8 Homestays In Kundasang With Stunning Mountain Views


Syahirah •  Jun 08, 2022

The rolling hills are verdant, there’s greenery everywhere and the sky looks to be a little higher up than what you’re used to - that’s Kundasang! A town located in the state of Sabah at the foot of Mount Kinabalu, Kundasang is a popular tourist destination. Its serene atmosphere makes it feel like time has stopped. If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Kundasang, how about a homestay with picturesque mountain views! 😍

1. Kiram’s Village Cabin

Credit: Kiram's Village Cabin on Facebook

A cottagecore lover’s dream, Kiram’s Village Cabin offers cabin style housing and is surrounded by lush gardens and flora and fauna. With its romantic atmosphere, this homestay is well suited for honeymoons or a romantic getaway too. And while the cabin’s interior is decorated in a relatively cosy and simple fashion, the exterior with the mountain backdrop will have you scrambling to get that perfect insta-worthy shot! 

The names of their available cabins are very cute and in line with their cottage aesthetic too like the Strawberry Cabin, Cabbage Cabin, Pumpkin Cabin and many more. 😊

Address: Mesilau, Kundasang Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

Rates:From RM100 per night in a room / From RM120 per night in a cabin 

Contact: +6016-695 0057

Website | Facebook 

2. The Purple Cottage Homestay 

Credit: Noor Ashikin Ishak on Facebook

For arguably one of the best views of Mount Kinabalu from your front door, The Purple Cottage Homestay is the place to stay. The mountain is right next to your door so you get to experience mountain life up close and personal (literally). And not only is it family-friendly, it also gives you a little more privacy. There aren’t many housings to choose from (only 2 homes available for booking) so you and your family won’t have to worry about being disturbed on your peaceful vacation.

The homestay comes equipped with the basic amenities you’ll need for your stay, even items like a rice cooker, a BBQ set, a washing machine, a fridge and chairs that you can bring outside to sit and bask in the mountain view! Did we mention there’s a mini private garden by the entrance of the homes? 🥰

Address: Mesilau, Kundasang Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

Rates:From RM250 per night (Miss Polkadot House) / From RM300 per night (Mam’s House) 

Contact: Jalan Cinta Mata Mesilou, Kg.Mesilou, 89308 Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia

Website | Facebook

3. Anjung Rehat Jamsari

Credit: Anjung Rehat Jamsari on Facebook

Practically made for larger families, Anjung Rehat Jamsari is suitable for groups of up to twenty people! If you’re looking for a homestay with a kampung feel to it then you’ve come to the right place. 😜The home isn’t just huge, it’s also slightly above ground level where it overlooks much of the greenery, making it perfect for those mountain view selfies.

Outside, in the distant landscape is the view of Mount Kinabalu and below is a running river, so you get the cold mountain breeze AND calming sounds of the river - best of both worlds! We’d try dipping our feet into the river while taking in the view of the mountain!

Address: Kinabalu Golf Club Road, Kg. Mesilou, Kundasang 89308 Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia


Contact: +60 10-947 7878


4. Hounon Ridge Farmstay & Camping

Can’t decide between a homestay or camping? Hounon Ridge has got you covered! One of the most popular homestays in Kundasang, Hounon Ridge offers a fantastic view of the surrounding hilltops and terrains (including Mount Kinabalu). The homestay features three  forms of accommodation: a standard room and dormitory as well as a spacious camping ground nearby if you’d like to pitch a tent and sleep outdoors! 

Hounon Ridge Farmstay & Camping is nested within the tropical rainforest ecosystem which has the highest biodiversity on Earth so you can experience the wildlife along with the coldness of the highland weather AND stunning mountain views! 😃

Address: Kg. Himbaan, Bundu Tuhan, Ranau, Sabah

Rates: From RM130 per night in a room / RM40 per night in dorm / R30 per night in a tent

Contact: +60 13-850 6463

Instagram | Facebook

5. Umea Glam

Credit: Rosfayanti Rasmidi on Facebook

If you’re a fan of glamping and outdoors, then sit tight because Umea Glam offers the best glamping domes in Kundasang. The best feature here would be that the domes have a large window that lets you enjoy the view while maintaining your privacy. Each dome is decorated with contemporary furniture and cosy beds for you to snuggle into as you watch the sunrise (and/or sunset!).

Credit: Rosfayanti Rasmidi on Facebook

Stargazing in the mountains is definitely an experience worth in and of itself! There are even BBQ grills available for you to use just outside your dome. And what’s even better is that each dome is elevated high above the hill they’re built on so relax and enjoy the view.

Address: Jln Golf Course Mesilou, Kundasang, Sabah

Rates:From RM300 per night

Contact: +60 88-886 005

Website | Facebook

6. Sulap Homestay

Credit: Mior Hafis Mior Ahmad on Facebook

Get the landscape view of Kundasang’s hillside and mountains at Sulap Homestay, made for the modern day traveller! 😁If you gravitate towards homes with contemporary furnishings and concepts, then this place is just what you need. Regardless of how many people are in your travel party, Sulap Homestay has multiple rooming options to accommodate the numbers. Whichever room you choose, you’ll still get a 360 degree view of nature and greenery.

Address: Sulap Homestay, 125967 Kg Mesilou, Kundasang, Sabah

Rates: From RM300 per night

Contact: +60 88-886 005


7. Marakau Cabin Lodge

Credit: Marakau Cabin

Even though it’s a short distance away from Kundasang town, Marakau Cabin is totally worth visiting. Choose from 6 different cabins (with all different shapes and colours), either way you’ll still receive a spectacular view of the clouds above and plantations and mountains in the distance.

The camping themed lodge has a few benches outside the cabin for you to watch the billows of clouds and breathe in the fresh mountain air. You could also fire up the grill and enjoy a mountain top BBQ with your loved ones at the grill and seats provided.

Address: Marakau Cabin Lodge, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

Rates: -

Contact: +60 19-831 2866


8. B-Inspired Abode Kundasang

Credit: B-Inspired Abode Kundasang

A humble lodging with a magnificent view of Mount Kinabalu, B-Inspired Abode Kundasang offers budget accommodation for the frugal traveller! 🤩 There are so many homestay options here to choose from including the Wildlife Pods for cosy nights for 2 from RM90 to Mercy Queen/Twin rooms from RM130 (it on a hilltop and overlooks the surrounding hills!). 

But one worth mentioning is their Honeymoon Hobbit room for 2. And just as its name suggests, the Honeymoon Hobbit room is, (you guessed it) Hobbit themed! With hardwood interior and exterior, you get to experience mountain life.. As a hobbit. 😅

Address: Kg. Lagkau Sinisian, Kundasang, Sabah

Rates: Rates depend on selected rooms

Contact: +60 16-588 1863


If you’re looking for a relaxing and slow pace to your next holiday, then you should consider Kundasang for its tranquil surroundings and abundance of nature - the mountain is visible from wherever you go! And if you’re a fan of the cold, even better, the cool climate of the highlands will have you bundled up and ready to welcome the peaceful and calm mountain town.

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