7 Epic Getaways In Southeast Asia For Weekend Vacay (Under RM1200)


Iyesha Maria •  May 30, 2023

Southeast Asia is an amazing destination with plenty of affordable places, and we mean AFFORDABLE! We have compiled a number of activities and accommodations to do for a 3D2N vacation under RM1200 in seven different awesome locations. And FYI, we've calculated each accommodation for 2 nights (1 room) and for 2 persons, so you don't have to recalculate all the numbers again/ And now onwards to our budget-friendly trips!

*Note some prices are seasonal and are subject to change (such as exchange rates and hotel rates).

1. Hanoi, Vietnam


Enjoy a Water Puppet Show  
Credit: Michael Coghlan on Flicker

One of the most popular attractions in Hanoi, a modern theatre puppet show performed in a pool of water as a stage at Thang Long Theatre. You'll get to enjoy 17 short sketches of folk tales and legends such as Vietnamese ancient life, agricultural harvests and mythical dances. The performance is also accompanied by a magnificent Vietnamese orchestra.

#HHWT tip: Book your tickets early since the show tends to sell out fast.

Price: Starts at VND60 000 or RM12 (there is an additional fee to photograph or film the show)

Address: 57B Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Showtimes: Daily 3pm, 4.10pm, 5.20pm, 6.30pm & 8pm


Explore the vibrant Night Market

Credit: @food_travel_life_karen on Instagram

The Hanoi weekend night market is popular among locals and tourist for its busy and lively atmosphere. Browse through market items such as handicrafts, clothes, accessories, shoes and souvenirs. With a starting price of VND10 000 (RM3), it is definitely a bargain. Enjoy performances by locals in traditional outfits accompanied by traditional music too! 

Price: Free (items start from RM3 onwards)

Address: Hàng Đào, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Operating hours: Friday to Sunday 6pm - 12am

Visit the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh

Credit: @nining_wahyoe on Instagram

An important historical site for Vietnam! This impressive structure surrounded a scenic garden is the final resting place of Vietnam's most iconic leader, Ho Chi Minh. His body is embalmed and preserved for display at the mausoleum. Ba Dinh Square, in front of the mausoleum, was where President Ho declared the independence of Vietname in 1945. If you're lucky you'll also get to see the changing of guards that rivals that of Buckingham Palace!

HHWT tip: Visitors' attires need to cover shoulders and knees to enter the building and photography is not allowed inside.

Price: Free Address: 2 Hùng Vương, Điện Bàn, Ba Đình, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Operating hours:  Tuesday to Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 8am - 5.15pm Monday 8am - 11am


Take a free walking tour

Credit: @jessie.leung on Instagram

The most important aspect of a budget trip is to take advantage of all the free touristy offers - like this free walking tour! The free walking tour is run by a group of the local university students who provide half day and full day tours. The tours range from the Military Museum, French Quarters, Government Guesthouse, Opera House, street markets and more! 

Price: Free Website

Drop by the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Credit: @goatrave on Instagram One of Vietnam's UNESCO sites, the Imperial Citadel served as the capital of Vietnam for eight centuries. Explore grand pavilions, imperial gates, and even American military bunkers! Interesting fact - the Imperial Citadel is still an ongoing archaeological site since there have been many relics found over the last few years!

Price: VND30 000 or RM5 - RM6

Address: 19C Hoàng Diệu, Quán Thánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Operating hours: Daily 8am - 5pm (closed on Mondays)

Hanoi Opera House

Credit: Prashant Ram on Flickr

A beautiful historical Vietnamese landmark that was modelled after Palais Garnier (one of Paris' opera houses) with its European Renaissance design. The theatre hosts many events frequently, ranging from the Vietnamese Orchestaa who perform there regularly, to the occasioanl international artist.

