Been dreaming of travelling to Japan? Everyone who has been to the country will tell you that Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are the top few cities you must visit for the best Japan trip ever, especially if it’s your first trip! Get a taste of metropolitan Tokyo, before heading to the magical city of Osaka and wrapping up your trip in peaceful, traditional Kyoto ✈️

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Conquering Japan in 7 days? Absolutely possible, you have our word! Suzana and Elaine went on an amazing adventure around Japan, enjoying everything the 3 cities had to offer at discounted prices after booking their trip with Klook! Wonder how they did it? Read on for our ultimate 7D6N Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto itinerary 🤗

Getting around

The cities in Japan are mainly connected through a series of train/subway lines, which makes travelling around super convenient. In Tokyo alone, there are 13 colour-coded subway lines for easier navigation, 9 of which are operated by Tokyo Metro and 4 by Toei. Fares can get expensive, depending on the operators and how far you travel. Plus, if you’re changing operators, a transfer ticket is needed. To save on cost, we’d recommend purchasing the Tokyo Subway Ticket (valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours), which gives you unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro and Toei subway lines!

For those travelling between cities, the Japan Rail (JR) Pass is your saving grace 🙌 Valid for 7 days, 14 days or 21 days,  this pass gives you unlimited access to all JR Group Railways, Shinkansen (bullet trains), buses and more! The pass can currently be purchased at selected stations and airports in Japan (full list here). ). Otherwise, you can opt to buy it in advance on Klook and redeem it at any JR Rail Pass exchange office in major JR stations 😊

P.S. The JR Pass covers the whole of Japan, however, if you’re travelling to select cities or taking a day trip, Klook also offers passes to West Kansai, Northern Kyushu area and more! Plus, buying online on Klook would be cheaper and save you the hassle of navigating in Japanese if you’re buying on the spot in Japan.

#HHWT Tip: If you’re a social media junkie like us, stay connected across Japan with a portable 4G WiFi router! Book on Klook for easy pick up at an airport of your choosing and use it on the go. Do note that the router has a 7GB limit, so use it wisely 😜 Alternatively, you can top up just a couple more dollars for a 4G WiFi router with unlimited data!

Travelling from Haneda/Narita Airport to your hotel

Once you’ve touched down in Tokyo, you can either opt to take the train or subway to your hotel, and we highly recommend using Hyperdia to figure out the best route to travel around Japan. For those travelling in huge groups, you can also consider booking a private airport transfer (Klook offers this service for travellers arriving from both Haneda and Narita airport!).

#HHWT Tip: For those with the JR Pass, save on transport cost by taking the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. You’ll be there in 53 minutes! 🤗

Want to travel hands-free instead and store your luggage somewhere without travelling to the hotel? Under Klook, LuggAgent transports your luggage for you from Haneda or Narita airport, with same day delivery! No more lugging around heavy bags on crowded trains or subways 👍

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Do note that terms and conditions apply!

Day 1
Arrival at Narita airport
  • Konnichiwa Japan! You’ve officially touched down to the Land of the Rising Sun ✨ If the airplane food left you feeling hungry, swing by KINEYAMUGIMARU, a halal-certified udon eatery at Terminal 1 for a quick refuel  🍜
Pick up your JR Pass
  • For this trip, Suzana and Elaine purchased the 7 Day JR Pass (Ordinary Pass) for quick and easy travel on the shinkansen. If you’re from Singapore, you can pick up the exchange voucher from Klook’s office. For other countries, you can arrange for mail delivery and receive the voucher in 7 working days. How convenient is that? 😊

  • You’ll need to present the exchange voucher, along with your passport, and redeem it at any JR Rail Pass exchange office in major JR stations.  Check out the full list here!
  • Note: The JR Pass cannot be used for travel on NOZOMI and MIZUHO trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen lines.
Pick up your Tokyo Subway Pass
  • With the JR Pass in your arsenal, you’ll need the Tokyo Subway Pass to get around Tokyo. You can purchase the pass for either 24, 48 or 72 hours!
  • If you book on Klook, you’ll get instant confirmation of your purchase PLUS convenient pick up at the airport!

