8 Signs You're Absolutely In Love With Fried Chicken


Noor Atiqah Gafar •  Jun 06, 2017

Words certainly aren't enough to convey our love for fried chicken? Even if we tried, the only words we'd come out would be yummy, scrumptious, tantalising... basically any other synonym for delicious?

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If you're the type who can't go a single day without daydreaming about your favourite fried chicken part and its sweet, tender meat, then this is for you? Here's 8 signs that you're definitely obsessed with fried chicken?

1. The crackling of the skin is music to your ears?

Every fried chicken lover will tell you that the skin is basically like the icing on top of the cake, and let's not even get started on how good it tastes? But that amazing feeling when you pick up your fried chicken, break it apart slightly and hear the crackling of the perfectly fried skin.. There's only one way to describe it:

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2. Your idea of romance is a bouquet of your favourite fried chicken parts

Romance is very much alive.. if it's in the form of a neatly arranged bouquet of your favourite fried chicken parts? To you, flower bouquets are so overrated. I mean, who needs this:

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When you have THIS:

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Honestly, you'd marry anyone who would do this in a heartbeat?

3. A fried chicken a day keeps the sadness away✨

One of the few things that'll bring a genuine smile to your face after a long, weary day is comfort food. A humongous fried chicken bucket of your favourite parts plus a few sides, to be exact?

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No bond is stronger than one between a fried chicken lover and and their poultry?

That love-struck gaze you have when eating your chicken

4. There's that one fried chicken joint that has your heart

You've tried pretty much the food from every single fried chicken joint you could possibly get your hands on but there's just that one joint that has your heart❤️ From having the crispiest skin to the juiciest, succulent meat, your loyalty to that one joint is unbreakable?

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5. You literally eat everything but the bone (alright sometimes the bone too)

You scoff at your friends for leaving even the slightest bit of meat or cartilage on the bone, because why are you wasting food?! You take it upon yourself to finish off their meal because fried chicken is a wonderful thing that shouldn't be taken for granted?

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You pride yourself on "eating clean", which means you eat literally everything off the chicken till only the bones are left. And even then.. sometimes you nibble on the bones because it's just THAT. GOOD.?

6. Fried chicken birthday cake? YES.

"What kind of flavour do you want for your birthday cake?"

"Oh, nothing too crazy.. just.. fried chicken maybe?"

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Yes. This is a legitimate thing. You're welcome?

7. You love fried chicken more than most humans

Friends are nice and all, but do they give you the same satisfaction and that happy, contented feeling in your tummy? Maybe, kind of... probably not? So, please don't blame us for not responding to your question when we're eating, we're just trying to appreciate and savour this marvelous creation we all know and love?

Sorry friends, we don't mean to ignore you but.. fried chicken comes first?


Fried chicken that's fresh off the fryer has the most absolutely divine smell and of course, the luscious wafts of steam it emits? How something can both satisfy yet trigger your hunger is beyond you but you're definitely not complaining?

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Sure, with the steam comes the fear of burning your fingers while you painstakingly try to munch on your fried chicken but hey, it's worth it right??

9. You need your weekly dose of fried chicken to survive

You can't go more than a week without indulging in your favourite comfort food, and that is by no means an exaggeration? This gif perfectly describes your life motto:

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10. You're first in line whenever a new fried chicken flavour launches

The original will always have a soft spot in your heart but you welcome any new fried chicken flavour with open arms and an empty stomach? And when you finally get your hands on it, you're like:

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If you're on the look out for fresh flavours to savour, Texas Chicken is constantly coming out with new and interesting flavours to tantalise your tastebuds, and as part of this year’s Ramadan special, they’ve relaunched one of their bestsellers – Sambal Chicken!

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With these signs in mind, we're pretty sure you can easily spot another fried chicken lover from a mile away? So, are you the ultimate fried chicken lover? Let us know in the comments below or share this article with someone you know!

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