Price: Starts at VND100 000 or RM17 - RM18 (prices may differ depending on the show and seating type)

Address: Số 01 Tràng Tiền, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam Website


Zaynab Restaurant

Credit: @noruia on Instagram

There are many Muslim-friendly restaurants in Hanoi such as this Vietnamese food joint, Zaynab Restaurant. Check out this list of Muslim-friendly restaurants in Hanoi for more food!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 12 Hàng Lược, Hàng Mã, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Opening hours: 11am – 8pm daily

Contact No: +84 93 453 07 82 Facebook

Accommodation in Hanoi

Cosiana Hotel

Credit: @cholilnafis on Instagram

With a halal-certified menu, staying at Cosiana definitely makes your trip convenient. Not just that, the hotel is walking distance to a number of attractions too like the Maison Center, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Old Quarter, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Museum of History and Tran Quoc Pagoda.

Muslim-Friendly amenities: Halal-certified menu

Price: from RM116/night on Agoda

Address: 92 Đường Lê Duẩn, Văn Miếu, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam


Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation and food)

  • Accommodation = RM232 (RM116 per room for 2 nights)

  • Water Puppet Show = RM24 (RM12 x 2)

  • Night Market = RM0

  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum = RM0

  • Free Walking Tour = RM0

  • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long = RM10 (RM5 X 2)

  • Hanoi Opera House = RM34 (RM17 x 2)


  • That leaves you with RM900 for transportation, food and shopping!

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand


Visit free temples (Wat Phra Singh & Wat Chedi Luang)

Credit: @sifirbesuc on Instagram

Explore the vibrant temple where the main attraction is its large chedi (stupa) that enshrines the ashes of the father of one of the previous kings, King Saen Muang Ma. The chedi stands 85 meters tall, and at one point was the highest structure in Chiang Mai. And amaze yourself with the other architectures within the temple? Find wiharns (assembly hall) with images of Buddha, and a giant gum tree at the temple entrance. According to local folklore, a catastrophe of epic proportions will occur if the tree ever falls. Built in 1345, this is probably Chiang Mai’s second most revered temple after Wat Phra Doi Suthep. This breathtaking lavish Lanna architecture is one not to be missed if you’re in town, it is one of the best well-preserved architecture of Lanna architecture that has stood through time! There are three beautiful structures for you to explore in this temple, mainly an awe-inspiring assembly hall painted with gorgeous murals of Chiang Mai’s local life during its time, hundreds of years ago – history buffs, you will love to explore this!

Price: Free


Wat Chedi Luang - 103 Prapokkloa Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Wat Phra Singh - 2 Samlarn Rd, Phra Sing, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 502800, Thailand

Operating hours: 6am - 5pm

Visit Wat Phra Doi Suthep

Wat Phra Soi Suthep is one of the most sacred temples in Thailand, and it’s about an hour’s drive away from Chiang Mai City. According to folklore, Buddha’s ashes were split among his followers after his cremation. It is believed that some of his relics lie inside the gold chedi. You can enter the temple by walking up 306 steps or by a cable car. The main attraction of the temple is a giant gold chedi (stupa) that stands over 79 feet tall! Explore the intriguing temple which consists of a tranquil outer square with beautiful Buddha statues and temple bells, and a busy inner square with worshippers praying and circumambulating around the chedi.

Price: 30 baht or RM4

Address: Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 6am - 6pm

Bhubing Palace

Bhubing Palace is the royal residence of the Thai royal family. Surrounding the residence are beautiful gardens which are open to the public. There are multiple places to pass through with flowers EVERYWHERE. Walk through the plant exhibition greenhouse, pass by a rose garden, and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of flowers everywhere!

Price: 50 baht or RM7

Address: Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 8.30am - 3.30pm


Visit Chiang Mai Street Market

Shop till you drop at the market! Explore the inner and outer parts of the large market and browse through drop-dead gorgeous locally-made goods like Thai silk materials, stunning traditional outfits, quirky souvenirs, electronics, and tourist t-shirts! There’s something for everyone – yourself and for you to buy for friends and family back home.

