8 Things Every 80s Singaporean Kid Remembers About Pizza Hut


Noor Atiqah Gafar •  Jun 02, 2017

Given how technologically advanced and fashion forward Singapore is right now, it's pretty hard for millennials to imagine or even remember how life was like in the 90s? Here's a little refresher; retro trans-island buses, classic snake & ladder board games and childhood snacks you could get for 10cents at your neighbourhood mama shop..  Ahh memories. But every 80s kid will definitely remember it was then that the king of pizza first opened its doors here! Any guesses??

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Yup, Pizza Hut! After the opening of its first ever outlet at Jalan Jelita in 1981, Pizza Hut became a family favourite for many Singaporeans? Here's 8 things every 80s Singaporean kid remembers about Pizza Hut?

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1. The buffet to end all buffets -  Pizza Hut Buffet

Everyone LOVES buffets but a pizza buffet?! Heaven. On. Earth. Remember when you could just get up from your seat, make your way to the buffet table and get your hands on every pizza slice in sight?If you don’t, let us refresh your memory… Pizza Hut used to have a free flow pizza buffet (serving a variety of yummy pizza flavours), much to the delight of the thousands of pizza lovers in Singapore?

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However, this buffet was only available for a limited time and now Pizza Hut serves its yummy pizzas in set/ala carte menus.

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However, the buffet has made a comeback recently, with the latest pop-up instalment being held in April. For those who missed it, word has it that they may have a comeback soon. So pizza lovers, do keep a lookout for it?

2. Getting your month's worth of veggies at the salad bar

Salad can be just as delicious as pizza, right?? Back then, you could create every combination of salad imaginable... that is if you could fit all the salad you want into the given bowl!

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To balance your veggie intake,  you could also help yourself to a serving of fruits and soup!

3. Those mandatory weekend family gatherings

Weekend meals with the family was something that every kid looked forward to (we still do?)! Aside from giving your mum a bit of a break from cooking, it's a great time for the family to come together and bond over food. So, you'll definitely see most of the Pizza Hut outlets packed full of families happily sharing a meal or indulging in the wide spread of food?

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4. Iconic local pizza flavours that had you drooling

Remember the old-time iconic flavours like the Singapura Supreme Pizza and Kelong Pizza? Since our love for chilli knows no boundaries, Pizza Hut launched local infused pizza flavours packed with spicy chilli padi to satisfy our tingling taste buds?

Though these two flavours in particular aren't available anymore, our hearts and tummies are so happy that other classic flavours like Hawaiian and Super Supreme are still being served! Of course, let's not forget all-time favourites like garlic bread that's fresh from the oven and succulent Sweet 'N' Spicy drumlets?

While we keep going back for Pizza Hut’s signatures, we love how they are always improving their menu, with new additions like nachos with bolognaise, tender beef goulash (served with must-have garlic bread) and seafood vongole!

Tender beef goulash (left), nachos with bolognaise (right)

Seafood vongole

5. The best hang-out place with awesome student meals

As a 80s kid, lepaking (hanging out) with your friends after school at Pizza Hut was a norm back then, especially given the awesome student meals they had! Pizza Hut was also one of the more atas (posh/sophisticated) places one could afford on a tight student budget?

This tradition is still very much alive today with Pizza Hut's student happy hour deals! For only $5.50++, you can choose between a personal pan pizza or pasta/baked rice PLUS 1 free flow soft drink? Don't we all wish we were students again?

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6. Three words; Cheesy. Stuffed. Crust.

One of the delicious things that has ever been created.. Cheesy stuffed crust! Pizza Hut was one of the first pizza joints to incorporate this into their pizzas and had every cheese lover in Singapore shedding tears of joy?

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Any 80s kid can tell you how they felt the first time they tried Pizza Hut's stuffed cheese crust.  That amazing moment when you sink your teeth into the crust and tastethe delicious cheese..  Complete and utter bliss? Let's be honest, cheese makes everything and anything better?

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I mean.. have you ever seen anything more beautiful??

7. When the word 'pizza' meant dining at Pizza Hut

Back in the 90s, the moment someone said pizza, everyone knew it meant a trip to Pizza Hut and stuffing your bellies full of yummy pizza!

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I mean.. look at that cheese pull though..??

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8. Getting the Pizza Hut delivery jingle stuck in your head

Given the booming popularity of Pizza Hut in the 1980s, advertisements were literally EVERYWHERE, be it in print, on the radio or playing on your TV set! It came to the point that you got the catchy Pizza Hut delivery jingle stuck in your head and you'll end up unknowingly remembering their hotline?

Ad: 62-35-35-35


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Even now, whenever you want to place an order, you can't help but be reminded of that jingle and maybe even hum it under your breath (not that you would admit this, of course?).

It's been years since Pizza Hut first opened its doors in Singapore but it's amazing how Singaporeans' love for good ol' pizza is still standing strong! Feeling nostalgic and salivating at the thought of these pizzas? Why not head down to a Pizza Hut restaurant and have a mass iftar with your family??


This article was brought to you by Pizza Hut.