Why Bali Is Perfect For Your Honeymoon

8 Reasons Why Bali Is Perfect For Your Honeymoon


Khairun Nisa •  Feb 12, 2016

[Updated 17 April 2019]

Credit: GIPHY Done with wedding planning and deciding where to go for your honeymoon? Here are 8 reasons why you should head to Bali for a romantic getaway!

1. World-class accommodation

Villa Lulito in trendy Seminyak
Credit: Elite Havens Villa Lulito Picking the perfect property is top priority but as one of the best honeymoon spots in the world, you’ll have hundreds of luxurious villas to choose from – whether you’re looking for a room with a view, one with your own personal pool or a place with the ocean at your doorstep, you can be sure to find something private and bespoke without having to break the bank.
Credit: @elizabethmanette on Instagram One of my favourites is Bambu Indah, a stunning eco-luxury boutique hotel with thirteen distinctly different antique Javanese bridal homes restored by John Hardy (famous for building the off-the-grid Green School Bali). With a natural swimming pond and spa and a traditional Minang house for morning yoga, the panoramic view of mountains, rice paddies and hills is a sight to behold.

2. Stunning Beaches

Credit: @ayanaresort on Instagram Bali is known to have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Research the different beach spots to suit your fancy – sand bar or rock beach, quiet or busy – and plan to spend at least a couple of days to either soak up the sun or frolic in the ocean with your new husband/wife! You can even enjoy some romantic time over dinner admiring the beautiful ocean (and the gorgeous person sitting opposite you too ?)
Credit: @neptunesurfingbali on Instagram
Do something different and take a surf lesson together which will get your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing from the sheer exhilaration of riding the waves. Some beaches are better than others for surfing but the key is to pick a surf camp that meets your needs. Spend the rest of the day helping your partner with balancing and racing each other to the shore! Photographers are on site to catch you in action too, so you can take home a memento just for yourself. Check out how you can learn to ride the waves, with experts of course :D

3. Thrilling Adventure

Credit: @anita_guskova_ on Instagram It’s good to be young and free! Save the lounging days for when you’re old and grey and choose instead to see Bali’s natural beauty through a jungle trail. From white-water rafting to waterfall slides – pack a picnic, hire a guide and spend a day hiking through jungle to explore Bali’s hidden treasures. Hard-core honeymooners can even trek up one of the island’s many active volcanoes! P.S. Did you know that the Aling-aling waterfall has smoothened the rocks beneath the water to form a natural slide?
Bali by bike!
Credit: Bike Tour Korea With loads of places to explore, bike tours can take you along rice terraces, fishing villages, crater rims of volcanoes, rock cliffs, ocean coastlines and the dirt paths of stunning temples. Choose to go as fast or as slow as you like, off-road or on tamer streets. Some tours offer tandem bikes taking your new partnership to a whole new level!
Credit: @supirbali on Instagram
Or you can even hire a driver to take you and your significant other around for the day, so you won't miss all of Bali's hidden secrets!

4. Romantic dinners

Credit: @chieh_ning_621 on Instagram The Balinese have gotten really creative in their culinary offers for honeymooners. From pirate cruises, dining with a mountain-view or in a private cave, you’ll have just about every idea you can think of to make for a really special night. #HHWT tip: Some restaurants are able to cater a halal meal if you make a reservation in advance so do check! Or try out these halal eateries to satisfy your every craving!
Credit: @em_frick on Instagram
You’ve heard of breakfast in bed. In Bali, you can have an entire picnic dinner in bed! Gourmet, under the moonlight and get this – right on the beach! #HHWT tip: Contact Voyagin to arrange it for you and be sure to make a request for a halal meal when you make the booking!

5. Rest and Relaxation

Credit: @gchieng on Instagram Recover from the post-wedding stress by taking it slow and revelling in the mystical paradise of the Balinese island. An oasis nestled between rolling hills with ancient temples rising at its banks, Lake Tambligan is just one of the many secret spots that is soothing and calm. And when it comes to indulging in some peaceful pampering, Bali is unrivalled! Spoil yourselves silly with the endless number of couples spa packages available. From Thai, Shiatsu, four hands or traditional, you’ll feel like you want to try it all! Make it a treat and do the full works – definitely not forgetting the Indonesian special: the cream bath. Affordable luxury at its best.

6. Rich in culture

Credit: @bali.motorbike.tour on Instagram The Balinese culture isn’t just about its incomparable hospitality, incredible ancient architecture and amazing food. Their dress, song, art and dance have been passed down from centuries and are still practiced until today. There are a number of performances that come highly recommended but if you had to pick just one to witness, then travel to Uluwatu to watch the Kecak Dance. Enacted by a chorus of over 50 bare-chested men on the cliff-side temple grounds overlooking the sea, this fire dance tells the story of the Prince Rama, Princess Sita and Hanoman the Monkey God against the magnificent backdrop of the setting sun.
As one of the largest coffee producers in the world, coffee, tea and chocolate plantations is a key driver of the Balinese economy. With a number of coffee-tasting tours centred within the Kintamani highlands, sample the many different flavours of commodities grown from the fertile, volcanic soil. This is also where Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee beans in the world, is grown – but be wary, they’re produced along with the by-products of the civet cat poo! P.S. If you're interested in trying Kopi Luwak, do remember to research and look for ethical producers!

