8 Stunning Muslim-friendly Restaurants In Lombok With Picture-perfect Views


Tiara •  Feb 01, 2018

If you've ever been to Bali, next time you might want to fly a little further to the east and drop by for a few days in Lombok. Known as ‘Pulau Seribu Masjid’ or translated as ‘The Island of A Thousand Mosques’, Lombok offers so many choices of adventure. You can hike up to the Rinjani Mountain, or enjoy the sun at the beach across the island’s edges. But before you start, let’s lay back, relax, and have some bite at these 8 restaurants that include beautiful view as their permanent menu. Here we go!

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Note: Though all of these restaurants strictly serve food made using halal-certified ingredients, some of them serve alcoholic drinks too. We advise that you dine at your own discretion.

1. Horizon Restaurant at Ashtari

Located on the top of the island, Ashtari is an estate with a restaurant, lounge, yoga retreat and accommodation set in the beautiful hills of Lombok. It's in-house restaurant and lounge Horizon serves more than good food and nice views. Once you get there, the laid back and cozy atmosphere instantly kicks in. Dine while looking at splendid views of Kuta Bay without a single thing blocking the sight.

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Besides their amazing view, they also have some mouth-watering menus. You can choose from a mix of western dishes including pizza and pasta to local favourites like beef rendang and soto ayam. A popular local dish is the Cah Kangkung (stir-fried kangkung served with red rice). Kangkung is a kind of water spinach that has a crunchy and juicy texture. You can even learn to cook some traditional dishes like Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Gado-Gado (traditional salad with peanut dressing), and Soto Ayam in cooking classes available at Ashtari!

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They also thoughtfully provide a praying room for the visitors.  So don’t forget to bring your own robe and praying mat.

#HHWT Tip: They have yoga classes too! If you have extra time, you can join one of their yoga classes to experience the view of Kuta Lombok in a different way.

Halal status: Uses ingredients from halal-certified suppliers. Alcoholic beverages are served here. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

Address: Jalan Raya Mawun, Kuta, Pujut, Kuta Lombok

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri, 11.45am - 9pm; Sat - Sun, 8AM - 9PM

Contact Number: +62 (0) 812 360 80862

E-mail: [email protected]

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Rinjani Lodge Restaurant

Located at the bottom of Rinjani Mountain, this restaurant is a part of an accommodation with the same name. Not only do they serve local food such as Nasi Goreng and Sate, this restaurant also serves western foods and healthy juices too. The fresh air of Rinjani Mountain definitely adds an extra kick to the fresh food they serve here.

Simple Breakfast with Extraordinary View

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By the time you visit this place, the hardest thing to decide is whether to dine with the Rinjani view or have a little dip at their infinity pool (and take pictures, of course!). Hence to make the most of it, spending the night at the accommodation sounds like a great idea. You can watch the sunrise while having breakfast beside the infinity pool, before you hike Rinjani Mountain. Now that’s a win-win solution.

Just a Casual Morning at Rinjani Lodge

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Halal status: Uses ingredients sourced from halal-certified suppliers

Address: Jalan Pariwisata Senaru, Bayan, Lombok Utara

Opening Hours: 7AM – 10PM

Contact Number: +62 819 0738 4944

E-mail: [email protected]

Website |Instagram

3. Laut Biru Restaurant

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Selong Belanak Beach is one of the sunny spots you can visit in Lombok. Laut Biru literally means The Blue Sea, and just like its name, is located right next to the blue waters by the beach. Order anything you like from international menus like Spaghetti or Indian Naan with Curry, or local food like Gado-Gado and Ragi Rajan ala Ketare (Sasak Tribe traditional fish dish). Or to embrace the ocean, go order their seafood menu.

Tuna Steak for The Win!

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The best way to enjoy your meal is to sit by the beach and feel the warm and sunny atmosphere. No need to hesitate to step out to the beach because the wave is friendly enough to play with.

You Can Have Dinner with a Bonfire Too!

Credit: @lautbirubarrestaurant on Instagram

#HHWT Tip: Order some traditional Sasak (Lombok’s native tribe) dish to taste the local wisdom of the island. Wouldn’t that be an experience of a lifetime too?

Halal status: Uses halal ingredients. Alcoholic beverages are served here. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

Address: Selong Belanak Beach, West Praya, Lombok

Opening Hours: 8am - 10pm

Contact Number: +62 821 4430 3339

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Warung Menega

Dinner by the beach with your loved ones is something you might want to check on your bucket list. Here in Lombok, Warung Menega is ready to serve dinner for couples or even a group of family. You can pick the seafood on your own. They have many kinds of fish, some clams, calamari, and even crabs and lobster. All is fresh from the ocean at the backyard. Or take the shortcut by choosing one of the set menus they provide.

The meals are best served with Plecing Kangkung (Lombok style water spinach salad) and sambal terasi (belacan). The sweet and savoury spices of the grilled seafood are meant to be together with sambal.

Grilled Grouper and Grilled Calamari with Plecing Kangkung

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To make things even better, the main area lets you sit and dine 100 meters away from the waving sea at the beach. A family dinner with the sand between your toes and golden sunset at the horizon - this is one of those moments that remind us to be grateful for what we have.