  • To use it, simply insert the card into the slot at the ticket gate and retrieve it when it pops out again
Check in at Keio Plaza Hotel
  • Situated in the heart of Shinjuku, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is perfect for all travellers!
  • Whether you’re travelling with kids, a large group or with your other half, you’re in for a great stay, given its spacious rooms and awesome location.

  • The best part? The hotel offers free shuttle bus services to Disneyland!
Dinner at Yakiniku Panga
  • Grab your buddies and end your first night in Japan with a grill fest at Yakiniku Panga!
  • Sink your teeth into tender, halal wagyu beef that’s been grilled to perfection

  • Note:  Though this eatery is halal-certified, alcohol is served at the establishment.
Day 2
Visit the happiest place(s) on earth; Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea!
  • Disney fans, rejoice! Here’s where you can unleash your inner child, hop on thrilling rides and meet your favourite Disney characters 😊
  • Skip the endlessly long queues and book your admission tickets in advance on Klook! Completely hassle-free, you’ll even get instant confirmation of your purchase, which gives you more time to spend on your favourite rides and attractions!

  • Do note that you’ll still need to print a physical copy of your ticket for admission.

#HHWT Tip: Interested in a back to back Disney adventure? Check out Klook’s 2 Day Disney Pass and spend a day at BOTH Disneyland and Disneysea or enjoy two full days at one park!

  • Snag yourself a FASTPASS* and beat the queue! Disney is notorious for having insanely long queues everywhere, plus the passes are limited and run out quickly 😱
  • Be sure to get the passes in the right order as well as the FASTPASSes for the popular rides run out fast! Check out this article for our foolproof, FASTPASS battle strategy 💪

  • Grab a spot 30-45 minutes before the parade starts! If you see people sitting in the middle of nowhere, chances are, they’re probably waiting for the parade to start.

  • Stock up on the most adorable character merchandise! From popcorn buckets, soft toys, collectibles to hats, you’ll need an extra luggage just to bring these home 😂

  • Request for a prayer room at the Main Street House (Disneyland) or Guest Relations (Disneysea); the staff will gladly lead you to a room that you can use 😊

#HHWT Tip:  Prayer mats and garments are not provided so do remember to bring your own!

  • Stay till the end for a fantastic fireworks display, no one does it better than Disney ✨

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Day 3
Early bird catches the worm at Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Check out the freshest seafood this side of Tokyo! Marvel over massive crabs, scallops and more that’s been freshly captured by the local fishermen.
  • Head on down to the market from 3-4am to catch the live tuna auction

  • Explore the inner market – Feast on delectable seafood like grilled scallops, baby squids, freshly shucked oysters and more 😍

Note: The food items sold at Tsukiji Fish Market are not halal-certified, it’s best to check with the individual vendors before consuming at your own discretion.

    • Explore the outer market too – You’ll find many stalls selling various items, ranging from fresh produce, tamago (egg), unagi (eel), Japanese knives, ceramic cutlery to Japanese tea.


Late breakfast at Luna Hala Café
  • This cafe has a halal menu to cater towards their Muslim customers so feel free to dig into their oishii grilled salmon set!


Have a taste of olden day Japan at Asakusa
 Personalised rickshaw tour around Asakusa
  •  Discover Asakusa like never before while riding in a traditional rickshaw! Pulled by a friendly, English-speaking guide, you’ll pass by iconic landmarks like Kaminarimon, Geisha Town and the Tokyo Skytree.
  • Available on Klook, the ride is 30 minutes – 2 hours long, depending on the package PLUS you can customise the tour! We’d recommend starting at Asakusa station and end the tour at the Sensō-ji area.

Visit Sensō-ji Temple and Nakamise Street while wearing a traditional kimono
  • Rent a kimono and walk around the oldest temple in Tokyo for the full Japanese experience! Don’t forget to snap photos of the iconic Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) at the outer gate of the temple!


  • Once you’re done exploring, head to Nakamise, a shopping street near the second outer gate. Splurge away on unique souvenirs, halal local snacks and more!

