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7 Cafes Every Coffee Addict Has To Visit In Bangkok


Khalina Khalid •  Apr 18, 2016


Have you guys watched any Asian horror movies before? The scary crawling ghost lady? Yup, that’s me right before getting a good dose of caffeine kick every morning ?.
Credit: giphy Coffee is more than just a simple black addictive drink, it is science and art married together in a cup to be enjoyed by many. Ah, let me get a good sip before we continue.
Credit: giphy Ok, enough yapping around. This article is a 101 guide for you #coffeelovers out there who are out for coffee hunting in Bangkok.
1. Phil Coffee Company
Phil Coffee Company is an artisan coffee roaster and here is where you need to be if your caffeine addiction needs a good fixing.
Credit: @tienrungtungrean on Instagram At Phil, their objective is not to serve you just any cuppa but to serve world class coffee that is sourced from all around the world. For quality control, their coffee beans are roasted in-house in small batches to ensure that they get to your table at their best.
Credit: @willy_sidewalk on Instagram Though Phil Coffee Company is relatively new in the coffee scene, they are slowly gaining the trust and recognition of Bangkok's coffee industry and are now supplying coffee to some of the finest cafés and restaurants in Bangkok.
Credit: @philcafe61 on Instagram Don't miss their gorgeous and yummy almond butter toast that's topped with fresh fruits as a side to your cuppa ? Address: 21, Sukhumvit 61, North Klongtan, Watthana, Bangkok Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday - Sunday 10am-5:30pm
2. Ceresia Coffee Roasters
Owned by a pair of Venezuelan-Thai couple, Ceresia is another artisan coffee roaster that has become the talk of the town.
Credit: bk.asia-city The concept of simple is more can be applied to their deco but definitely not to their coffee. Carresia is another must-go cafe for any coffee aficionado if you are in Bangkok.
Credit: mightytravels As a specialty coffee roaster, utmost care is taken to retain the original flavours of the coffee bean. If you are not a coffee person, this place might just convert you (they must really believe in their brew I guess as there are no non-coffee beverages served. Yup, not even tea ?)
IMAGE 10.1
Credit: daramuscat#HHWT Tip: The café might be quite hard to locate, but you can find it just across Fuji Super Bangkok. Oh, this place is also highly praised for their carrot cake. Just be sure to check with them on the ingredients used ? Address: 593/29-41, Soi 33/1, Sukhumvit Rd., Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand Opening Hours: 8am- 6pm (every day except Monday)
3. Casa Lapin
Whether you are here on business or pleasure, Casa Lapin or “Rabbit Home” in French would be a nice spot to chill back and relax or if you simply need a caffeine boost while working.
Credit: aroimakmak Be on the lookout for the sign to the café as visitors do tend to have quite a hard time looking for this “rabbit hole” on their first visit.
Credit: bkkmenu Casa Lapin procures their coffee beans from both local independent and international coffee roasters. Other than serving good freshly brewed coffee, you can also opt for French Press, Drip or Syphon coffee (which is highly recommended here by visitors) as well.
IMAGE 14.1
Credit: pantip
Credit: esticalovesfoodAddress: Casa Lapin X49 @ Soi Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok Soi Sukhumvit 49 (the alley opposite Samitivej Hospital), Sukhumvit Road, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 8:30pm and Saturday - Sunday from 10:30am - 8:30pm 4. Roots Coffee Roaster 
Credit: deadlybunnychubbypenguin A question from one caffeine addict to another, how many times have we been paying a good sum over a cup of lousy to mediocre quality coffee? Overrated + overpriced =  blurgh!
Credit: aroimakmak Roots Coffee Roaster is a no nonsense and an absolute non-pretentious coffee bar that truly knows their coffee. They are open only on weekends as weekdays are closed for classes to train coffee baristas (told ya they know their stuff here ?). Call it a coffee class or coffee laboratory, you can have your caffeine fix from an espresso to other brewing methods. Talk to the barista if in doubt, and they will be more than happy to assist you.
Credit: deadlybunnychubbypenguin What truly makes Roots unique from other coffee shops is that they don’t accept Amex nor Visa here but cash only at their “Honesty Box”.  Pay only what you think their coffee or baked goods is worth! They're confident enough to know that their offerings are worth nothing less than charged ? #HHWT tip: The café is relatively small and seats/space are limited. Address:Roots Coffee Roasters, Ekamai Terrace #2-4, Sukhumvit Soi 63, Between Ekamai Soi 15 and 17 Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 12pm to 6pm
5. I+D Style Cafe x Brave Roasters
Credit: bk.asia-city Brave Roasters is the product of mad science combined with art and pure love for a good old cup of coffee. Each cup of coffee here is a signature blend of the 3 founders of the café (1 of which owns Roots Café - which is why you should be expecting nothing less but great coffee here).