7. Do really fun couple things!

The L’atelier perfume bar at Ayana Resort
Image Credit: Rimba Jimbaran Yeah, so technically everything on the list is already a fun couple activity. But seriously, Bali is your opportunity to make some unique memories to last a lifetime. Personalize some his/hers signature perfume by mixing your own at L’Atelier Parfums and Creations’ perfume-making workshop. Not only do you get to take home the 30ml bottle of personal smells, they keep your precious formula in their database in case you ever need to reorder! I’d recommend renting a scooter for moving around. Unless you’re in transit or going long distances, it’s a great way to see the town without getting stuck in traffic. Any excuse to get cosy with the hubby/wife? Absolutely! Research before-hand and be sure to ask your hotel for good deals.

8. Feast on local Balinese treats

Finally, if you’re wondering where to eat, here’s a list of halal eateries for while you’re in town:

Bebek Joni

Bali is synonymous with crispy duck. Bebek Joni is a great halal alternative to larger chains and is just as good! Also set over-looking amazing paddy fields, you get to enjoy the crisp and flavourful bird with the condiments that are what really makes the meal. The shallot and onion sambal in oil is the absolute best. Halal status: Halal meat available Address: Jl Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud, Indonesia Opening Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm daily

Bale Udang Mang Engking

Bale Udang Mang Engking lunch-spread-halal-food-bali
Have your meal in a private bamboo hut, with a breathtaking view of the rice fields! [Check out: #HHWT's full review of Bale Udang Mang Engking in Ubud]Halal status: Halal meat available, prayer facilities located on-site Address: 1. Kuta - Jln. Nakula No. 88, Sunset Road, Kuta 80361, Bali - Indonesia/ 2. Ubud - Jl. Raya Goa Gajah, Banjar Teges Kanginan, Desa Peliatan, Ubud, Bali - Indonesia Opening Hours: 11am - 11.30pm everyday

Raja’s Balinese Restaurant

http://instagram.com/p/1K9t_0m-83/ This award-winning restaurant at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa will be a real treat if you’re looking for something fancy. It prides itself in being the first halal-certified fine dining restaurant in Bali so rest assured that your meal is in safe hands. Treat yourself to their famous Bebek Betutu, which is a whole duck marinated in spices, wrapped in palm leaves and steamed for 4 hours or their Sate Gede, a platter of barbecue chicken, beef and mutton skewers that come with some amazing special sauce. Halal status: Halal-certified Address: Kawasan Pariwisata. Lot North 4, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363 Indonesia Opening Hours: 6.30 – 10.30pm daily

Bawang Merah Jimbaran

If you are planning to head to Uluwatu to catch the Kecak, consider dinner after at Jimbaran Bay as it’s on the way back towards the Kuta city. The ultimate seafood joint, this place is usually swarmed for dinner and for good reason! You’re right on the beach and under the stars having the freshest seafood your Rupiah can buy. Bawang Merah is pork-free and will have just what you need. Have a go at their seafood basket that comes with some really juicy lobster! Halal status: Pork-free, seafood optionsavailable Address: Kawasan Pariwisata. Lot North 4, Nusa Dua, Bali 80363 Indonesia Opening Hours: 12.00 – 10.00pm everyday

Kakiang Bakery

The giant kakiang cream puff
Credit: Fiona Jovialyn Ubud will have loads of kitschy vegan juice bars and cool indie coffee shops that will tempt you. But the cream puffs at Kakiang Bakery are the stuff that dreams are made of. The cream is sweet on the mark and is spread between the pillowy puff pastry in just the right amounts so it doesn’t overwhelm. Go in the morning, when it’s just freshly made. Halal status: Halal ingredients used Address: Jl Raya Pengosekan Ubud, Ubud, Kab. Gianyar, Bali 80571 Indonesia Opening Hours: 7.00am – 11.00pm everyday

Confiture de Bali

Comes in two sizes, small and large.
Image Credit: Meowsyy And for something to take home, load up on these amazing home-made jams from Confiture de Bali. You might see another jam bar called KOU Cuisine along the high street which will also make great souvenirs but the flavours are limited to just 7 types. Confiture is slightly off the beaten path but has much more choice and tastes better. Perfect as a place on your first breakfast table as a married couple, these jams won’t keep too long as they’re made fresh and are free from preservatives. My favourites are mango, passionfuit and vanilla! Halal status: No alcohol used Address: Jalan Gaotama No 26, Ubud, Kec Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia Opening Hours: 9.00am – 10.00pm everyday
Image Credit: Giphy Happy honeymooning, lovebirds!