  • Head on to Hyobando (found at the start of the street) to stock up on okaki or traditional Japanese rice crackers. Yummy flavours include seaweed, red pepper and matcha 😋

#HHWT Tip: As you stroll along Nakamise, do look out for Kameya, which makes ningyo-yaki – tiny baked doll cakes stuffed with red bean! Plus, you get to watch them being baked. Definitely one of our favourite Japanese snacks 😛

Lunch at Sushiken
  • The first halal sushi restaurant in Japan,  this eatery uses only the finest ingredients and like many of the restaurants here, it’s cheaper to dine here during lunch 🍣

#HHWT Tip: There’s a prayer room on the second floor, with a wudhu area and prayer mats provided!

Shop till you drop at Shibuya
  • Home to the one of the world’s most busiest pedestrian crossings and huge departmental stores, Shibuya is every shopaholic’s dream!

Dinner at Gyumon
  • The perfect place for an authentic yakiniku dinner after a day’s worth of shopping! 🛍
  • Choose the cut you prefer and they’ll serve it to you raw and lightly seasoned for you to grill on the charcoal stove. The beef tenderloin, grilled to medium rare, is just perfect! 😋

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  • Philippines: P1500 off with BLOSSOM1500

Do note that terms and conditions apply!

Day 4
Onwards to Osaka (3-4 hours)

Getting around

Osaka is largely divided into 2 main areas: the Umeda area, called “Kita” and the Nanba/Tennoji area, called “Minami”.  The subway pretty much covers the whole city area, the JR Osaka Loop Line which circles the central districts, as well as other connecting private railways.

With the 2 day Osaka Amazing Pass, you’ll get unlimited rides on buses, trains and private railways PLUS free access to over 30 sightseeing spots in the city! You can easily get this pass on Klook (at a discounted price!) and receive your e-voucher instantly 😌 You can exchange the voucher for the pass at Osaka City Air Terminal (JR Namba Station).

Lunch at Matsuri
  • The city’s first ever halal takoyaki restaurant, you can savour popular Japanese dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki and ramen at pocket-friendly prices 😋

#HHWT Tip: Looking for a prayer space? Ask the friendly staff and they’ll provide you with a room, complete with prayer mats, qibla’  direction, and a wudhu area 😊

Sight-see (for FREE!) using the Osaka Amazing Pass
  • Enjoy FREE entrance to top attractions like Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory, and the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum!

Check out the night scene at Dotonbori

Credit: @newworldinn on Instagram

Dinner at Ramen Honolu
  • Slurp up a piping hot, hearty dinner at Ramen Honulu to end your day 🍜

Credit: @nandharamadhani on Instagram

Check in at Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka
  • This cosy hotel is just a short walk away from JR Namba Station
  • Disclaimer: Suzana and Elaine booked their room super last minute so it was bit pricey 😅 We’d recommend booking as early as you can!
Day 5
Be a wizard for a day at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ⚡️
  • No trip to Osaka is complete without visiting USJ! As the park is super popular (and crowded), you don’t want to risk not being able to get your tickets or the express pass when you reach the ticketing counter. Remember to book your USJ admission ticket in advance on Klook to get instant confirmation!

Credit: tc_manasan on Flickr

Note: You’ll still need an admission ticket (which is a separate purchase) to enter the park.

Note: The USJ VIP Wristband is not inclusive of the USJ Express Pass.

#HHWT Tip: DO NOT purchase tickets from unrecognised retailers as your tickets will be nullified! Stick to authorised resellers like Klook and book your tickets with them to avoid any last minute disappointments. Oh, and keep a look out on their Facebook page for discount codes, which they offer regularly too 😊

  • All aboard the Hogwarts express! Time to live out your childhood dream of going to Hogwarts and proudly don your house colours 😜

  • Complete your Hogwarts student experience with a frothy mug of Butterbeer (non-alcoholic of course 😉) while wondering around Hogsmede

  • Visit popular attractions like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Flying Dinosaur, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man, and more!

