (iii) layered one under a dress/dungaree and you’ll happily uncover how transformative one piece of item can be!

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Basics such as button-down shirts are a good example of flexible clothing. It provides a classic fitted look especially when worn with jeans or trousers. However, it can also appear trendy with a feminine silhouette when paired with a pleated skirt (above).

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A tunic blouse is about great choice for creating multiple outfits easily. On its own, an untucked tunic blouse is effortless and breezy. Wear it under a slip dress (above) or even tucked in to your jeans/skirt for a more chic flair.

Another way to make an outfit look different when you’re repeating a top is to use a different coloured hijab! It really gives that illusion of having a new outfit on. ?

3. Throw in some co-ords

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If figuring out how to best match your tops and bottoms is too much of a hassle, co-ords are probably your best solution! A co-ord is essentially a set of matching tops (outerwear or blouses) and bottoms (pants or skirts). Designed to be worn together, they often come in pretty patterns like stripes, polka dots and floral motifs. They’re so easy to wear and definitely won’t give you those “what-to-wear” fuss.

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Co-ords are versatile because while they are meant to be worn as a set, each piece also works equally well apart. Expanding on Point 2 on mixing and matching, taking a co-ord set apart and pairing each item with the rest of your wardrobe will help you create unique outfits as well.

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The same trousers from this co-ord set has a more casual and wearable style when paired simply with a white top complete with a fun wicker bag. Whether you choose to dress up with a co-ord set or down by separating the pieces, these are flexible items that can expand your outfit possibilities with only a few simple swaps!

4. No iron no worries

Ironing your clothes can be quite the chore when all you want to do is sleep in after a whole day of exploring your holiday destination. Prepare some wrinkle-resistant clothing options and spend your mornings getting that well-deserved rest instead of worrying about crumpled pieces during your trip. Materials like dry-fit, cotton and rayon knit travel really well.

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Alternatively, you may want to pack some printed hijabs/tops/bottoms where a few wrinkles can be disguised as part of the pattern. ?

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A great cotton tunic that is heavily patterned such as above means it is light and easy to travel with and any creases can be hidden as if it is part of the floral motif.

5. Comfort is stylish

There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style for athleisure wear is a trend everyone should get on board with! Yes, think sweaters and track pants! Not only are they incredibly comfortable to wear, they are increasingly fashionable as well. ?

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Athleisure wear is especially great for long-haul journeys where you’ll probably need something warm and cozy that is easy to wear and yet doesn’t make you feel sloppy. Now you can move freely on the plane, sit/sleep in any position in comfort and style!

6. For the love of instant hijabs

A good hijab truly makes an outfit and for the hijab-clad travellers, instant hijabs are superb options for the busy bees who want polished looks without the fuss. They are incredibly easy to wear; you’ll be ready with just one swift slip on.

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Just like regular hijabs, instant one comes in various colours and sizes to suit your every preference. Whether you prefer luxurious drapes, shiny satin materials or cotton with soft awnings, there is an instant hijab to perfectly match your outfit. So keep a look out if your favourite brands have a collection that is suitable for your travel needs.

7. Layer on an outerwear

An outerwear like a denim jacket or a duster coat is a great layer option as well as to keep warm during chilly nights. Additionally, an outerwear is a great transitional piece to take your day look to night for a more structured and sophisticated finish.

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Take a simple shirt-and-jeans combo and add a flowy outerwear like this maxi cardigan for an instant dressed-up feel.

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Abayas also make for the perfect outerwear especially since it doubles up as an appropriate outfit to pray in!

8. Grab a hat or two

If it is sunny where you’re going, a wide sun hat is the perfect way to shield yourself while also looking très chic. Wear them to the beach, park, the pool, or even on your day of exploring a new city! This modest and stylish accessory also dresses up your outfit in an instant.

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Credit: @shahdbatal on Instagram

Hats are also great alternatives for covering your hair if you feel self-conscious about wearing your hijab at your travel destination. Take a leaf out of Shahd Batal’s book and match your baseball cap with your top for a seamlessly chic and cool look.

9. Flat lays for days

Once you have everything you want to bring, and before packing them into your bag, take flat lay photos of each outfit - complete with shoes and accessories - so you’d know each item you’re bringing along has a purpose and not mere dead weights in your bag. ? This will really help you prepare for each day.

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Being stylish while travelling does not have to be difficult! Take inspirations from these small tips to create your own aesthetic, fuss-free ? Now, have fun at your trip and take lots of pictures!