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8 Super Shiok Makan Places In JB That Are Open During CNY 2018


Muhammad Hafiz •  Feb 12, 2018


If you think that all restaurants will be closed during the long CNY break, well think again ?We’re here to tell you that the restaurant scene in Johor Bahru will still be active during the Lunar New Year and that means you're in luck! ? Whether it’s a simple dish like roti canai or your favourite dim sum, the options are pretty limitless!

Credit: giphy So, rest your weary heart and eat your way through these 8 halal restaurants that are open in Johor Bahru during CNY!
1. Kacang Pool Haji
No visit to JB (or Johor Bahru, as called by the locals) is complete without a stop at the legendary Kacang Pool Haji stall! Kacang pool is a type of broad beans staple from the Middle East – boiled until it becomes soft and mushy. It’s then mixed with some spices, which gives it a major flavour upgrade ?
Credit: @malinasiam on Instagram The variant here also adds in minced meat with it, and topped off with a sunny-side up. Don’t forget to get a slice of thick toast to complement your bowl of kacang pool – mainly to dip and wipe up all the goodness from the bowl!
Credit: fareeishappy on Instagram The place opens from breakfast until late into the evening – so no worries in getting your fix of kacang poolanytime of the day! Address: 12, Jalan Sabar, Taman Dato Onn, 80350 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Daily, 7AM – 11PM Price(s): RM5 – RM10 Contact: +60 17-741 6843 | Facebook
2. Roti Canai Bukit Chagar
Never has the phrase “the early bird catches the worm” rings truer to a place. Get up early to get your breakfast fix at one of JB’s best roti canai spot!
Credit: @iamnelsonn on Instagram You know the roti canai served here is good when they start their business at 6:30AM and can finish serving the crowd by 10AM! Soft, fluffy and airy on the inside; crispy with a nice touch of slight charring on the outside ? The place serves the perfect roti canai to power up your day.
Credit: @kimberleyyeo on Instagram Have it however you like – some like it sweet with some sugar and condensed milk; while others go with the dhal. Either way you can’t go wrong as the roti canai is prepared fresh right when you order! Address: Jalan Tengku Azizah, Bukit Chagar, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Daily, 6:30 – 11AM Price(s): RM5 – RM10 Contact: +60 12-799 8909
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3. Selera Senibong Seafood
Located slightly out of town and right across the straits from Singapore (with a seafront view to boast!) lies Anjung Senibong Seafood Village. It is a cluster of seafood restaurants located together, serving up some of the best catches to eager seafood lovers. Amongst them is the Selera Senibong Seafood restaurant!
Credit: @selera.senibong.seafood_sss on Instagram Choose from a selection of fresh fish, prawns and squid; then decide on how you'd like for it to be cooked. Dishes range from the usual seafood fare such as butter prawns, steamed fish and sotong goreng tepung (fried squid with batter – almost like a “squid tempura!); right up to local favourites like chilli crab!
Credit: @selera.senibong.seafood_sss on Instagram With a fun and casual atmosphere, it is also a place to bring along your family and friends for a good night of eating! Address: Lot 1055, Kg. Senibong, Jalan Persiaran Senibong, 81750, Mukim Plentong, Johor, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Opens daily. Sunday 4PM – 12AM, Monday – Saturday 4PM – 2AM Price(s): RM25 – RM100 (dishes are sold by weight, and including preparation charges) Contact: +60 12-755 7327
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4. Chaiwalla & Co.
Being one of Malaysia’s first container café, Chaiwalla & Co is a definite stop if you’re a caffeine addict! Bringing the open-air concept café to Malaysia, the setup is an enjoyable place to sit back and relax with a cup of their finest tea.
