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8 Exciting Reasons Why Boracay Is Perfect For Every Muslim's Island Getaway


Amira Rahmat •  Mar 09, 2018


The quintessential image of Boracay is one that shows off its turquoise waters, paddle-pop sunsets and powdery white beaches. Credit: Giphy Does this beach paradise really live up to all the hype? Absolutely! Whether you are looking to chillax by the sea, or bring the daredevil in you to try the adrenaline activities, the gorgeous beaches in the island is the ideal backdrop. If you’re still not convinced why every Muslim should visit Boracay, here are 8 reasons that will change your mind!  
1. Beach, beach and more beaches!
First off, you can’t mention Boracay without bringing up its beautiful beaches. Surrounded by ocean blues and swaying coconut trees, the stunning white beaches has such pristinely clear waters that makes it hard to leave the island! Marvel at the beautiful universe that Allah has created.
Credit: Wanderlandson Facebook There is not one, not two but nine different beach areas here for you to linger by the sea or relax while you lull in the azure waters. Pick from some of the beautiful beaches such as Ilig Iligan Beach, or the ever popular White Beach. The White Beach is a 4km postcard-perfect stretch of sand with all the things that you need for your tropical island stay. The island paradise awaits!  
2. Plenty of adventures for adrenaline junkies!
If a beach trip to you means getting an adrenaline rush in the waters, Boracay is the place to be. This island is brimming with beach and outdoor activities for you to get that adrenaline pumping, from parasailing, jetskiing, or even go on an ATV ride to Mt Luho – the highest point of Boracay! Many flock to Ariel’s Point to do the famous cliff jump! It is one of Boracay’s top attractions and there are different levels that are suitable for everyone.
Credit:@misozn_aon Instagram If you’re into gentler forms of outdoor stuff, you can always choose kayaking, paddle boarding, horse riding, snorkelling or try the Fly Fish!
Credit: Boracay Water Sport on Facebook You’ll be sure to have endless fun and embrace the thrill in the island of Boracay!  
3. Friendly locals
Credit: @nwafamoktar on Instagram The Philippines is known to be one of the friendliest countries in Asia and similarly, Boracay has hospitable people everywhere – from the hotels, hostels, to the restaurants and even by the road! The locals are always smiling and helpful. As English is their second language, there’s not much of a language barrier. The locals might even invite you to play beach volleyball with them!  
4. Enjoy world-class sunsets like no other!
After basking in the sun and battling the waves, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular sunsets here. Even after the cloudiest days, the sunsets here are a sight to behold! See the beauty of Allah’s creations by watching the sun set against the blue calmness of the sea. The paddle-pop hues are something you won’t want to miss!
Credit: @naldlumankun on Instagram But why not bring that Boracay sunset to the next level by sailing on a traditional Filipino sailboat (paraw)? Just look at that soft glow of the setting sun! We’re sure you’ve never observed the sky bidding farewell to the sun like that! The rates usually go about USD20 for 1-2 persons per paraw. #HHWT Tip: Practise your haggling skills before you settle on a boat agency. Some have bargained for as low as USD$6! With plenty of spectacular sunsets in various beaches all over Boracay, it is safe to say that their sunsets rank high on the list!  
5. Experience the brimming underwater world in all its glory
Credit: @theboracayscuba on Instagram Famed for its colourful corals, beautiful schools of fish, crystal clear waters, and exceptional dive sites, Boracay has brimming marine life. A visit here is not complete without going for an island-hopping tour. To have a taste of the life under the sea, you can go snorkelling, scuba diving or helmet diving.  
Credit: @cshalgi8 on Instagram With helmet diving, you get to marvel at the abundance of tropical fish and colourful sea floor – without needing a diving license! Rates start from only USD$15! If you don’t feel like getting into the water, you can try glass bottom boating too.
