8 Reasons Why Traveling With Your Family Is The Best Thing Ever


Ridhwana •  Jul 24, 2018

The hours of planning, the potential tantrums, the expenses… going solo or with friends can seem way more appealing than lugging around your little tribe, but let me assure you, you couldn’t be more wrong! ?

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Travelling with family can be remarkably rewarding, posing some of the best memories that you are guaranteed to treasure for a lifetime. The bond of friendship that develops between family members as their relationship takes a leap into travel companionship, makes it even more beautiful. ❤️

I can talk to you all day about everything you have to gain - here are some of the main reasons ?

1. Connect with those that really matter

Imagine that, travelling to the other side of the globe to really connect with your family, when you share the dining table with them almost daily. It’s a sad reality, but we live in a day and age where everyone is constantly preoccupied with their hectic schedules, devices and distractions. We find families physically sat next to each other, yet miles apart as each is engrossed in their own worlds. ??

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Travelling shrinks this world right down, removes the distractions and puts you on a plane together, taking you to strange lands where the only familiar thing, is your family. This is a great chance to reconnect and explore each other once again as you take on the adventures of a lifetime! ?

2. Relax and have fun together

Taking time out to rest and recharge is imperative for good mental health and general well-being. Sometimes, we just need to get away and come back to our regular lives and daily challenges, with a rejuvenated outlook and energy.

Our family tends to be on the receiving end of our unfortunate stressed outbursts or short tempers caused by deadlines and other work-related dramas. Getting away gives you the chance to simply relax and have fun together for a change, leaving worries behind as you focus on just living in the moment. Enjoy new cuisines, cultures and customs, as you simply talk, be silly and unwind. ??

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3. Strengthen your bond

Being so far out of your routine and comfort zone will naturally place you in situations where you will rely on each other. This provides the perfect opportunity to develop an incredible level of trust, respect and admiration for one another as you work through things as a team. ?‍?‍?‍? If there is anything worth taking home from your travels, it’s this strengthened bond.

Quite recently, my husband and I were stranded overnight in Hong Kong (with our toddler). The last ferry back to our city was fully booked and the next wasn’t leaving until the early hours of the morning. It was a few days before Christmas, so it’s fair to say that Hong Kong was hectic. We tried to find a hotel for the night, but nothing suitable was available. Long story short, we decided to do what most mature adults would do (ok, maybe not most). We put our toddler to sleep comfortably in his pram just like routine, and found a 24/7 café to house us for a few hours (Hello McDonald's!). Fuelled by McFlurry and Fries, we talked about everything and anything under the sun (OK, moon). We promised not to look at the time, we played charades even when it meant scraping the barrel for ideas and resorting to shows like Peppa Pig, and we just kept each other going. Guess what? Time flew, and it’s one of our best memories from our travels because the focus in those moments was us, turning what could have been a complete disaster, into a fun filled night.

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4. Real life problem-solving for kids

Flights are delayed, luggage is lost, and hotels end up being a complete disaster – what do you do? ?

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As we’ve established, traveling throws all sorts of unexpected circumstances your way, and the manner with which you handle these, will teach your children key life lessons that no amount of studying can offer. For a change, they won’t be told what to do or look at it in theory; they will observe (in real time) how you deal with something that was completely unplanned. How’s that for effective education? ?

5. Be the one to show them the world

Occasionally, seeing the same old happenings of our community, day in day out, can leave us with an extreme case of tunnel vision. We tend to become less aware of other cultures and their customs, and this ignorance can lead to intolerance.

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Traveling with your family helps ensure you remain well educated, there is a huge world out there and so many shared values that need to be celebrated. You’ll also find that many things aren’t the same, but each experience will broaden your mind-set as you discover a new found perspective. It’s an honour to be able to show your loved ones the wonders of this world, and marvel at the beauty of creation, together.

6. Show your family how important they are to you

You may tell them daily, but showing your family how much they really matter to you, is different altogether. Treating them to some time away, shows that you have chosen to focus on them, and they will feel it in their heart and soul.

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Put a hold on important meetings, schedules and deadlines, and prioritise giving your family quality time. Even if it’s a short road trip or day out, actions really do speak louder than words.

My son is absolutely obsessed with any type of vehicle; planes, boats, tractors, rockets, you just name it, and he will instantly cheer with approval as he imitates their sounds with the utmost enthusiasm. No matter the amount of picture books or YouTube videos we show him, nothing compares to when he sees a plane or boat in real life. The awe, with which he looks up as he gasps in amazement, is sheer delight to watch as a parent. It’s these genuine reactions of appreciation that makes the stress of days-out, worth it.  

7. Oh, the memories!

“Remember that time when we….” and “When we went to…” the enthusiasm and excitement with which your family will cherish these memories for the rest of their lives, will make every stressed moment of planning and penny spent, worth it.

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Life is short, life is an adventure, life is precious – traveling gives you the chance to make the most of life with the ones who make your world go round.

8. Nothing is forever – Make the most of life while you can!

Our time, our money, our health, none of us can guarantee any of these things.  Another sad reality, but things in this world are limited. Even our children, they won’t be kids forever. There will come a time when our little ones will have their own lives, and spending time with mum and dad may not always be on the top of their priority list. Time flies; so while they want to be in your company right now, make the most of it.

“If you really want to get to know someone, travel with them” a concept that is promoted in our Islamic tradition. And who is more deserving of our attention and curiosity, then our family? ?

Sure, there will be the occasional fall out or bickering as you get on each other’s last nerve, but the benefits definitely do outweigh and cannot be ignored.

The world is ready for you. Go and live your best life, together. ?