Credit: c2rpediem on Instagram Get your fix of their highly-acclaimed Thai Milk Tea. Rich black tea with almost equal portion of milk – it’s almost as good as the original! Otherwise you can opt for some of their signature blends, or try out one of the unique teas such as the saffron and rose flavoured milk tea. Don’t forget to add the pearl jellies!
Credit: @kerplunk83 on InstagramAddress: 36, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday: 9:30AM – 1AM, Monday to Friday: 9:30AM – 10:30PM Price(s): RM 7 – RM 20 Contact: +60 12-735 3572 | Website
5. Roslin Beriani House
Nothing is more synonymous to the Johor food scene than the famous nasi briyani gam! If you’re in JB, drop by Roslin Beriani House for one of the best briyani dishes this side of town.
Credit: @dibazehan on Instagram Expect long grains of fluffy basmati rice, cooked to perfection with a rich medley of spices and herbs, which gives off an amazing scent! Topped with generous amounts of meat, the briyani gam served at Roslin’s is amongst the best in Johor.
Credit: @adawiah105 on Instagram They’ll also serve every plate of briyani with a side f pajeri nenas (pineapple curry), acar buah (pickled fruits) and some crunchy papadoms.Address: 14, Jalan Rebana, Taman Perbadanan Islam, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Opens daily, 8AM – 6:30PM (Closed on Saturdays) Price(s): RM10-RM15 Contact: +60 7-331 3310 | Facebook
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6. Makan Kitchen @ Hilton Johor Bahru
Boasting an amazing array of food, from Malay, Indian, Chinese to Peranakan cuisine, the buffet spread at Makan Kitchen is a food lover’s heaven!
Credit: @doubletreejb on Instagram The place has an open kitchen concept, so even though it’s a buffet, you’re able to see the chefs prepping your meal. It’s a rare sight to see fresh naan bread being baked in the tandoor, and the crispy roasted chicken being sliced up before being served.
Credit: @doubletreejb on Instagram Oh, and don’t forget to leave some space for the amazing desserts as well!
Credit: @doubletreejb on Instagram#HHWT Tip: Drop by on Fridays for their seafood specials! Address: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru, Menara Landmark, 12, Jalan Ngee Heng, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Daily, 6:30AM – 10PM. Price(s): RM 20 – RM 50 (ala carte), RM90 – RM150 (buffet) Contact: +60 7-268 6868 | Website | Facebook
7. Anisofea Asam Pedas Johor Asli
The south of Malaysia is always synonymous with its asam pedas; a hot and spicy stew, with a hint of lemongrass and mostly served with seafood offerings. When in JB, there is no excuse to not try out the local version of the asam pedas!
Credit: @i_fzllamlk on Instagram At Anisofea, the dish is served in a claypot bowl, allowing it to retain its heat. With the dish still boiling hot when it reaches your table, be assured that you'll get the freshest servings here!
Credit: @ayughafar on Instagram There are a variety of fish and fish cuts (tail, head, flesh) to go with your bowl of asam pedas, so choose to your liking! Address: 68 B & 68 G, Jln Kempas Utama 3/1, Taman Kempas Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Daily, 9AM – 9PM. Price(s): RM 5 – RM20 Contact: +60 12-717 3477 | Facebook
8. Tapah Corner
Another amazing breakfast spot to kick-start your day, Tapah Corner has a wide range of breakfast dishes for you to feast on!
Credit: @iza_haryani on Instagram Swing by and enjoy their famed nasi lemak and paru goreng berempah (nasi lemak and fried offal with spices). The nasi lemak is the usual fare, soft fluffy white rice with a nice dash of sweet and spicy sambal; but the paru goreng berempah is where it's at! Fried to perfection with lots of spices, yet super tender, you'll be coming back for more ?
Credit:@ayanbharudin on Instagram For the uninitiated, they still serve the usual fare of roti canai and mee rebus for breakfast. Hop on down to start your day right! Address: 1, Jalan Ketam, Taman Suria, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Opening hours: Daily, 7AM – 2PM Price(s): RM 5 – RM20 Contact: +60 19-728 1395

There you have it, 8 halal eateries that are waiting to welcome you with open arms this CNY break! Whether you’re going out with your friends or family, there’s surely something for everyone. So wait no more and start planning!