8 Halal Cafes In Bandung You Need To Try On Your Next Short Vacay


Tiara •  Dec 08, 2017

We bet most of you have heard of Bandung! It takes only a 3 hours’ drive from Jakarta to Bandung, which make this city a favourite weekend escape for the neighbouring city residents ? Geographically, Bandung lies in the middle plateau. That's why the air is so breezy and cool! The beautiful landscape earns Bandung the nickname ‘Paris van Java’. Oui, oui! Not only beautiful, Bandung is also known for its culinary adventure. You can find almost every kind of food in this city, but we’ve already picked some of them to make it easier for you!

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1. Karnivor

Who's ready for a meat feast?! (Raised hand virtually!) Just like its name, Karnivor serves various meat dishes…..in gigantic sizes! They are well known for spoiling their customers with super-sized steaks, burgers, and barbecues ?

Monster Platter to Satisfy Your Carnivorous Appetite

Credit: @karniv.012 on Instagram

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If you’d love to have some steak, their Monster Steak is a perfect choice to share with your friends. This 1 kilogram of grilled meat doesn't only fulfil your protein intake, but also satisfy your tastebuds. You can share it, or for those brave enough, finish it yourself ?

1 Kilogram of Juicy Meaty Protein-y Goodness

Credit: @karniv.012 on Instagram

#HHWTTip: They even have an annual eating competition, where the winner will get a holiday package from them. You may want to follow their social media pages so you can check out and participate! 

Monster Tower – This Year’s Challenge for The Annual Eating Competition

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Address: Jln. L.R.E Martadinata 127 (Riau 127) Bandung

Opening Hours: Everyday 11AM – 11PM

2. The Larder 55

Just like a little black dress, you can never go wrong with this café. This homely, simple, and kids-friendly place serves every kind of meal. From breakfast to dinner, you'll be spoiled by their choice of menu each time you visit.

Simple and cozy vibes inside

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This place is also perfect for families because it’s child-friendly. The Larder have a playground inside the café so the kids can enjoy their time here too. Therefore, all the members of the family can happily fuel up before (or after) the trip ?

Kid’s Corner to keep them happy!

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They open as early as 7 AM, so if you're looking for some place to start your day with a good breakfast, you may want to drop by and have a bite at The Larder. They have toast, pastries, coffee, and so much more for breakfast!

Oh, did we mention that they also have delicious desserts? They have pastries, pies, cakes, or a healthier choice like granola to satisfy your sweet tooth. Psssst.. You can ask them about the ongoing promotion in store to get a great deal ?

Panacotta for dessert, anyone?

Credit: @thelarder55 on Instagram

Address: Jln. Gandapura No. 55 Bandung

Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 7AM - 10PM, Fri & Sat: 7AM - 11PM

3. Café D’Pakar

After a long drive through the city traffic jams, you deserve to relax and enjoy Bandung. Popular for their stunning outdoor ambiance, Café D’Pakar's located at the Bandung highland and is surrounded by forests, which makes it an ideal place to escape from your hectic routine.

Perfect spot to simply enjoy your coffee

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This place will charge every visitor a minimum price of RP 25.000 (less than SGD $3) to enter the area, but it can be used as a voucher to order food and drink. They serve Indonesian street food and soul food like Batagor, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, and Cireng (fried rice cake).

Clockwise from the Top: Fries and Sausage, Noodle Soup, Fried Noodle, Chocolate Toast, Batagor, Fried Rice

Credit: @hasan.pradana on Instagram

This café is not only made for sit-downs and coffee breaks, they have a spacious outdoor area too so you can walk around and take pictures. You can also bring your family on a mini picnic!

Enjoy the view and the open air

Credit: @barli8json Instagram

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#HHWTTip: The best time to visit is before evening. As some of their spots are outdoors, the place gets dark as the sun goes down. Don’t forget to prepare your cash because there is no ATM nearby.

Address: Jalan Dago Pakar Utara Sekejolang, Ciburial, Bandung

Opening Hours: Mon: Closed, Tue – Fri: 11AM – 6PM, Sat & Sun: 9AM – 6PM

4. Nasi Goreng Mafia

As a staple food of Indonesia, rice has been around since forever in the country’s culinary industry. And Nasi Goreng Mafia steps up the game with their modern fried rice menus like Yakuza, Triad, and Godfather fried rice. This muallaf-owned diner is serving simple main courses with rich and intense flavours. 

Clockwise from top left: Gangster Fried Rice, Shallot Fried Rice, Yakuza Fried Rice, and Lamb Fried Rice

Credit: @nasgormafia on Instagram

They have 13 flavours of fried rice and 6 levels of spiciness you can choose from. The spiciness level described how you would feel when you’re eating them. Start from Level 1 - Menenangkan (Soothing), Level 2 – Menggoda (Tempting), Level 3 – Menyesakkan (Stifling), Level 4 – Merisaukan (Worrying), Level 5 – Menyesal (Remorse), and the last Level 6 – Mematikan (Devastating).

But first, let us take a picture.

Credit: @nasgormafia on Instagram

Even though the name sounds a bit intimidating, this place have nothing to do with any mafia organization. It’s just the way they want the customers to remember how delicious it was. This place is always loaded with people during meal times. Don’t worry, they have 5 branches all over Bandung, so you can choose which one is the nearest and the most comfortable for you.