6. Easy on the pocket
Accommodation, travel and food here are easy on the pocket and if you travel during the low season, you can save a lot! There is accommodation for every budget here. If you are looking to save on accommodation, you can check out the cheaper hostels at Station 3, where the beach is less crowded. Staying in budget hostels doesn’t mean you won’t be able to travel in style ?
Credit: Shangri-La Resort & Spa on Facebook However, if you are looking to splurge on a luxurious Muslim-friendly hotel, the immediate choice would be Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa! The resort has an immaculate beachfront and overlooks the vast ocean. And you can also request for a halal breakfast and halal food at their restaurant. What’s more, prayer directions are also marked in the room!  
7. Yummy Muslim-friendly food and fresh seafood galore!
Credit: @djbabuforeal on Instagram Tanks of lobsters and live crabs. Rows and rows of different kinds of fish. Huge prawns that you rarely or never seen before. You can’t live the island life without getting your tummy filled with seafood! The place to be to buy the freshest seafood is none other than the famous D’Talipapa wet market!
Credit: @melrafoladriano on Instagram Pick your favourite live seafood that you want from the stall vendors and proceed to the nearby restaurants to have them prepared in your preferred styles – buttered, steamed, grilled, stir fried or made into soup! The top choice for Muslim travellers at the market is Khalil Muslim Food Stall! Oh, don’t forget some fresh coconut water too. Do take note that not all seafood is halal-certified, so please dine at your own discretion. #HHWT Tip: Don’t be afraid to bargain at the market. D’Talipapa is popular with tourists so don’t agree to the first price just yet! It is also best not to come in the evening as it is the most crowded at this time.   Other than the seafood market, there are also numerous halal dining options that serve Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Kasbah Boracay (Alcohol served)
Credit: @kasbahboracay on Instagram Serving flavours of Morocco, this restaurant is conveniently located at the famous White Beach where you can have your meals by the sea. The meat served is halal and there are also vegan and vegetarian options. Address: Station 1 Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608   Bismillah Halal Turkish Kebab BBQ House If you are craving for some authentic kebabs, head down to this little gem! Located right next to the mosque, so you can also do your prayers while you are here. You will be able to see your fresh pita bread and kebabs prepared right in front of you! It’s no wonder that this place has garnered only positive reviews. Address: Ambulong Station 3, Main Road Boracay 5608   The Kingdom Restaurant
Credit: @kingdom_of_boracay on Instagram This Arabic and Indian restaurant located at station 2 serves halal Middle Eastern cuisine and also western meals including pasta, pizzas and burgers to satisfy your cravings! Situated nearby the main road and beach front, who says halal food is hard to get? Address: D'mall de Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines True Food Indian Cuisine (Alcohol served)
Credit: @saysammy on Instagram For some authentic halal Indian food with views to die for, try True Food Indian Cuisine! With a prime location at the front of White Beach, seated on huge pillows on the floor and dining on low tables, is an experience in itself. They also serve vegan and vegetarian food! Address: Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608  
8. The best fruit shake of your life
Credit: @theniceeva on Instagram Claimed to be the best on the island, Jonah’s fruit shake has made it to plenty of well-known travel websites and Instagram travel posts.
Credit: @oolove990 on Instagram This unassuming, little store just by the road offers all sorts of milkshakes and fruit combinations. Patronized by locals and tourists alike, the bestseller is the avocado-mango fruit shake. There are also other varieties including vanilla shake, mango shake and chocolate banana peanut smoothie, just to name a few out of the 50 or so flavours. It is definitely very Instagrammable against the picturesque coconut trees and azure waters! What better way to brave the tropical Boracay sun than with a tasty shake? Address: Station 1, Boracay, Balabag, 5608 Malay, Aklan   If Boracay has not yet made it to your bucket list of travel destinations, we hope you’ll put it in right now. Honestly, we could go on why one trip to the beach paradise will not be enough. You simply can’t miss the gorgeous sunsets, the freshest seafood and white sandy beaches that Boracay has to offer!