Price: Free

Address: Chang Moi, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Operating hours: Daily 5pm - 12am


Find plenty of Muslim-friendly food in Chiang Mai, especially at their Halal Town Hilal Street - their very own Muslim community in town.

One of the popular eateries there is Khao Soy Feung Fah that serves Northern Thailand’s iconic Khao Soi at Khao Soy Feung Fah! It’s a coconut curry based spicy soup served with crunchy noodles. It’s usually served with pork but the halal version uses chicken meat instead! The place even serves chicken and mutton briyani, oxtail soup, friend rice and more.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 6, Soi Charoen Prathet 1 | Chang Moi, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Opening hours: +66 81 595 7030


Check out more Muslim-friendly eateries in Chiang Mai here.


Romena Grand Hotel

Credit: Romena Grand Hotel Chiangmai Thailand on Facebook

Muslim-Friendly amenities: Halal restaurant on premise

Price: from RM73/night on Agoda

Address: 2 Nantaram Rd, Tambon Hai Ya, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand Website | Facebook

Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation)

  • Accommodation = RM146 (RM73 per room for 2 nights)
  • Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh = RM0
  • Wat Phra Doi Suthep = RM8 (RM4 x 2)
  • Bhubing Palace = RM14 (RM7 x 2)
  • Chiang Mai Night Market = RM0
  • That leaves you with RM1032 for transportation, food and shopping.

Visiting Chiang Mai for the first time? We've compiled an ultimate first-time guide to Chiang Mai for Muslim travellers or check out our 4D3N itinerary for an awesome trip to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai!

3. Luang Prabang, Laos


Kuangsi Falls

Credit: @brendan_barnard on Instagram

You cannot visit Luang Prabang without visiting Kuang Si falls! This beautiful shallow pool of turquoise blue surrounded by lush tropical jungle is a sight to see. You would think this is a set for a fantasy movie! Change into your swimwear and have a dip in the pools or just sit back and relax under the shade. P.S. There is also a small sun bear sanctuary at the entrance of Kuang Si falls.

Price: 20 000 Lao Kip or about RM10 entrance fee

Address: Ban Long, Lao

Operating hours: Wednesday to Monday 8am - 5pm Tuesday 9am - 5pm

Explore The Vibrant Wat Xieng Tong

Credit: @kiredale on Instagram

Wat Xieng Thong is an intricately designed temple in Luang Prabang that every traveller must visit! Built in 1559, the temple boasts phenomenal ornate designs on its walls. Explore over twenty structure in the area that includes shrines, pavilions, and residences. Multiple important Laotian festivities are held at the monastery each year. 

Price: Free

Address: Khem Khong, Luang Prabang, Laos

Opening hours: Daily 6am - 5pm

Luang Prabang Night Market

Credit: Simon Asia on Flickr

Unlike other night markets in Southeast Asia, you'll be surprised to find how peaceful and calm the Luang Prabang night market is. Leisurely stroll through the market's 300 stalls and browse through a variety of items like clothes, scarves, handicrafts, and souvenirs. 

HHWT tip: Remember to bargain your prices before purchasing!

Price: Free (item prices start at Lao Kip 10 000 or about RM5)

Address: Sisavangvong Road, Luang Prabang, Laos

Contact: Daily 5pm - 11pm

Observe an almsgiving ceremony

Credit: @faraway_adventures on Instagram

A 600-year-old tradition that takes place as soon as the sun rises in Luang Prabang. About 200 monks from the monasteries will walk the streets of town for their daily meal. The locals prepare the meals early in the morning to give to the monks. You'll notice the locals kneeled down as a sign of respect while putting the offerings into the monks' basket.