Golden Moment of Sunset

Credit: @khairinnisap on Instagram

Halal status: Uses halal ingredients. Alcoholic beverages are served here. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

Address: Batu Layar Beach, Lombok

Opening Hours: 12PM – 11PM

Contact Number: +62 370 7501649

5. Shake and Bake (Vegetarian & Vegan Food, No Alcohol)

For those of you who love surfing, Gerupuk Beach is one spot you should not miss. If you are on a rush to catch the waves but need to fuel up, wait no more and head straight to Shake and Bake. This vegetarian and vegan café is serving healthy food and good coffee too. For some morning surf, prepare yourself with a healthy and nutritious vegan breakfast in a jar like this one.

Breakfast is Ready to Surf!

Credit: Shake and Bake on Facebook

After surfing, question no more and go back to Shake and Bake to have some lunch. They have delicious vegetarian dishes like Epic Omelette and Pumpkin Wrap. You can ask the staff to make the dish vegan-friendly too!

Epic Omelette with Sourdough Bread

Credit: Shake and Bake on Facebook

Halal status: Vegetarian and vegan restaurant, uses halal ingredients. 

Address: Gerupuk Beach, Pengembur, Lombok

Opening Hours: 8am - 8pm

Contact Number: +62 823 5913 4564

Instagram | Facebook

6. The Banyan Tree

Let’s hop on the boat and roll to the neighbouring island, Gili Trawangan! In this pollution-free island, you will not find any transportation other than bicycle and horse carriage. But you will definitely find some great restaurant like this one, The Banyan Tree.

Their Signature Buddha Bowl

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You can have any kind of vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you feel like having some sweet and fresh food for breakfast, try their smoothie bowls. Made from fresh fruits, they are delightfully delicious. Or go straight to their salad bar to customize your own salad. If you're looking for something more fulfilling, order one of their main courses like Zucchini Lasagna or their signature Buddha Bowl.

Located right in front of the harbour, they serve more than delicious smoothies and wraps. This place is perfect for you to stop by before getting off the island or to grab some go-to bite for snorkelling ransom.

Can’t Tell Which One is Fresher, The Smoothies or The Beach

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#HHWT Tip: As they support the environment, they do not provide plastic bags for takeaways, so you might want to bring your own tote bag or lunch box with you.

Halal status: Vegetarian restaurant

Address: Jalan Pantai Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Opening Hours: 7AM – 10PM

Contact Number: +62 878 6239 1308

Facebook | Instagram

7. Coffee and Thyme

Oh, it’s coffee o’clock! Well, in this place, every time is coffee time. Located right in front of a diving resort, Coffee and Thyme spend their time serving cups of good coffee. They also serve a breakfast menu all day long. So if you feel like having pancakes for dinner, you already know where to go. Friends are good company for coffee, as well as their homemade cakes such as Apple and Oat Muffin, Orange Raisin Blondie, or Coffee Chocolate Brownie. But their special T Wrap a.k.a Taliwang Wrap is really a good match for your dose of caffeine. Taliwang itself is a signature herby and spicy chicken dish from Lombok.

Taliwang Wrap and You Daily Dose of Caffeine

Credit: @coffeeandthyme on Instagram

Being located in such an area gives this place some extra points. You can easily meet a lot of new friends with the same interest from all over the place. Oh, the surrounding nature is also keen enough to surprise you sometimes! So next time you drop by, take your time to embrace the ambience of this place.

You Know What’s Better Than a Rainbow? Double Rainbows!

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#HHWT Tip: Lunch is served at 11AM – 5PM. So if you want to have lunch at this place, make sure you are coming at the right time!

Address: Jalan Harbour, Oceans 5 Dive Resort, Gili Air

Opening hours: 7AM – 7PM

Contact Number: +62 821 4499 3622

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8. The Mexican Kitchen Gili Air

What kind of food that would fit the bright and sunny Gili Islands? Yup, a halal Mexican Taco! At this place called The Mexican Kitchen, a pop art painting of Frida Kahlo welcomes you to come in and have a Mexican style feast. If you think you’ve had enough taco, try their other Mexican dishes like Elotes (Mexican style grilled corn cob). They also cater some vegan and raw food.

Mexican Food Fiesta Before Siesta!

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If you come here on evening coffee time, don’t rush yourself to finish your visit because you haven’t seen the best yet. This is one of the best places to catch the sunset of the day. So sit back, relax, and raise your taco for this moment.

It’s Salsa and Sunset O’Clock, Are You Ready?

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#HHWT Tip: Need some extra groove? Go check their salsa dance class schedule and learn how to salsa like a pro!

Halal status: Uses halal ingredients. Alcoholic beverages are served here. We recommend that you dine at your discretion.

Address: Bintang Beach, Tanjung, Gili Air

Opening Hours: 12PM – 11PM

Contact Number: +62 877 6578 1643

Facebook | Instagram

As the sister island of Bali, Lombok is a great alternative for you who wants to explore Indonesia. And while Muslim-friendly eateries are easy to find, make the most out of your trip by dining at these places with an amazing view!