With its stunning natural landscapes, glittering cities and an abundance of halal food readily available, Malaysia is quickly becoming a dream destination for Muslim travellers from all over the world. To make things even better, the country is also very family-friendly, with a multitude of hotels and resorts offering a wide range of activities and facilities that are catered just for kids!

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From built-in theme parks, babysitting services, themed rooms and kids clubs, we’ve prepared a list of the Top 7 Kid-Friendly Resorts in Malaysia that will help make your family vacation a totally hassle-free experience 😍.

1. Legoland, Johor Bahru.

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First on our list is the wonderfully colourful Legoland Malaysia Resort, which also happens to be the first Legoland Resort in Asia. Located in Medini, Nusajaya, Johor, the resort comes with a family-friendly restaurant, an arcade, themed lifts and an elaborately decorated themed play area for the children. Almost any child would crow in delight at the prospect of coming here for vacation and the rather remarkable sight of Lego knights standing sentry as a giant green dragon guards the entrance to the hotel will surely leave a lasting impression 🐉.

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And if that’s not cool enough, the hotel even comes with intricately decorated themed rooms! You’ll get to choose from the three popular LEGO themes; Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure. There’s even a separate sleeping area for the kids, fully decked out with bunk beds and complimentary LEGO bricks so that the whole family can enjoy creating their own Lego marvels 🤩! Additionally, if you’re feeling a little peckish, Legoland Malaysia has assured that all food sold on the premises are Halal-certified (and yes, that includes all of their restaurants, like the Brick Cafe, Beach Grill, and Asian Deli!)

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To top it all off, not only does Legoland come with its own theme park, (featuring some pretty famous rides and Lego movie attractions), there’s also an amazing water park and Miniland (where you can find true-to-life miniature versions of Asia’s most beloved landmarks) to consider too! In any case, your kids will definitely enjoy themselves thoroughly here 😉!

Address: 7, Jalan Legoland, Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.
Price: From USD 171/night
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2. Club Med – Cherating, Pahang

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Next on our list is the illustrious Club Med Cherating, the third largest Club Med resort in the world and the largest one in Asia. Located in Pahang, this all-inclusive, tropical beach resort serves halal-food at its restaurant while also offering top-notch facilities and exciting activities for both children and adults of all ages 👌.

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The Family Resort goes to great length to provide an easy and hassle-free experience for all its guests; even going so far to allow children under the age of 4 years old to stay at the resort free of charge! Additionally, they also organise fun-filled activities for children aged 2 to 17 years old. Some of which include things like water games, cooking classes, archery, fashion shows, and so much more 😍.

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To top it all off, the Club Med Cherating also has competent Gracious Organisers (known as G.O.s) who are qualified childcare providers that will help to take care of babies under 2 years so that the adults can have a relaxing, childfree evening while the kids get to enjoy an impromptu party of their own! 😁

Address: Hvom 29th miles Jalan Kuantan -Kemaman Pahang Darul Makmur, Jalan Kuantan Sungai Lembing, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang
Price: From USD 287/night
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3. Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Hotel – Ipoh

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If you want an action packed yet wholesome family adventure, then you’ll probably enjoy staying at the Sunway Lost World Of Tambun Hotel. Located in Ipoh, Perak, this hidden gem of a hotel, theme park and hot spring is surrounded by lush greenery and stunning limestone features that are approximately 400 million years of age. The choice of décor also helps the Lost World of Tambun to live up to its name; giving off a sort of ‘Indiana Jones’ vibe that young adventurers would surely love 😎.

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As for the hotel rooms, depending on your preference, you can choose from a selection of rooms, ranging from Classical, Exotic, Deluxe Suites and Premier Suites. A majority of these room face the theme park so your kids will always have something fun to wake up to every morning! The best part is, all the food served in the hotel are halal-certified so you don’t have to worry about ordering up some room service.

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Most importantly, the resort also offers a wide range of activities for both parents and their kids, ranging from splashing around in the waterpark, to exciting eco- adventure thrills. There’s even a petting zoo where you can experience some pretty close encounters with a wide range of animals, like zebras, snakes, fennec foxes, and racoons just to name a few!

Address: 32-20, Jalan Sci 3/13, Sunway City, 31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak.
Price: From USD 54/night
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4. Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa – Selangor

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If you wind up in Kuala Lumpur, one of the must visit attractions is definitely Sunway Lagoon; the ultimate Malaysian theme park that’s home to over 90 different attractions and 6 adventure zones (comprised of the Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park & Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon). This multiple award-winning theme park is also home to Malaysia’s first bungee jump, Malaysia’s first surf simulator, the world’s first Waterplexx 5D and the world’s largest water ride – the Vuvuzela. This theme park will definitely keep your children (and even yourself!) occupied and in a constant state of awe 🤯.

