8 Japanese Dishes That Will Be Perfect To Break Your Fast At Hei Sushi


Tengku Suzana •  Jun 10, 2016

Craving for yummy ramen or sushi this Ramadan but not heading to Japan anytime soon? Don’t worry, you can satisfy your Japanese food cravings at Hei Sushi! We’ve picked out 8 dishes that would be perfect for iftar, especially for those days when you want to enjoy a meal outside with family and friends!

1. Teriyaki Chicken Ramen


We tried the crayfish ramen in kimchi broth during our last visit to Hei Sushi and fell in love with it. This time, we opted for the teriyaki chicken ramen as it’s a lighter and non-spicy option, which we thought would be perfect for iftar! The broth was very flavourful, noodles were springy and there were generous portions of teriyaki chicken which tasted really good too. The ramen also comes with a perfect ramen egg – we just love the slightly runny egg yolk!

2. Katsu Curry Ju


If rice is one of your must-haves for iftar, try the katsu curry ju! Typical of Japanese curry, it’s a little on the sweeter side rather than spicy. The chicken was well-fried and crispy. Plus we love how we’re able to get a taste of one of the iconic Japanese dishes as katsu curry dishes are usually served with pork!

#HHWT Tip: Visiting Hei Sushi with a friend? We recommend going for the 2-gether with Hei set meal for 2 which includes both the Katsu Curry Ju, Teriyaki Chicken Ramen AND a Sashimi Salad with 2 canned drinks! It’s much cheaper to get it as a set (priced at $35) with their discounted price.

3. Hei Sora Sushi Platter


What’s Japanese food without some sushi, right? The Hei Sora sushi platter is perfect if you’re visiting Hei Sushi with your family and friends as you can get a platter to go around! There’s a good assortment of sushi to share, including the popular salmon sushi, scallop, sweet prawns and more. Our favourite has definitely got to be the inari sushi topped with Hei Sushi’s very own homemade tobimayo sauce (flying fish roe sauce + mayonaise)!

#HHWT Tip: The Hei Sora sushi platter is included in the Hei Galore! set meal for 5pax (priced at $60), which also includes other mains such as the teriyaki chicken ramen, katsu curry ju, ebi tempura udon/soba as well as 5 canned drinks. It’s perfect for sharing with your loved ones, as you can get a taste of all of Hei Sushi’s popular dishes!

4. Aburi Sushi


And if you’re not a huuuge fan of raw fish, perhaps Hei Sushi’s entire range of aburi sushi will change your mind! Aburi means seared in Japanese and aburi sushi is made by searing the topside of the meat with a blowtorch. So you get a nicely seared sushi with a wonderfully smoky and creamy taste (thanks to the dollop of tobimayo sauce)! It’s definitely an awesome add-on to your meal, especially if you’ve never tried aburi sushi before!

5. Sashimi and Soft Shell Crab Bento

Hei-Sushi-sashimi soft-shell-crab-bento-Ramadan-Singapore-Iftar

One of our new favourite dishes at Hei Sushi has got to be the soft shell crab bento. The soft shell crab was really crispy, and don’t forget to dip it in the sauce! We also love that it comes with a serving of sashimi, best of both worlds if you ask us :P

6. Ebi Tempura Udon / Soba


You can never go wrong with tempura, especially when it comes with a piping hot bowl of udon or soba! We tried the soba on our visit and trust us, the portion is super generous so it’ll definitely fill you up. The tempura was crispy and fried with a light batter, making it the perfect side for your udon/soba! Similar to the soft shell crab, don’t forget to dip it in the tempura sauce!

#HHWT Tip: If you’re breaking fast at Hei Sushi with a group of four, check out their specially discounted iftar sets – The Best of Hei and Hei! Ju! Both sets are priced at $55 and the former comes with teriyaki chicken ramen, katsu curry ju, ebi tempura udon/soba as well as the sashimi and soft shell crab

7. Neta (Fried sushi)


The cheesy beef neta still remains as one of our favourites from Hei Sushi ever since our last visit. So even though you won’t JUST be having the neta for iftar, it’ll be a really yummy add-on for your meal or something to share with your family and friends! Trust us, as strange as fried sushi sounds, you’ll love it!

#HHWT Tip: You can choose from their range of fried sushi including the cheesy beef neta, otah neta, spicy salmon neta and chicken neta.

8. Sashimi Salad


Feeling a little guilty from all that fried sushi? Get your daily greens (with a treat!) and order the sashimi salad! The salad was really refreshing and the wafu salad sauce that came with it was really creamy and smooth. Top that with freshly diced sashimi and we could eat this salad every day :P

BONUS: Dessert and drinks!


You didn't think we would end off without talking about drinks and desserts, did you? :P If you’re ordering any of Hei Sushi’s special set meals for Iftar, you can simply top up $3 for a single ice cream. You can also choose from four different flavours of Haagen Daaz ice cream – salted caramel, green tea, chocolate and strawberry. Our personal favourites are green tea and salted caramel!


Each set also comes with canned drinks but if you would like to add an extra drink, we would recommend trying the mango avocado smoothie and iced yuzu! They’re both very refreshing and great thirst quenchers. The mango avocado tasted surprisingly good (we didn’t expect mango to go so well with avocado!) and was really light for a smoothie.

#HHWT Tip: We visited the Bedok Point outlet but Hei Sushi also has a few other outlets around Singapore (http://www.heisushi.com/outlets.html), so we’re sure you can find an outlet that’s really convenient for you to visit! And if you’re dining with a group of 6 to 8, don’t forget to try the Hei Fiesta! set – (available for call-in delivery only).

This post is brought to you by Hei Sushi but our opinions are entirely our own, as always :)