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8 Reasons Why Travelling Should Be Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution


Sufinas •  Dec 21, 2016


Updated 31 Dec 2019 It’s that time of the year again, when we start reflecting on what we’ve done over the past year and think about what we want to achieve for the New Year to better ourselves. Time sure does fly huh? ? Have you achieved what you sought out to do in 2019? Or have you pushed your resolutions aside and thought to yourself, “I’ll do it next year”? Whatever your resolution was, we surely hope you didn’t push aside the idea of travelling! Wait, don’t tell me you didn’t think about making that a resolution?!
Credit: GIPHY Well, if you haven't, let me tell you why you should make travelling your New Year’s resolution!
 1. You Get To Up Your Fitness Level
The number one resolution most people have as the New Year approaches is “This year I will get fit and healthy”!. Well, if you find that you’re unable to keep up to your fitness plans - there's no better way than to book a travel adventure that will help you with that. Try travelling to places where cycling is the method of transportation, or maybe try out a new sport like surfing while you’re at a surf beach or Muay Thai if you’re in Thailand. If all else fails, visiting countries where walking is a norm like Japan and London, will make working out feel less obvious since you'll be busy having fun while exploring a foreign city. Another option would be to book hotels that have in-house gyms and pools so you can make the most of the facilities!
2. You Get To Experience An Epic Adventure
Have you ever wanted to live the life of Indiana Jones? Okay, maybe not exactly that adventurous but if there is one thing you cannot deny about travelling, it's the fact that travelling is an adventure in itself.
When you’re out travelling in a foreign country, you’ll realise that there is so much you didn’t know about the world. And it’s not just about being there in a new place. It's also all about the journey - figuring out the transportation, trying out the local delicacies, trying to communicate in a foreign language, learning the culture, and meeting people; be it the locals or other travellers alike. It’s exhilarating, it’s fun, it can be taxing and tiring, but gosh, you’ll realise after everything that it’s definitely worth it!
3. You Learn More About Yourself
Always thought that you wouldn’t be able to survive in another country without your fried rice or nasi lemak available nearby? Or did you think that you’d get totally lost and helpless should you have to rely on public transportation? Well, in the end, you didn’t, did you? And if you did get lost, you managed to find your way in the end, right? ?
Travelling is an amazing way to discover things you never knew you could do in the first place. You’re thrown out of your comfort zone, and for many, that is a very scary place. But when you finally look past things, you’ll realise that being uncomfortable forces you to become stronger both mentally and physically- and in the end, you will benefit from your newly found strength. This is what makes you a better person everyday in your life. So do it. Get out of your comfort zone, and learn more about yourself and your capabilities. You might just be surprised at the things you’re able to achieve!
4. You Gain More Knowledge
(picture) Knowledge is power, and life is a never ending lesson. When you travel, you will find yourself studying more about the country you’re heading to, and if their language is something other than what you know, you’ll end up learning basic words and sentences to ease your journey in communicating with the locals. You’ll learn more about yourself and your hidden ability to maneuver through train lines like a pro, and you’ll learn that it’s actually considered rude to eat while walking in Japan. You’ll find out more about the culture of these foreign lands, and through all the information, you’ll better understand why certain cultures act a certain way, and the differences and similarities you have with them is what makes everybody and everything special in their own right.
5. You Create Lifetime Memories
Travelling creates irreplaceable memories. Do you remember the first time you experienced snow in the freezing cold? The first time a Japanese local bowed to you and you weren’t sure if you’re supposed to bow back and ended up just smiling sheepishly as you walked away? How about the first time you took the wrong train and ended up at an unexpected gem of a place?
Remember your first trip with your family, and then the next with your friends and loved one? It’s not just about the pictures you take, as the memories you share with those around you not only allows you to be closer to your loved ones, but also creates a bond between you and that particular place for the rest of your life.
6. You Discover The Local Food Scene
Possibly one of the main reasons we travel… and well, possibly one of the main reasons you’d like to travel as well? Discovering the local food scene is one of the highlights of travelling! There’s so much food in the world for us to discover, so why not make this part of your resolution this year? Okay, make it a part of your travelling resolution, that is.
There’s a ton of halal food around the world for us to eat, so instead of travelling and looking for the usual kebab joint, Malaysian or Indonesian eatery, try and research more and find a couple of places that sell local halal or Muslim friendly food! You’d be surprised at what you’d be able to find, and if all fails, go vegetarian!
7. You’ll Meet New People
If you’re the sociable, I-love-to-talk-to-new-people kind of person, what’s a better way to meet new friends than by travelling? This way you’ll meet people of all walks of life, from all over the world- and you get to find an excuse to travel to their country (and vice versa) the next round! ? But in all seriousness, travelling is truly an amazing way to meet new friends. The best way to learn about a person’s culture, lifestyle and language is by communicating with them, so when you’re out and about and you find someone to chat with, make sure you actually get to know the person! And if they're a local, make sure to jot down the insider/local thing to do while you’re there!
8. You Get To See The World For What It Truly Is
I think this is a very important reason as to why we should all travel the world. Today’s world is portrayed a certain way in the media, and sometimes we can no longer tell what is true and what is false. Exploring and seeing the world with our own eyes is one way of actually discovering the truth. The media is out to shape our minds and reprogram our way of thinking- and our perceptions of other countries, people and cultures. But how far is it really true?
We can either choose to sit down at home and believe whatever we see or hear, or we could find out the truth ourselves. All we have to do is pack up and travel. Travel to wherever your heart takes you, and see the world as it truly is. See the locals, read their news, discover how they see the world and compare it with the way we see ours. Maybe from there you’ll learn that we’re not all that much different, and we’re all peace loving and kind as opposed to selfish and cruel? <3 So are these reasons enough to get your blood pumping and your fingers clicking for your next flight out? Be sure to do your research and be prepared for a fun, exciting and memorable experience every time you head to a new destination! And try not to break this New Year’s resolution, y’hear? ;)