#HHWT Tip: Get the the USJ Express Pass on Klook, especially if you’re visiting on a peak day or if you hate queueing! Suzana and Elaine were assigned specific timeslots to ride the popular attractions and this was a lifesaver as the park was really crowded.

  • Meet your favourite mascots, catch the free parades and splurge on character merchandise like adorable soft toys and popcorn buckets 😍

  • Hop on thrilling 4D rides based on popular animes like Evangelion XR Ride, Godzilla, Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter!
Lunch at Azzurra di Capri
  • Have a slice of delicious vegetarian pizza 🍕

Note: Do note that this eatery is not halal-certified, however, vegetarian options are available. We advise that you dine at your own discretion.

#HHWT Tip: For those staying late till dinner, there’s a Muslim-friendly menu at Red Lobster, just outside of USJ.

Dinner at Matsuri
  • Halal takoyaki (dough balls with octopus/seafood filling), okonomiyaki (savoury Japanese pancake) and ramen at pocket-friendly prices? Matsuri is truly every Japan-lover’s dream come true 😋 (You can even make your own takoyaki!)

Credit: @shaliciouss on Instagram

Day 6

Kyoto, here we go! (<30 minutes)
  • With your JR Pass in hand, take the shinkansen to the historic city of Kyoto 🚅

Getting around

Just like Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto is connected by a series of train lines, subway and buses. With the ICOCA IC Card,  you can enjoy discounts on public transportation and shopping in the Kansai area (which includes Kyoto and Osaka!)

P.S. Read till the end of the total cost breakdown of our Klook purchases!

Note: Before heading over to Kyoto, you can redeem this card at the Osaka City Air Terminal (JR Namba Station).

Check in to New Miyako Hotel Kyoto
  • Dump your heavy luggage at the New Miyako Hotel, which is just a stone’s throw away from Kyoto station

#HHWT Tip: Stay near to Kyoto station for easy access to majority of the top local attractions; they’re within short walking distance from the station.

Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Walk through the thousands of torii gates at the Shinto shrine
  • The entire walk to the summit of Mount Inari and back will take you around 2-3 hours, with breath-taking views of Kyoto along the way.

  • Unlike other temples or shrines, entrance here is free!

#HHWT Tip: Go further up the path to take photos of just yourselves or the gates without the throngs of eager visitors that crowd the lower levels of the shrine.

Tofuku-ji Temple
  • The oldest and largest temple in Kyoto, this attraction is also one of Japan’s best autumn viewing spots 🍂

Credit: Yusuke Umezawa on Flickr

Nishiki Market
  • The largest traditional food market in Kyoto, Nishiki Market is over 400 years old!
  • Savour authentic local food like fresh sashimi and green tea 😋

  • Be sure to swing by the market before it closes at 5pm

Disclaimer: The food items at Nishiki Market are not halal-certified, we advise that you dine at your own discretion.

Dinner at Naritaya
  • This halal-certified eatery serves up delicious bowls of miso ramen and crispy fried chicken karaage 😋
  • There’s even a prayer room, complete with ablution facilities and prayer times!
Night stroll along Gion
  • Travel back in time and wander through rows of traditional wooden Japanese houses and shop lots

Credit: Ryan Scullin on Flickr

  • Try to catch a glimpse of a real life geisha; the best places to see them are at Hanami-koji-dori (the section between Shijo-dori and Kennin-ji Temple)
Day 7
Morning walk at Sagano Bamboo Forest
  • Take a leisurely stroll among the towering bamboo groves and soak in the tranquil vibes of the forest

#HHWT Tip: If you get there early enough in the morning, there’ll be less people about and you’ll get to take a clear photo without the crowds!

Hop on a train ride of a lifetime

Credit: Klook

  • Book your Sagano Romantic Train ticket on Klook for easy pick up from central Osaka before you head over to Kyoto
Lunch at Yoshiya Arashiyama
  • Dine with a view at Yoshiya Arashiyama and order hala washoku (traditional Japanese dishes) from their Muslim-friendly menu

Stroll along Kamo River before taking a coffee break
  • Take a break from the touristy side of Kyoto and sit by the picturesque Kamo River
  • Treat yourself to a cuppa at % Arabica Kyoto

Credit: @amber820414 on Instagram

Time to head home 😢
  • Say sayonara to Kyoto and take the shinkansen back to Tokyo using your JR Pass (the journey takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes)

Dinner at Narita Airport
  • Have one last meal at La Toque, which serves yummy Japanese curry!  From chicken cutlet curry to salmon curry, you’ll definitely find a dish that you’ll love here.