Price: Free

Address: Sakkaline Rd, Luang Prabang, Laos

Starting time: 5.30am during summer, 6.30am during winter

Take a riverboat ride and visit the Pak Ou Caves

Credit: @sotheworld on Instagram

Take a scenic river ride down Mekong River and explore two caves set in a limestone cliff filled with over 4000 Buddha statues of all sizes. The history of these caves cate over a thousand years, and it is believed that the statues were placed in there by local villagers and pilgrims over a period of a few hundred years. Instead of throwing away their old Buddha statues, they bring the statues to the Pak Ou caves instead to show their devotion and commitment.

Price: 75 000 Lao Kip or RM 38 (including a two-way boat ride) Note that the prices for Pak Ou Caves change regularly.

Address: Luang Prabang, Laos

Operating hours: Daily 8am - 5pm

Walk across a Bamboo Bridge

Credit: @natnichapp on Instagram

For tourists, the bridge may be a novelty with its traditional design but for the locals, it is a way of life since they have to cross the Nam Khan river every day from the village to town. It's nice to take a walk over the bridge and explore the village on the other side. You'll get to see plenty of locals going on with their daily life. P.S. The bridge is a super insta-worthy spot too!

Price: 5000 kip or RM2.40

Address: 34 Kingkitsarath Rd, Luang Prabang, Laos


Credit: @nurafiqah.rahman on Instagram

There aren't many Muslim-friendly locations in Luang Prabang but there is definitely enough for a 3D2N stay. Head over to the Wat That Homestay for their in-house restaurant, which serves Laos and Malaysian cuisine. Sample the Luang Prabang salad, Lao curry and pad kapou.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Mekong Riverfront, Ban Wat That, Luang Prabang, Laos

Opening hours: Daily, 8AM-8PM

HHWT Tip: Most restaurants in Luang Prabang serve pork and alcohol. Do check their menu beforehand and dine at your own discretion. You can also stick to seafood and vegetarian dishes as a rule of thumb! Find out more things to do in Luang Prabang.


Luang Prabang Legend Hotel

Credit: Luang Prabang Legend Hotel ໂຮງແຮມຫຼວງພະບາງເລເຈນ on Facebook

Muslim-Friendly Amenities: None. Unfortunately, Luang Prabang does not have any budget accommodations with Muslim-friendly food. But there are many Muslim-friendly eateries in the area for you to try!

Price: from RM122/night on Agoda

Address: Noradech Road., Ban That Luang, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR.

Website | Facebook

Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation)

  • Accommodation = RM244 (RM122 per room for 2 nights)
  • Kuang Si Falls = RM20 (RM10 x 2)
  • Wat Xieng Tong = RM0
  • Luang Prabang Night Market = RM0
  • Almsgiving ceremony = RM0
  • Pak Ou Caves = RM74 (RM38 x 2)
  • Bamboo Bridge = RM4.80 (RM2.40 x 2)
  • That leaves you with RM857.20 for transportation, food and shopping ?

4. Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Visit the largest Buddhist structure - Borobudur Temple

Credit: @syenab on Instagram

A truly magnificent monument, Borobudur is the single largest Buddhist structure anywhere on the planet. You'll be amazed by the scale of the place and the amount of detail you can find in the amazing structure. It's no surprise that Borobudur was recognized as a UNESCO heritage site in 1991. 

Price: IDR475 000 or RM140

Address: Jl. Badrawati, Kw. Candi Borobudur, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Operating hours: 6am - 5pm

Explore the Prambanan Temple

Credit: @zahralyaa_ on Instagram

Indonesia's largest Hindu site with a deep and mystical history. There are eight small temples and eight shrines that are built on a platform that was initially built to mark the return of Hinduism in Java after a long period of Buddism. Exploring these places are a definite must for every traveller visiting Yogyakarta. 