Bandit Fried Rice made with Special Spices and ‘Kikil’ for the Topping

Credit: @nasgormafia on Instagram

#HHWT Tip: You can always add more toppings to your order. Sunny side up, kikil (cow’s leg), or a quarter cut of spicy fried chicken is definitely recommended ?

Address: Jln. Dipati Ukur 51, Bandung

Opening Hours: Everyday 9AM – 11PM

5. Warunk Upnormal

Another famous eating spot in Bandung is this noodle place called Warunk Upnormal. Just like its name, there's no such thing as normal instant noodle here. Even though you can still find classic and original noodle menus, they serve more than 20 kinds of modified noodle and rice dishes. With 12 branches all across Bandung, this place is a must-try for noodle fans ?

Various and delicious noodle dishes

Credit: @feast.it on Instagram

This is a great place to eat or hang out with friends, not only for the food but also for the fun! They thoughtfully provide some board games and puzzles to play so you won’t get bored while waiting for your order.

They love it here, obviously

Credit: @warunk_upnormal on Instagram

Besides noodle and rice, they also serve some mouthwatering desserts. You can order them to wash down the noodle, or simply order them on its own. Go with their fruity or creamy desserts, as both are amazing ?

Roasted banana with green tea ice cream

Credit: @warunk_upnormal on Instagram

Address: Jln. Dipatiukur 3, Bandung

Opening Hours: Everyday 8AM – 1.30AM

6. Bakso Boedjangan

Since Bandung is breezy and cool, a bowl of meatball soup sounds like a great idea. To save your time from wandering around and finding a good meatball place, head straight to Bakso Boedjangan. The soup, meat ball, toppings - they’re all good! Pick anything from the menu, and you’ll find it as delicious as the others.

Creamy, gooey super mozzarella meatball

Credit: @baksoboedjangan on Instagram

If you think meatball soup is not satisfying enough, you can pick one of their rice or noodle options. These menus are also topped with their succulent meatballs. Or if you're brave enough, you can try the sambal stuffed meatball ?

Not for the faint-hearted kind of meatball

Credit: @bobby1078 on Instagram

A warm soup on a breezy day, is there any better combination than this? Plus, you can also add other toppings to your meal, such as chopped meat, dumplings, or even chicken feet soup.

Warm and hearty meatball, chopped meat, chicken feet, and sweet noodle

Credit: @baksoboedjangan on Instagram

Address: Jln. Dipati Ukur 1, Bandung

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9AM – 11PM, Sat & Sun: 9AM – 12AM

7. Bobowl

Another place to hangout in Bandung is Bobowl. Just like its name, Bobowl serves rice bowls that are affordable and delicious. They have various savoury ricebowls, from Salted Egg Chicken to something spicier like their new menu, the Dori Sambal Matah. Sambal Matah is Indonesian sambal with tangy and fragrant flavour!

Dory Sambal Matah rice bowl

Credit: @bobowl.id on Instagram

Besides Dory Sambal Matah, Bobowls have another five rice bowls in their menu. They are Loco Moco, Nasi Campur, Green Chilly Tongue, Gyu Tan, and Salted Egg Chicken. All these menus are under SGD$4 and contain no MSG. If you're going with friends (or if you’re extra hungry), you can upgrade your order to jumbo size to enjoy them together ?

Choices of delicious rice bowls

Credit: @bobowls.id on Instagram

This industrial-themed café maintains its cleanliness and simplicity. They opened only last August but are already growing their service by adding more and more choices! Occasionally, they surprised their consumers by launching a seasonal menu, like the Noodle Soup series in order to welcome the rainy season ?

Nice ambience for sitting, eating, and chatting with friends

Credit: @bobowls.id on Instagram

#HHWT Tip: Turn your notification on for their social media accounts because there are lots of promotions going on there!

Address: Jalan Ambon No.16, Bandung

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu : 12AM – 10PM, Fri: 1PM – 11PM, Sat: 12PM –11PM,Sun: 12PM –8PM

8. Martabak Tropica

If there’s a room in the world that always exists, it must be the room for desserts! Hanging around Bandung wouldn’t be complete without trying the sweet treats. Our choice goes to Martabak Tropica. Martabak is Indonesian pancake topped with various toppings ? Well, in this place, 25 different kinds of topping! You read it right, 25 kinds of topping in one pan ?

25 shades of topping

Credit: @martabak_tropica on Instagram

This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Peanut butter, chocolate, matcha, cheese, you name it! But if you want something simpler, you don't always have to order all 25 toppings ? Besides this fancy martabak, there are other kinds of martabak you can try like the thin and crispy one, or the martabak roll. This could also be a perfect souvenir for your trip back home.

You can enjoy this martabak while it’s warm in the café. The place is quite comfortable with wooden seats and colourful mural. Or you can simply have it to-go and carry it anywhere you want to eat it.

Saturday night at Martabak Tropica

Credit: @martabak_tropica on Instagram

Address: Jln. Burangrang 30 Malabar, Bandung

Opening Hours: 3PM – 11PM daily

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Thanks to the people’s creativity, Bandung holds countless options for culinary spots. The 8 cafés you’ve read only scratched the surface of what Bandung has to offer. There are still lots of food to try! Bandung is not only a neighbouring city, but also home for the weekend escapists. The air, food, scenery and even the traffic will be missed when you're back home ? Maybe it’s like what Dutch Phenomenologist MAW Brouwer said, “Pasundan (West Java) was born when God is smiling”. Masha Allah.