Category Recommended products Cost Total
General JR Pass $338 $380
4G WiFi ($6/per day) $42
Tokyo Disneyland Ticket $90 $315


Kimono Experience (Asakusa) $144
Rickshaw Tour (Asakusa) $52
Subway Ticket (3 Days) $19
Osaka USJ E Ticket $92 $234


USJ Express Pass $66
USJ VIP Wristband $36
Amazing Pass $40
Kyoto ICOCA IC Card $26 $43


Sagano Train $17
HHWT’s Review of Klook

Booking our attraction tickets and transportation passes on Klook for our Japan trip was simple and fuss-free! We were able to get instant tickets for popular attractions like Universal Studios Japan (including express passes!) and Tokyo Disneyland so we didn’t have to worry that the tickets would run out when we reached the park. Plus, we were able to skip the ticketing queues and go straight to the entrance queues so we could save more time. We really like how the bookings are all available on the Klook mobile app so remember to download the Klook app before you leave for your vacay!

However, we highly recommend that you read through the descriptions of all your bookings carefully as we purchased a 4G WiFi device for our trip without realizing that we selected the option with the 7GB data package! It would have been better if the data package was reflected in the product title. So if you can’t travel without unlimited data like us, please choose the unlimited data option for the 4G WiFi device!

And that concludes Suzana and Elaine’s 7 day adventure around Japan! They wouldn’t have been able to cover 3 cities in just a week without the JP Rail Pass, travelling from city to city aboard the shinkansen really helped to both cut down on costs and speed up their journey. Now, who says that you can’t conquer Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in 7 days? 😉

#HHWT Tip: Pack your trip with as many activities and attractions as possible to maximize your time there, and use these promo codes to get discounts off your purchases on Klook: TRAVELHHWT (SGD5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR50,000 off).

P.S. It’s the Sakura season and Klook is having amazing promo deals! So plan your great Japan adventure using the codes below! 🌸

  • Singapore: S$15/S$35 off with KLOOKGSS15 or KLOOKGSS35
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  • Indonesia: 12% off with BLOOM250
  • Philippines: P1500 off with BLOSSOM1500

Do note that terms and conditions apply!

This article was brought to you by Klook.