Price: IDR600 000 or RM175 (for a combo ticket of Borobudur and Prambanan)

Address: Jl. Raya Solo - Yogyakarta No.16, Kranggan, Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia

Opening hours: 6am - 5pm

Explore Jomblang Cave

Credit: @cynthialee_0317 on Instagram

One of the natural highlights of Yogyakarta, Jomblang Cave is a 90-minute drive from Yogyakarta city and is perfect for a day trip. The cave isn't really a cave but instead its a part of a cave complex within  Gunung Kidul. There are three parts to the cave for tourists to see which are the large huge sinkhole, a long tunnel and the central cave (Goa Grubog). This is definitely one for the adventurous! Interesting fact - The cave was used as a film location for the Amazing Race!

Price: IDR500 000 or about RM146

Address: Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55893, Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily 8am - 2pm

Taman Sari

Credit: @dpentalia on Instagram T

aman Sari (or Water Castle) is one of the top places to visit in Yogyakarta. The site is the former royal garden of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta from the mid-18th century. The building architecture also shows a mixture of western and Asian designs as requested by the sultanate. Explore a bathing space, resting space, underground tunnels and a hidden mosque! Surrounding the Taman Sari is a village area with over 3000 residents. Explore the village and find plenty of local coffee shops, and stalls selling local handicrafts.

Price: IDR15 000 or about RM5

Address: Wisata Taman Sari, Jl. Tamanan, Patehan, Kraton, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55133, Indonesia

Operating hours: Daily 9am - 3pm

Kalibiru National Park

Credit: @nurhid.unyun on Instagram

Located 450m above sea level, Kalibiru Park is a popular destination for travellers looking for a quick getaway from the big city! The local residents took an initiative in 1999 to restore the forest and the National Park was opened in 2008 to the public. There are plenty of things to do there from enjoying scenic walks (multiple paths ranging from 1.5km to 7km), treetops with stunning views, and flying foxes. At the highest point of the national park, you can soak in the beautiful scenery of Yogyakarta City! 

Price: IDR10 000 or RM3 entrance fee (on weekends) Note that there are extra fees to visit Photo Spots and certain activities.

Address: Kalibiru National Park

Opening hours: daily 9am - 5pm

Sonobudoyo Wayang Theatre

Credit: @carryontravelblog on Instagram

What better way to experience traditional Javanese art than to watch a Wayang Kulit show? Wayang Kulit (or leather puppets) are an iconic part of Javanese culture. They are carved from buffalo skin and each puppet represents a character from the Hindu mythologies of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The wayang kulit shows are usually held at 8pm on a daily basis. The museum also showcases other traditional Javanese artefacts in the museum such as weapons, textiles and statues. It is the second most complete collection in Indonesia after Jakarta's central museum.

Price: IDR5000 or about RM1.50

Address: Jl. Pangurakan No.6, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55122, Indonesia

Opening hours: Mondays closed Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays 8am - 3.30pm Fridays 8am - 2pm Website

Walk along Jalan Malioboro

Credit: Jorge Franganillo on Flickr

A street that became an iconic location in Yogyakarta city, Jalan Malioboro is a vibrant and lively street stretching over 1km. Explore the street and find a mixture of Dutch colonial architecture, Chinese influence, and modern buildings! There are many restaurants and street stalls in the area for you to browse through. And since Yogyakarta has a large Muslim population, many of the street food and restaurants are Muslim-friendly or Muslim-owned (we advise you to check with vendors or the restaurants before purchasing to be sure) for you to eat! By nightfall, the atmosphere is livelier with street musicians, painters and artists displaying their art on the road! And of course, browse through plenty of stalls selling clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts, batiks, sarongs, sandals and more! 

Price: Free

Address: Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta


Soto Kadipiro

Credit: @abiebow on Instagram

There are several Soto Kadipiro restaurants in Yogyakarta, and four at Jalan Wates alone. The original Soto Kadipiro restaurant bears a sign that says “Warung Soto Kadipiro Since 1921”. From locals and even tourists, people would queue as early as 8am just to get a taste of the Soto sold here! So now you know to head there early if you’re ever in the area.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 8 AM to 2 PM daily

Address: Jl. Wates Km. 3 No. 33, Kadipiro, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55184, Indonesia There are plenty of Muslim-friendly eateries in Yogyakarta for you to try, and here are our suggested places!


