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7 Halal & Authentic Chinese Dishes You Have To Try At The Home Of Seafood


Have Halal Will Travel •  Jan 25, 2017


If you've been searching for authentic Chinese seafood, but can't seem to find one which is halal - this one's for you! Home of Seafood, in partnership with the renowned House of Seafood, serves a wide variety of halal authentic Chinese seafood. It's nestled in the heart of Joo Chiat and might look like any other restaurant from the outside, but don't let its simple exterior fool you! The food served coupled with the amazing service and hospitality of the staff will make you forget about any other seafood place you've tried before, and convince you that this is the place to go for halal seafood?
Credit: giphy Before you pick up the phone to make a reservation, here are some of the must try dishes at the restaurant!

1. Award Winning Chilli Crab & Man Tou
Crabs are often the main stars of a seafood restaurant, and the crabs served at Home of Seafood are no different especially when the dish has bagged so many awards for itself. Coated in thick, sweet chilli sauce, the crabs have just the right tinge of spiciness to it. And to top it off, it was accompanied by a plate of fried buns (man tou) which were tasty on its own, but even better when dipped into the smoking hot chilli sauce ? [caption id="attachment_17275" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Look at that chilli goodness![/caption] Amazing as the sauce and buns might be, we haven't reached the best part of the dish yet - the crab's flesh! The crabs served were filled with tantalizing, fresh and juicy flesh that will leave you sinking in your seats at the very taste of it.
If crab is your favourite seafood, but chilli sauce isn't - consider going for the black pepper crab. It's bound to taste as good as the chilli crab as it's also one of the restaurant's award winning dishes☺️
2. Wok-Fried Cereal Prawn
Sweet, succulent, crunchy - the enormous prawns were fried to perfection and topped with a heap of fragrant crispy cereal which made the perfect companion for the prawns. If you're staying away from the prawns for fear that they are hard to peel, you'd be delighted to know that it was a breeze de-shelling the prawns! But that is only if you decide to eat the prawns without their shells.
The prawns here are so crispy that even if you don't fancy eating prawn shells, this dish might make you a convert?
3. Braised "Shark's Fin" With Fresh Crab Meat
For those who are appalled that shark's fin soup is served at a halal restaurant, we assure you that no sharks were involved in the making of this delicious dish? Served warm, the broth was a thick and rich concoction, with bits of fresh crab meat and chewy egg whites -  just the comfort food you need after a long day? This delectable soup will be the perfect start for your meal at Home of Seafood!
4. Sautéed Fresh Scallops With Broccoli
Don't let the simplicity of this next dish fool you! One of our favourite side dishes, the fresh scallops were seasoned well and sautéed nicely. Unlike most overcooked scallops, they weren't too rubbery or chewy. But we'd have to say, for us, the star of the dish was the vegetables, especially the broccoli! With such complementary flavours all in one bite, there's no denying how it's one of the best selling dishes at the restaurant!
#HHWT Tip: This dish is usually served with seasonal vegetables so do check with your waiter before ordering!
5. Hong Kong Styled Steamed Red Grouper With Soya Sauce
Finding halal Hong Kong styled cuisine in Singapore can be pretty hard. And there's no better dish that truly represents Chinese cuisine than steamed fish with soya sauce!
The fish was so tender, the meat practically fell off the bone! The natural sweet flavour of the fish meat seeped through so there was no real need for any excessive seasoning or garnishing. The steaming process also locked in and intensified the flavours of the fresh flesh.
Served with sweet and salty soy sauce, this delectable dish is definitely a must try for any fish lover!
6. Abalone With Chinese Mushroom
A type of sea snail, abalone is a delicacy in most Chinese meals, especially during Chinese New Year! Abalone can also be quite pricey, since harvesting it is very labour intensive.
Texture-wise, it's a mixture between a scallop and squid. The pieces of abalone were firm and chewy, with a slightly salty aftertaste thanks to the salt water in which it lives.
Oh and did you know that abalone means surplus in Mandarin, which symbolises prosperity?✨
BONUS: Yusheng
What's a Chinese New Year dinner without yusheng? If you're not very sure what Yusheng is, it's a Teochew-styled raw salad. The yusheng served at Home of Seafood consists of strips of abalone, white radish, red and green capsicums, carrots and pickled ginger, to name a few.
The raw vegetables are served with crushed peanuts and toasted sesame seeds, alongside a bowl of plum sauce and peanut oil. The two bowls are poured all over the dish instead of just one spot, after which, it's seasoned with pepper and cinnamon powder  The dish is then topped with golden, crunchy crackers. According to Chinese beliefs, each ingredient has a specific meaning to it, for example, the crackers symbolise great wealth and the shredded carrots represent good luck!
As part of their special CNY menu, the Home of Seafood graciously served us halal yusheng for our team dinner and (extremely messy?) lou hei, which means Prosperity Toss! True to its name, it's said to bring luck and prosperity to everyone at the dining table. But be prepared to have bits of shredded vegetables and dollops of sauce flying everywhere as you lou hei the night away? [caption id="attachment_17310" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Things got a little messy?[/caption] To find authentic and halal Chinese food in Singapore is always a blessing, plus delicious food is one of few things that brings everyone together? So call your friends or loved ones and book a table at the Home of Seafood now! Address: 1 Joo Chiat Place Operating hours: Mon - Fri; Lunch (11am - 2pm), Dinner (5pm - 11pm), Sat - Sun, Public Holidays; Lunch (11am - 3pm), Dinner (5pm - 11pm) Contact: +65 6442 5180 | Website | Facebook