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    Greetings, Thank you very much for this detailed itinerary. Your team is doing a great job in providing us information to plan our trips! Appreciated! My wife, myself and 2 kids plan to do a Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka trip and split it by 4 nights Kyoto, 2N Osaka and 2N Tokyo a bit similar to what you seem to have done. However, I read online that Kyoto and Osaka are just 45 mins apart and we could just base ourselves at Kyoto and explore Osaka as a day trip without having to shift hotels. Would that be feasible using JR pass and would you recommend that method OR would it be too rushed and an Osaka stay is recommended? Will we be able to catch the dotonbori night scene and still board trains to return to Kyoto?
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      Hi Rahman! Thank you for reaching out to us! :) Kyoto and Osaka are indeed located really close to one another and it takes a relatively short period of time to travel to and fro these two places (less than 30 minutes train ride). It is definitely feasible to base yourself in Kyoto. However, we would recommend staying in Osaka and travel to Kyoto in the morning instead as Osaka is more convenient and there are more things to do over there at night since the shops in Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori opens until pretty late at night. Hope it helps! :)
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    I’m completely sold on coming to Japan with my 3 kids after reading this article. Thanks so so much. My only concern is that my kids may find it unpleasantly cold in December, the lowest temperatures that they are used to in winter is 10 C. What are your thoughts? I could always wait for warmer weather, but I’m so excited!
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      Hi Salwa! We're really glad that you found inspiration in our article. :) Japan is indeed pretty cold in December and it gets really windy from time to time, making it even colder. However, it really depends on how tolerant your kids are towards cold weather. You might want to consider getting heat packs and warmer coats to keep yourselves warm. Alternatively, you might want to consider visiting Japan in spring as the weather would be warmer and there is a chance that you'd get to see the cherry blossoms if you plan your trip during that period! Hope it helps. :)
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      Hi Angela! Thank you for your comment. The JR pass is a pass that allows you to take most trains covered by the JR company (i.e. bullet trains, express, local trains, etc.). You pay a fixed price for this pass. ICOCA/IC Cards, on the other hand, is just an electronic train ticket. You have to top up money as you go. For Osaka to Kyoto, since they're relatively near, the fare is not exactly expensive. It would be more cost efficient if you pay as you go via the Icoca. Hope it clarifies!😊
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    Hello, my family and I, 7 of us are planning to to to japan this December and we love this itinerary! It covers all the places we want to visit. Just want to ask if you can help us extend the tour/trip to Kobe as well. we are looking at 2 nights additional in Kobe. Do you have recommendations? Can you include going to the factory outlet and the sports outlet place in Kobe?
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      Hi Aishah! Thank you for reaching out to us.😊 Unfortunately, we're not a travel agency and do not currently have any travel agent partners from Japan. This article is meant to serve as a guide for travellers who are planning to visit Japan on their own. Really sorry about it!😞
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      Hi Elluny! Thank you for reaching out to us.😊 It really depends on your objective. If you're looking for convenience and ease, a private tour would definitely be the easiest as you do not have to worry about planning, transport and looking for food since everything has been done by the tour company. However, by travelling with a tour group, you would not have the freedom to choose the places that you want to visit. We would advise you to consider the objective of the trip and decide accordingly. Hope it helps!☺️
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      Hi Nazeerah! There are several vegetarian restaurants around Nara that you might want to consider dining at. Do check out Ashura Vegetarian Restaurant and Kinatei Restaurant! We also have an article on Nara that you might find useful - Hope it helps! :)
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    Thank you for this itinerary!! And thank you for the halal reference. I'm planning to go to Japan next year (June or December) and i'm going to visit these places,(especially Disneyland/Disney Sea and Universal Studio!!!). This itinerary is really help me. One question: Is it safe for me to go as a solo traveler to Japan? Thank you.
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      Hi Inka! Thank you so much for your support! We're really glad that you found our itinerary helpful! Japan is definitely one of the safest countries for solo travellers and I've personally been there on solo trips a couple of time!😊 However, it is still important to exercise caution even if the country itself is generally safe. Do keep a lookout for suspicious behaviour and try not to stay out too late! Japan is definitely one of my favourite countries and I hope you'd enjoy it as much as I do. Have an amazing trip ahead!😊
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    Hi. I'm planning on arriving into Tokyo and flying out from Osaka. Do you think buying JR Pass is worth it or should I just buy a one way ticket from Tokyo to Osaka?