Pesonna Malioboro Yogyakarta

Credit: @sofiyansoni on Instagram

Muslim-Friendly amenities: Promoted as a halal-lifestyle hotel

Price: from RM121/night on Agoda

Address: Jl. Gadean No.3, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55122, Indonesia Website 

Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation)

  • Accommodation =  RM242 (RM121 per night for 2 nights)
  • Borobudur and Prambanan Temple = RM350 (RM175 x 2)
  • Jomblang Cave = RM292 (RM146 x 2)
  • Taman Sari = RM10 (RM5 x 2)
  • Kalibiru National Park = RM6 (RM3 x 2)
  • Sonobudoyo Wayang Theatre = RM3 (RM1.50 x 2)
  • Walk along Jalan Malioboro = RM0
  • That leaves you with RM297 for transportation, food and shopping.

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia


Visit Angkor Wat

Credit: @alllyson_ on Instagram

Another amazing architecture every traveller must visit! Angkor is a spectacular temple complex structure that was constructed as a Hindu temple for its spiritual god Vishnu. It eventually transformed into a Buddhist monument by the end of the 12th century. The entrance fee is steep but it's definitely worth it since you can spend an entire day exploring the huge complex consisting of many buildings. The amazing architecture shows the height of the Khmer's (predecessor to modern Cambodia) fine architectural skills. Each wall inside the structure has a carving showcasing an epic Hindu story which carving detail will leave you in awe!

Price: USD37 or about RM152 Address:

Opening hours: Daily 4.30am - 5.30pm

Phare - Cambodian Show

Credit: @pharecambodian circus on Instagram

Cambodia's version of Cirque Du Soleil! The circus is more than just a circus. The performers are usually young people from the streets, orphanages or struggling families who learn their acrobatic and performance skills at Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS), and each performance tells a unique Cambodian story ranging from history to myths. Be in awe as you watch these dedicated performers showcase acrobatics, contortion, aerial ballet, balancing, tightrope walking, fire dancing, vaulting, juggling, music, dance, drama, mime and comedy. P.S. Animal lovers would be happy to note that no animals are used in their performances. 

Price: Starts at USD18 or about RM66

Address: Phare Circus Ring Road, south of the Intersection, Sok San Rd, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Performance time: 8pm daily

Explore the Old Market

Credit: @elmolee827 on Instagram

One of the best ways to understand a culture is to know their daily routine and a market is just a place for that! Siem Reap's Old Market or Psar Chas is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Head there in the mornings to observe the locals as they buy and sell local produce. The market is a sheltered open-air space and you'll find vendors selling vegetables, seafood, and even household items! Closer to the market entrance you'll also find stalls selling souvenirs such as antiques, silks, t-shirts, jewellery, and shoes. Why not grab a few things for friends and family at home while you're there? 

Price: Free (item prices start at about RM4)

Address: Street 09, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Operating hours: Daily 7am - 9pm

Landmine Museum

Credit: @jarvish91 on Instagram

The Cambodian Landmine Museum was established in 1997 by ex-child soldier Aki Ra. He returned to the villages where he planted thousands of mines and removed and defused them with homemade tools. He founded a relief centre for children affected by land mines and the Cambodian Landmine Museum to educate others about the effects of war. Among the items displayed are hidden mines, mortars, booby traps, guns and other ordnance recovered from different parts of the country.

Price: USD5 or around RM20

Address: The Museum is approximately 25 km north of Siem Reap (30 minutes by tuk tuk), just 7km south of the Banteay Srey Temple complex in Angkor National Park. 

