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8 Tips Every Parent Needs For That Long Haul Flight


Ayuni Ayatillah •  Mar 14, 2017


Being a parent means that making decisions on a whim is no longer a luxury. Reason being? The children. Yes, it is true that life will revolve around the children when you become a parent, but it seems like many modern parents are not letting that get in the way of fulfilling their dreams to travel.
In fact, parents are now savvier when it comes to traveling with their children. Now they even enjoy traveling with their kids as a way of exposing them to the world and learn a lot of other life lessons during the process. At first thought, taking the children on a flight can be quite a scary idea. But, with some parenting tips and a bit of a parenting strategy, it is totally doable!
GIF Credit Here are some tips that you might find useful!
1. Plan your itinerary and travel movements around the kid’s schedule
Take some time to think about their routines especially if they are young children. Once you have identified them, it would be easier to plan for your movement and itinerary.
For example, if they usually take a nap at 12pm every day, you can consider taking a flight around that time or maybe earlier to help them get comfortable (and hopefully fall asleep!) during the journey.
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2. Invest in convenience and flexibility
If you have the means to spend a bit more, invest on making sure that your flight itinerary is as comfortable as possible, especially for a long-haul flight!
Image Credit Even if you are traveling on a low-cost/budget airline, consider spending on more comfortable and private seats. Having these conveniences will be a big help when the children become cranky due to flight anxiety, restlessness or plain boredom.
3. Work together as a team!
Image Credit Parenting is always a team endeavor, what’s more during travels! When planning, make sure both mommy and daddy are involved so that you both know what to do during the journey and particularly when the children needs you to give them some extra attention.
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4. ALWAYS have a back up plan
Anything can happen when it comes to children! A child who throws a tantrum easily put on extra time while getting to the boarding gate.
Image Credit A child who is bored and tired can suddenly decide that they don’t like their favorite toy anymore. With a backup plan, you’ll train yourself to forecast the worst scenario and have a plan to resolve it if it ever happens.
5. Know what to pack!
Image Credit When it comes to packing your hand-carry luggage, pack smartly. Smart parents equip their backpacks with all things necessary to handle children on a flight – favorite snacks, water bottle, wet wipes, “surprise toys”, basic medication. Other items that will entertain them include gadgets and a favourite story book.
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6. Have your kid pack a bag with their favourite things
Young children love it when they have the opportunity to own something, so give them a backpack for them to carry and put in their favourite things.
Image Credit You can also prepare a little “fun-bag” by putting in new toys and snacks for them to “discover” and play with during the journey. Just remember to prepare one for the journey away and one for the journey home!
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7. Learn to be calm when unexpected things happen
Image Credit Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the journey. Learn to remain calm when reacting to the children’s antics and you will send that vibe over to them and help them calm down too. Get enough sleep before the journey so that everyone will be in the best condition to travel?
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8. Adjust your expectations
Ditch perfection when traveling with kids – it won’t happen! Adjust your expectations for the journey and just go with the flow if some plans do not turn out the way you want it.
Image Credit A crying baby may not be the perfect situation on board a plane, but nevertheless, just try your best to handle the situation and it will pass on. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Kids do appreciate travels, as they too love to discover new things. So do give it a try and good luck!
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