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      Hi Belle. Thanks for reaching out. It's definitely worth getting a JR Pass as a one-way ticket from Tokyo to Osaka can be pretty expensive. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you girls for the helpful blog! I will be visiting Osaka next month for the first time. I wonder if it's better to stay in Osaka first or Kyoto first? Our returning flight is from KIX at 11 in morning.. we have about 6 days in Japan
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      Hi Elise! Thank you so much for your support; we're so glad we could help you with your plans!😊 I lived in Osaka last year and found it to be a really good place to stay because Kyoto and other cities like Kobe and Nara were just a minimum of one hour's ride away. So if you'd like to remain in Osaka throughout the 6 days, it's possible! However, if you'd like to experience staying in Kyoto, I would suggest staying in Kyoto first for a few days, and then going to Osaka so that you won't have to wake up too early to travel to KIX. Hope you'll find this useful!
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        Hi Nabillah, to ride on this. Can 1 stay in Kyoto but do a day trip to Osaka? Is that feasible? i mean ill be with a toddler and i would like to know if its alright for a day trip instead considering we will have more to cover in Kyoto than Osaka. Thanks!
      • Avatar
        Hi Naz! It is definitely possible for a day trip to Osaka from Kyoto! The train ride between Kyoto and Osaka is relatively short as they pretty close to each other. :)
    • Avatar
      Hi Sharynn! Aw, that sounds like a fun trip! No worries, the itinerary is definitely doable with children, especially to places like Disneyland and USJ! 😊 However, places like Tsukiji Market and Nishiki Market tend to be really crowded, so do visit these places early to beat the crowd! Also, from my experience in Japan, there's a lot of walking to do to and from places, so you may want to take breaks on the way so that your children will not feel too tired from walking! Hope this helps with your planning! 😊
  • Avatar
    I've been thinking of Japan since early Jan. Now that i've read HHWT itinerary it made me more excited to visit Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo :) is Hogwart inside USJ or another theme park. Will it be cold in December? 
    • Avatar
      Hi Imah! Thank you for your comment! Japan really is a nice place to visit - I was there for a 6-month exchange last year. Hogwarts is inside USJ so you don't have to purchase tickets to a separate theme park 😊 And yes, it will be cold in December with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 13°C. The key is to always have a scarf, beanie and gloves with you in case the wind picks up and it gets too cold! Hope this helps ❤️
  • Avatar
    Thanks for the wonderful tips! We're planning on visiting Kyoto and Osaka in late March this year, hoping to catch the blossoms. Is it worth to purchase the JR pass?
    • Avatar
      Hi Fathlia! Sounds like it'll be an amazing trip 😉 If you're planning to travel frequently between cities, the JR Pass will be useful. If you're travelling more in one city, then the local subway passes will be enough. Hope that helps!
    • Avatar
      Hi Huiyen! If you aren't doing much intercity travelling, we'd recommend purchasing the transportation passes for the individual cities you're visiting. The JR Pass is more for those who intend to cover multiple cities in one trip :) Hope this clarifies!
  • Avatar
    I practically will do all except the DisneyLand (or maybe USJ just because it's too expensive for a budget traveller for me lol). But anyway thank you on restaurant recommendation especially!
  • Avatar
    this itinerary looks so funnn to do!! do you have any advice when's the best time (month) to go to Japan? i was looking at August this year, but i heard August can be pretty humid and hot + the typhoon season?? :(
    • Avatar
      Hi Syafiqah! Thanks so much for reading the article :) Hmm, either in Spring (April onwards) or Autumn (Oct onwards) would be best! The weather's pretty cooling during these two seasons, plus you can't miss the stunning sight of blooming flowers/falling leaves in Japan!
    • Avatar
      Hello Imran! I would recommend starting off with Tokyo, then Osaka and making Kyoto your last stop as this helps you maximise your time in Japan fully! However, it is still possible to start with Kyoto and Osaka 😊 In this case, I suggest starting from Osaka, then going to Kyoto and ending off in Tokyo. Hope this helps!
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    if we have already purchase the JR pass (planning to visit Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo) , do we need to still purchase the Osaka Amazing Pass (Since we are not really into going to a lot of sightseeing spot)? Thank you in advance!
    • Avatar
      Hi Marly! Thanks for reaching out :) If you're not into attractions that much, then the Amazing Pass isn't necessary :) You can also use the JR pass for some lines in both cities too. Hope this helps! :)
    • Hello Fauziah, apologies for the late reply! To be very honest, 7D was a little bit of a rush for us to fit in three cities, so 6 days might be too packed as well. We would advise to consider sticking to either just Osaka/Kyoto, or Tokyo and surroundings if you only have 6 days to spare. But of course, it really determines on your itinerary and interests as well, if you're not planning to visit any theme parks (Disney parks and Universal Studios) you might be able to make it work!
    • Avatar
      Hi Mazlina! That's the perfect time to visit and catch the cherry blossoms 😍 It isn't a must to buy the JR Pass if you're planning to go to Tokyo and Osaka only. You can simply buy a shinkansen or plane ticket, or if you're going for budget, you can take an overnight bus! However, I highly recommend getting a JR Pass if you'd like to travel to more prefectures in Japan! There are so many pretty things to see 😊
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