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7 Halal Korean Dishes Everyone Has To Try At Eid Restaurant in Seoul


Fazillah •  Jan 25, 2016


If you’ve been planning and saving up for your trip to Seoul then you probably have Eid Restaurant on your list of halal restaurants to visit. If this is your first time encountering Eid Restaurant, it can easily be introduced as the first halal Korean Restaurant in Seoul to receive the certification from KMF. Owned by Korean Muslims, you’ll be sure to taste the most authentic halal Korean dishes you can find! [Check out: 6 Things You Must Do On Your First Visit to Seoul]
Credit: onehallyu To prepare you for your visit, let us introduce some of the iconic dishes you can try at Eid Restaurant.

1. Beef Bulgogi

Credit: @yatie311 Beef Bulgogi is one the first dishes people think of when Korea is mentioned. This is the most ordered dish at Eid Restaurant. Made with Halal Beef from Australia, Eid ensures that their Bulgogi is homemade with no pre-packaged sauces or MSG added. This slightly sweet dish is child friendly and is not spicy. The beef gets its rich flavour from its marinade. The final product is served with onions and mushrooms. Occasionally, the dish comes with a bowl of soup. Cost: W10,000 [Also read: 7 Halal Korean Restaurants You Must Visit At Least Once]

2. Haemul Deop bap

Credit: @zett.ariff
This seafood stir fry is one of the newly added items on their menu. It is made with squid, mussels, mushrooms and vegetables in a thick sesame-rich sauce. It reminds me a little of the ‘Hor Fun’ (chinese rice noodles in a thick gravy) dishes sold in Singapore. This is another dish that is child friendly, not spicy and cost worthy. Cost: W8,000

3. Jjimdak (Braised Chicken in Sweet Spicy Sauce)

Ever heard of the famous ‘Andong Jjimdak’? Jjimdak basically spells out to mean steamed chicken. It is one of the most flavourful dishes you can try. Covered in sweet and spicy sauce, Jjimdak will set your mouth watering for more. At Eid, Jjimdak is served with the Korean Rice Cake, ‘Ddeok’ (yup just like the ones in ddeokbokki). You will also get the usual bowl of rice. Cost: W12,000

4. Jja jang bap

Credit: @nazihakhan Finally, after watching so many dramas with Jja jang myeon, you get to try a Halal version! Traditionally Jja Jang is prepared with vegetables and beef or pork. At Eid, the Jja jang bap (Black bean sauce with rice) is prepared with chicken instead. I must say Jja Jang is a taste one needs to acquire. I recommend it to be ordered as a dish to be shared with friends. If you want to try it with noodles, you could try calling the restaurant before you come to ask if they are able to prepare it. Cost: W8,000

5. Samgyetang

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Samgyetang - 12,000 won
Samgyetang - 12,000 won[/caption] Credit: Eid Restaurant Facebook During the summer, Samgyetang is a popular dish. It gets its name from the ingredients: ginseng, and chicken. Ginseng in Korean is ‘Insam’ and ‘gye’ means ‘chicken’ using the Chinese character and therefore ‘tang’ means soup. Koreans have this soup during the summer as they believe this soup will let out toxins as you perspire with the help of the ginseng. At Eid restaurant, Samgyetang is prepared with half of a chicken and the serving can almost feed 2 people. Traditionally this dish is made with a small sized chicken with rice stuffed in it. However, among the halal chicken that is sold in Korea, only big ones are available. Therefore, Eid prepares it a little differently. Cost: W12,000

6. Galbitang

Credit: @olaborasong One of the most difficult dishes to prepare as it takes close to a day or preparation before the beef can be sent to the restaurant to be ready, Galbitang is made with radish, kelp, and green onion along with beef ribs. This short rib soup will pack a punch. It is accompanied with a slightly spicy dipping sauce. I definitely recommend this one during the winter. Cost: W12,000

7. Pre-order special Korean dishes

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Ddeokbokki is a must try![/caption] You can also pre order special Korean dishes like pajeon, haemul paejeon (Korean seafood pancake), ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake) and japchae (stir fry vegetables) if you call the restaurant beforehand. However, do note that this is up to availability.
Best thing about Eid
One of my favourite things about Eid is that you get free refills of soups, rice and side dishes. Side dishes include the given kimchi, salad and either fried anchovies (most popular) or beans in soy sauce. Bonus: Eid restaurant occasionally serves free traditional Korean tea after your meal. These teas include Yuzu, Peach, ‘Ohmija’, plum and even ginger tea. However, it depends from day to day. In addition, following Korean culture it is not polite to ask. If you have visited Eid, feel free to upload your picture with #eidrestaurant and #havehalalwilltravel :P They will more than grateful to know you’ve enjoyed their cooking and we'll love to see what you think of the food! [caption id="attachment_4759" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Entrance of the restaurant[/caption] One downside would be that it is quite difficult to get to the restaurant as it is located on a hill. If you decide to have your meals at Eid every day, it would be challenging for older visitors to visit the restaurant by foot. However, the restaurant is very near the Seoul Central Mosque. It’s the perfect location for you to sight see and then have a meal. [Also read: #HHWT's Guide to Itaewon - Seoul Central Mosque and halal Korean food] As the restaurant can only hold around 20 people, it would be best to call beforehand and make a reservation if you’re thinking of coming in a large group. Should the restaurant be full when you arrive, you can try ordering take out. For large orders, Eid provides delivery and catering services as well. [caption id="attachment_5184" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Eid's dosiraks![/caption] Address: 67, Usadan-ro 10-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul How to get there: Visit their Facebook page for detailed directions! Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:30 am - 9:00 pm Contact: To contact them, you can try messaging them on Facebook or calling: +82 070 8899 8210 Hope our guide to the dishes at Eid Restaurant has gotten you all hyped up for your Korea trip, and maybe even inspire you to visit Korea ;)