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Due to all these factors, staying at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa is the obvious choice because you’ll be able to bring your family to the theme park at any time of the day without much hassle. The hotel itself features 468 Premier guestrooms, suites, and pool villas. To keep your kids feeling hyped up, you can even opt for a room with an unimpeded view of the Sunway Lagoon theme park. Foodwise, the hotel serves halal-certified meals and is also located right Sunway Pyramid Mall; another place for you to explore that also houses some pretty great halal restaurants! 🤩

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If you don’t much fancy braving the crowd at the theme park, you can always have fun with your kids in the massive, free-form landscaped swimming pool that the hotel provides! To top it all off, if you’re feeling drained and need a little ‘Me time’ away from the kids, the hotel also has babysitting and childcare services 🙌.

Address: Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Price: From USD 84/night
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5. Four Seasons Resort – Langkawi

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Tucked away within a UNESCO World Geopark in Langkawi is the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort. With a 1.8km stretch of private beach along the Andaman coast and versatile three-bedroom villas, the place is perfect for a relaxing family-oriented retreat 👪.

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You can opt to stay in either the airy villas or the pavilions; both types of accommodation featuring bold blue accents, original artworks, unique objets d’art, revived teak floors and antique mirror inlays; giving them a fresh and stylish feel. Visually, the rooms are stunning and give off a calming vibe that can put even the most restless person at ease. Combined with the fact that they also come with a stunning view of the beach, both you and your kids will be set for a relaxing, fun in the sun experience! Another plus point is that the Four Season also offers halal certified meals, babysitting services and complimentary children’s amenities (like adorable child-size bathrobes and even toys 😍).

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If playing by the beach while enjoying the spectacular views the resort has to offer isn’t enough for your children, then they will definitely find solace in the Kids for All Seasons program 😊. With plenty of immersive activities such as rock climbing, kids’ yoga, batik painting, archery and even an educational Mangroves and Monkeys safari, your children will definitely have a great time!

Address: Jalan Tanjung Rhu, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Prices: From USD 382/night
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6. Berjaya Tioman Resorts – Pulau Tioman

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Berjaya Tioman Resort is the largest hotel on Pulau Tioman, and spans about 200-acres with a spacious beachfront and lush jungles that surrounds the western edge of Tekek Village. If your family is an exceptionally sporty one, then you’ll definitely enjoy the wide range of exciting recreational activities that the resort has to offer! 😉

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Featuring traditional Malaysian-styled architecture, bask in the spectacular view of the sea from the comforts of the Seaview chalets and suites. These cosy hideaways will appease your desires for peace and comfort while providing your child with ample room to run around and enjoy the fresh air, sparkling waters and a range of fun, child-friendly activities.

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From tennis to beach volleyball, basketball to cycling, snorkelling to kayaking, and so much more, you and the kids will have plenty to do at the Tioman Resort. For even more fun filled adventures, you can even head out on a glass-bottom boat to view some of the unique marine wildlife, and even go island hopping 😍! In addition, the resort also serves halal certified foods and comes equipped with babysitting services upon your request.

Address: Berjaya Tioman Resort, Box 4, 86807 Mersing, Johor
Prices: From USD 76/night
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7. The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort – Redang Island

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Last on our list (but certainly not the least!) is the gorgeous Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. Located just off the coast of Kuala Terengganu in Redang Island is an enchanting resort that can be summed up in just two words; ‘Island Paradise’. Surrounded by tropical forests, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, the Taaras Beach Resort offers a contemporary luxury experience that is simply to die for! 😎

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The resort itself houses 190 super stylish suites and rooms, not to mention there’s even a stunning five-bedroom Private Villa perched high atop a cliff that overlooks the ocean and the rest of the resort below. To make matters more interesting, the villa even comes with its own infinity swimming pool, breakfast chef, butler and security! 🤯

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As for some of the activities, you can take it easy by doing some sunbathing or lounging by the spectacular pool. If your kids find that a little too boring though, there are plenty of other recreational activities that will tickle their fancy; like jungle trekking, beach volleyball, island hopping, boogie boarding, parasailing or even windsurfing for example 🏄! For those kids who aren’t much of a fan of the outdoors, not to worry! The resort also comes equipped with some cool indoor activities too; such as cooking classes, indoor board games and even a visual gaming room. Lastly, the resort has also assured guests that the food served in its restaurant is Halal-certified! Which is great news, considering that the nearest restaurant outside of the hotel is a literal boat ride away! 😆

Address: C-O Lot GL-04 Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud, Redang Island
Prices: From USD 161
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And that concludes our list of the Top 7 Kid-Friendly Resorts in Malaysia! In conclusion, depending on what and where your interests lay in, all these places would make excellent potential vacation spots for your next family tip! They’re super accommodating, have excellent facilities and are jammed packed with fun activities that will have both you and your kids entertained and occupied for days on end! 😆


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