8 Halal Hamper Deliveries In SG To Send To Your Loved Ones This Hari Raya


Shasha Dania •  May 27, 2020

While we may not be able to visit our family and loved ones during Hari Raya this year, we can still send them our well-wishes and love during this period. ? Apart from surprising them with deliveries of delicious chocolate cakes or local favourites such as teh tarik, another way to send your well-wishes is through specially-curated Hari Raya hampers. ❤️ We've collated 8 Hari Raya hamper deliveries you can still order for your loved ones - make sure to include a sweet note to let them know you're thinking of them during this time! ?

Note: Though not all companies listed are Muslim-owned or halal-certified, we've checked that their Hari Raya Hampers use only halal-certified or Muslim-friendly products. We recommend purchasing these at your own discretion, and checking with the company directly if you have any questions about the products.

1. SuChi Halal Avenue

SuChi Halal Avenue is a Muslim-owned company, so you can rest assured that their Raya gift bags are full of products that are all Shariah-compliant. ? Their 2020 Raya gift bags are specially tailored for the Circuit Breaker period, including products like hand sanitiser and face masks alongside packet cocoa and alkaline water. Though these bags may be small and a little unorthodox, they're a good way to show your family that you're not only thinking about them but caring for their health.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via:Website

Contact: 6842 8160 (Call) or 8298 4667 (Whatsapp)

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2. Houzofvendor

If you're hoping to surprise someone with a hamper, Houzofvendor's customisable baskets are just what you need! Their hampers and arrangements can include chocolates, balloons, fruits and more. Whether you're sending good wishes for Hari Raya or welcoming a new member into the family, their beautifully-arranged baskets are perfect. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via:Facebook/Instagram/Shopee/Carousell

Contact: 87816797 (Whatsapp)

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3. Eu Yan Sang

Staying healthy is more important than ever right now, and Eu Yan Sang's wellness baskets are the perfect gift for your parents, colleagues, and loved ones. ? The baskets include popular halal-certified products such as Essence of Chicken, Essence of Fish, and Essence of Chicken with Goji Berries and Red Dates. Guaranteed to give your loved ones a boost to keep them strong and healthy right now!

Halal status: Halal-certified products are used in the halal hampers. You can find the full list of Eu Yan Sang's halal-certified products here.

Order via:Website

Contact: 1800 888 1879 (Local toll-free hotline)

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4. Simply Hamper

Credit: Simply Hamper

For a generous hamper that's also pleasing to the eye, you'll want to take a look at what Simply Hamper has to offer! Consisting of only halal-certified products, they have a wide variety of options with products such as butter cookies, hot chocolate packets, sparkling juice, and even dates. ? Perfect for parents and families!

Halal status: Halal-certified products are used in their Hari Raya hampers. You can find the full list of Hari Raya hampers here.

Order via:Website

Contact: 64433011

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5. Joaquim Florist & Gifts

Credit: Joaquim Florist & Gifts

Joaquim Florist & Gift's hampers contain some of our favourite snacks - prawn crackers, cornflakes, and chocolate almonds. ? But what sets them apart is that their hampers contain household appliances such as irons, blenders, electric lunch boxes and more! If you're shopping for a hamper to congratulate a new couple or a family who's just moved into a new house, this is the hamper for you.

Halal status: Halal-certified products are used in their Hari Raya hampers.

Order via:Website

Contact: 63831188

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6. Happy Bunch

For a more unique gift, Happy Bunch has customisable Build a Kraft boxes and you can include items such as tea leaf blends, mini candles, Mossery notebooks, and reusable coffee cups! ? There are also food and cosmetic products to choose from but do note that the products are not halal-certified, though their ingredients may be Muslim-friendly. We recommend checking the ingredients list and purchasing at your own discretion.

P.S. Under their Hari Raya offers, they also have customisable bouquets and flower starter kits perfect for loved ones with green thumbs. ?

Halal status: Muslim-friendly products available.

Order via:Website

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7. Orchard Florist

Credit: Orchard Florist

Orchard Florist is one of the most popular hamper and gift delivery services in Singapore, with hampers and baskets available for every special occasion you can think of. Their Hari Raya hampers are stunning, including everything from pineapple tarts to Lindt chocolate to almond nougat. ? The higher-end hampers even include appliances such as rice cookers and

Halal status: Halal-certified and Muslim-friendly products are used in their Hari Raya hampers. Do look at the list of products and purchase at your own discretion.

Order via:Website

Contact: 62764486

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8. Ferns N Petals

Credit: Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is another popular gift delivery service that has hampers for all kinds of occasions. Their Hari Raya hampers include favourites such as Toblerone chocolates, butter cookies, Chips Ahoy cookies, and Uncle Saba's Poppadoms. Perfect for families especially as kids will love the variety of snacks available! They also have flower, fruit, and wellness baskets if you don't feel like sending even more snacks to accompany all that Raya kuih muih ?

Halal status: Halal-certified and Muslim-friendly products are used in their Hari Raya hampers. Do look at the list of products and purchase at your own discretion.

Order via:Website

Contact: 97279363

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Though we may not be able to meet our grandparents, cousins, colleagues, or friends face-to-face right now, we can definitely send them all of our love with these amazing baskets ?❤️