Credit: perfectdailygrind You can have a traditional Americano at any other franchised coffee shop, however Brave is a place to venture into a new approach and invention like their cold-brewed iced coffee: slow drip overnight with lemongrass and herbs; or try sparkling black—an espresso with sparkling water; or coffee beer float, comprised of root beer with vanilla ice cream and espresso.
Credit: bkkmenu#HHWT tip: Do ask for their weekly special but don’t be surprised if they recommend something like cinnamon with lemon peel coffee perhaps? Address: I+D Style Café x Brave Roasters, G/F, Siam Center, Rama 1 Rd.,Bangkok, Thailand Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
6. Gallery Drip Coffee
Just like the name, Gallery Drip Coffee is where the love for the strong and bold beverage is taken to the next level. Here, coffee preparation is not simply coffee bean + grinder machine + hot water = ready to serve. Nope, not here at Gallery Drip Coffee
Credit: workfrom Not only do they import and roast their own coffee beans, they freshly HAND GRIND the beans for each cuppa! Every hand ground coffee is carefully measured and controlled to every element so that each cup is served only at its best.
Credit: angloitalianfollowus Coming from the art background themselves, the owners decided to make this café truly one of a kind. There are many artsy merchandise (handmade postcards, notebooks & cool t-shirts) that are for sale displayed in the shop to show their support to the art community.
Credit: angloitalianfollowus#HHWT tip: The latest craze here would be the Drip Coffee Jelly, a concoction of fresh coffee jelly, topped with cooled foam milk. Sugar syrup is on the side so you can control the sweetness level. Address: Gallery Drip Coffee, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre – 1st Floor, 939 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330 Opening hours: 10:30am-9pm Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Monday
7. Mr. Jones' Orphanage
Credit: live-less-ordinary Lets be honest. Yes Mr. Jones' Orphanage is not known for their coffee, as it is more of a dessert shop. So why is it on this list?
IMAGE 27.1
Credit: eatophilia Coffee drinking is not a job. It is not serious business where only adults are allowed to enjoy themselves. If you are in Bangkok and the kids are tagging along, where else you can recharge your caffeine level while letting the children run around and enjoy themselves too? Mr. Jones' Orphanage is the answer.
Credit: peggychow Your #coffeetime will be one great experience. This café will bring out the little boy/girl in you with their whimsical and absolutely “kawaii” theme; teddies popping from every corner and plenty of Legos to toy around with.
Credit: toddlejoy Be warned mommies & daddies, Mr. Jones' Orphanage is known for their various cakes and milkshakes.  Mr. Jones definitely won’t be responsible for the sugar rush after effects ? #HHWT tip: Mr. Jones' Orphanage has to-date opened 6 branches. Take a peek at those nearest to you!
Central WorldAddress : 4, 4/1-4/2, 4/4 Central World No.OP-708, OP-709 7th Fl. Ratchadamri Rd. Patumwan Bangkok Thailand 10330Siam CenterAddress : 979 Siam Center No.303, 307 3rd Fl. Rama I Rd. Patumwan Bangkok, Thailand 10330Empire TowerAddress : 195 Empire Tower, Unit No. T07, G Fl. South Sathorn Rd. Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10120
The Mall BangkapiAddress : 3522 The Mall Bangkapi P 10/1, 1st Fl. Ladprao Rd. Klongchan Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand 10240Terminal 21Address : 4th FL. 2,88 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhumvit Rd, North Klongtoei, Wattana Bangkok, Thailand 10110Mega BangnaAddress : 2nd FL, 39 Moo 6 Bangna-Trad Rd., Km.8 Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10540
Opening hours: All branches / Everyday : 10am - 10pm, Empire Tower / Everyday : 7am – 7pm
*Bonus* Coffee Drinking Guide 101
No one person has the exact same preference as another. Have it with milk, cocoa or go crazy with triple whipped cream! Hope the following illustration will help guide you to find your own perfect cuppa ?
Credit: tfetimes#HHWT tip: All listed cafes do serve sweets and baked goods, just be sure to check with your servers on the ingredients before consuming. Till then folks, have a break have a coffee!
Credit: magic4walls