Opening hours: 7.30am - 5.30pm


Muslim-Friendly Kitchen

Credit: Muslim Family Kitchen on Facebook

There are a few Muslim-friendly eateries in the area to visit, and one of them is the halal-certified Muslim Family Kitchen! Drop by here for a quick refuel after a day of exploring. Check out more eateries and things to do in Siem Reap in our 4D3N itinerary!

Halal status: Halal certified

Address: #069, Steung Thmei Village, Svaydangkum Commune, Siem Reap City, Cambodia.

Opening hours: Daily 7am - 9pm

Website | Facebook


Eeocambo Resort and Spa

Credit: Eocambo Resort & Spa on Facebook

Price: from RM109/night on Agoda

Address: BBU Road, Vihear Chen Village, Sangkat Svay Dangkum 3 floor, 17252, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia Website | Facebook

Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation)

  • Accommodation = RM 218 (RM109 per night for 2 nights)
  • Angkor Wat = RM304 (RM152 x 2)
  • Phare Cambodian Circus = RM132 (RM66 x 2)
  • Old Market = RM0
  • Landmine Museum = RM40 (RM20 x 2)
  • That leaves you with RM506 for transportation, food and shopping.

6. Redang Island, Malaysia



Credit: @gmaetee on Instagram

Many of us know that Redang Island is an amazing place for underwater activities, but did you know that you could trek through the tropical jungles too? Not to mention the amazing view once you reach the top! 

Price: Price starts at RM10 (depending on resort operator)


Credit: @husnanadjua on Instagram

One of the best parts of Malaysia's East Coast islands is that you can snorkel from the shore of your very own resort! You can either head out island hopping with resort operators or rent your own gear and take your sweet time and snorkel around your resort. 

Price: RM70 for a day trip depending on the resort operator (or you can rent your own gear at a lower price and snorkel around near your resort)

Visit the marine park

Credit: @goodtakes on Instagram

You can also arrange with the resort operators to take you on a trip to the marine park to see more beautiful corals and colourful tropical fish. 

Price: RM45

Chill on the beach

Credit: @efyraa on Instagram

What's more relaxing than chilling by the beach by the beach and slowly falling asleep with the ocean breeze? Nothing. And it costs nothing too. 

Price: Free


There are plenty of Muslim-friendly options on the Island since its largely run by Muslims. However, alcohol may be served on premises. Check out our Malaysian East Coast Guide for more eateries and things to do!


Redang De Rimba Resort

Credit: @sendayutinggikuantan_cod on Instagram

Muslim-Friendly amenities: Halal food

Price: from RM171/night on Agoda

Address: Lot 171 Kampung Baru Pulau Redang, Redang, Terengganu

Website | Facebook

Redang accommodations

Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation)

  • Accommodation = RM342 (RM171 per room for 2 nights)
  • Trekking = RM20 (RM10 per person) Note that some resorts need a minimum number per group.
  • Snorkelling day trip = RM140 (RM70 x 2)
  • Marine Park = RM90 (RM45 x 2)
  • Chill on the beach = RM0
  • That leaves you with RM608 for transportation, food and shopping.

7. Kota Kinabalu - Sabah, Malaysia


Visit the Filipino night market at Kota Kinabalu

Credit: @i.politis on Instagram

The place for bargain hunters! There is plenty of Muslim-friendly street food to try, and a wet market with fruits and vegetables, and a separate wet market to explore. Definitely a foodie haven, and a photographer's place to be. 

Price: (items start at RM10, seafood prices are seasonal)

Address:Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Opening hours: Daily 9am - 10pm

Visit Kota Kinabalu City Mosque

Credit: @chisae_000_ on Instagram

A beautiful mosque that looks like it's floating on the water during high tide. It's a perfect place to drop by to take some photos and have a prayer too. 

Price: Free

Address: Jalan Pasir, Jalan Teluk Likas, Kampung Likas, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


White Water Rafting Kiulu

Credit: @iamnabilalit on Instagram

One for the adrenaline junkies! Kiulu white water rafting is the longest white water rafting trip in Borneo. Enjoy a 2-hour session going through the 10km stretch for an epic adventure. 

