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7 Reasons Why Korea is Quirky And We LOVE It


Have Halal Will Travel •  Sep 02, 2015


Korea, Korea, Korea!

Gorgeous k-pop stars, awesome shopping spots and an insane devotion to cosmetic surgery.

kim soo hyun finger heart

But apart from these, Korea is a really intriguing country when it comes to tourists destinations and trends.

Warning: Some of these quirks may be a little bizarre but that's why we love Korea right?

1) Admire the crazy things they do when taking photos.

HHWT Korea Crazy Things Finger Hearts

When we say 'do the finger sign', it really doesn't mean what you think it does.

Koreans are pretty known for their crazy fads. (Case in point - the 'Gwiyomi' fad) So say hello to the latest photo taking 'finger hearts' sign. You see, it’s intended to resemble the heart sign, but all we hear is the sound of… … “ka-ching, ka-ching”.

But well, when in Korea, do what the Koreans do! So you know what to do the next time you visit Korea and take those selfies!

P.S. While we're writing this, a new fad is popping up... We'll leave you to marvel at Koreans' creativity. 

heart fringe
2) You get to wear couple outfits and nobody will judge.

Going to Korea with your significant other? Time to pull out your couple wear! Koreans are not the least bit ashamed of walking down the streets in matching couple wear. In fact, they love it! It seems to be a must-do for every Korean couple, especially if you're visiting Lotte World. Most people might find it cheesy but if you’re a secret fan of couple wear, Korea’s your chance to let loose and reignite your desire to own couple outfits with your other half! ;)

3) All hail Queen Ajummas!

Those visors might as well be their crowns— Ajummas are seen wearing them all the time, on top of flowery pants and brightly coloured jackets! You might have heard about their notorious and tyrannical ways by now... We can only warn you not to step on their toes or be offended, should you be violently shoved away by one of them on the streets or subway.


With all that said, we still love these ahjummas. After all, under that fierce exterior, we're sure they're really soft hearted on the inside :P Plus, they make some killer kimchi :P

4) What is censorship at this sex-themed park? (Jeju Island Love Park)
kotaku (NSFW)

Warning: Explicit Content everywhere!

As harmless as a ‘Love Park’ may sound, this park is in fact full of sex-inspired sculptures that surpass your imagination. And thanks to a group of graduates from Hongik University, the park has 140 sex-related sculptures in the park.

jeju love land 2
kotaku (NSFW)

Though starkly unusual and provocative, many tourists do visit the Love Park to pose and take photos with the art works. 

5) The Koreans really appreciate their toilets. (Mr. Toilet House in Suwon)

toilet theme park suwon korea

Now, something a little milder.

As if there are not enough bizarre parks in Korea already, there is another park that seems to be obsessed with toilets and the art of human excretions. 

This toilet-themed park was created in memory of a noble vision of improving South Korea’s toilet conditions, as well as the parent of this vision, Mr. Sim Jae-duck, founder of the World Toilet Association (a.k.a Mr. Toilet).

thinker toilet theme park korea

If you're looking for a more family-friendly bizarre theme park, how about adding this to your itinerary? :P

P.S. Don't forget to check out the 'poop cafe' at Insadong, in our Muslim-Friendly travel guide to Insadong! No, they don't actually sell poop.

6) Eating live octopuses is a way of life.

Don't worry, you can also get other types of cooked seafood at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market!

7) Get “mud-pied” in the name of fun and health.
boryeong mud festival

We know what you're thinking... getting mud ALL OVER your body?!?!?!

Well, if it’s mud from Boryeong, then YES PLEASE! We’d love to be covered in mud from head to toe because Boryeong mud is full of minerals and has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to the body. So you want flawless skin like the Koreans? Head down to the Mud Festival and pile on the mud!

TheBoryeong Mud Festival happens once a year and millions of tourists and locals take part in it to smother themselves in thick, muddy goodnesswith mud massage programs and mud wrestling contests!

Bonus: Still need a reason to love Korea? Well, they also happen to have reaaaally cute babies.

korean triplets

Let us know what YOU love about Korea! Share it with us by dropping us a comment! (And of course, we strongly encourage you to visit Korea and experience some of the madness yourselves.)