Price: RM190

Address: Tamparuli, Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia 89357

Opening hours: Daily 8am - 3.30pm

Contact: 011-3152 9677


Visit Tanjung Aru beach

Credit: @florencechiu_yoyo on Instagram

With sunsets like these, Tanjung Aru Beach is one of the most scenic places to unwind after a day of exploring Kota Kinabalu. There are plenty of stalls within the area to have a drink or grab a meal while enjoying a beautiful sunset. 

Price: Free

Address: Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Visit Sabah museum

Credit: Hafiz Hakimi on Facebook

Between its beautiful rainforest and amazing diversity, Sabah is a place that we would want to know more about! And the Sabah State Museum is just the place for that. The place consists of a museum building as well as an ethnobotanical garden and a heritage village. There are a number of galleries within the museum that showcases Islamic civilizations, archaeology, history, natural history, ceramics and plenty more! The museum is large enough that you'll probably spend a good 2-3 hours here. P.S. Photos aren't allowed inside the museum. 

Price: RM2 (Malaysian) and RM15 (non-Malaysian)

Address: Jalan Muzium, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Opening hours: Daily 9am - 5pm Website

BONUS: Hang with Orangutans at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre (requires a flight to Sandakan)

Credit: @lifecrawls on Instagram

A day trip that you'll never forget! Learn about conservation programs for orangutans and meet and greet these beautiful creatures too. Orangutans are critically endangered species and conservation programs such as these are necessary to help them from going extinct in the near future. Please note that you'll need to travel to Sandakan (where the centre is located), which is about a 45-minute flight from Kota Kinabalu (with airfare prices averaging around RM100 based on AirAsia prices). Alternatively, you can take the bus for cheaper, however, it's a 5-6 hour drive, so flights would probably be the easier way to go!

Price: RM5 (Malaysians) and RM30 (Non- Malaysians)

Address: Sabah Wildlife Department, W.D.T. 200, Sandakan, Jalan Sepilok, Sepilok, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah

Opening hours: Daily 9am - 11am, 2pm - 3pm


Credit: Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant 渔村水上海鲜餐厅 on Facebook

There are plenty of Muslim-friendly eateries in Sabah, but when you're in there, a seafood feast is a must! And Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market is just the place for that. Savour drool-worthy fresh seafood for an epic dinner to give your trip and extra oomph! 

Halal status: Halal certified

Address: Silverado Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Jalan Kolam, Bukit Padang, 88790, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Opening hours: Daily 11.30am - 2pm, 6.30pm - 11pm

Website | Facebook

We've also compiled a 3D2N itinerary for you to conquer Sabah!


Kinabalu Daya Hotel

Credit: Kinabayu Daya Hotel on Facebook

Muslim-Friendly amenities: Halal food available

Price: from RM111/night on Agoda

Address: Lot 3 & 4, Block 9th, Jalan Pantai, Opposite Wisma Merdeka Shopping Complex, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Website | Facebook

Estimated cost breakdown (excluding transportation)

  • Accommodation RM222 (RM111 per room for 2 nights)
  • Filipino night market = RM0
  • Kota Kinabalu City Mosque = RM0
  • White Water Rafting Kiulu = RM380 (RM190 x 2)
  • Tanjung Aru Beach = RM0
  • Sabah Museum = RM4 (RM2 x 2)
  • That leaves you with RM900 for transportation, food and shopping.

Please note that this excludes the day trip to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre - to add this on you'll need an additional RM10 for the entry fee (for 2 people) and around RM200 for the airfare to Sandakan (for 2 people).

And there we have it! A 3D2N trip with activities and accommodation under RM1200! And now what are you waiting for? It's time to grab that travel buddy of yours for an epic weekend getaway that won't break the bank. Pack your bags!