6 Treats That Are Worth The Hype At The Ramadan Bazaar


Have Halal Will Travel •  Jul 07, 2015

Every Ramadan, you’ll see countless bazaars popping up all around Singapore and this year’s no exception. If you happen to be in Singapore during Ramadan, don’t miss out on the biggest and most buzzing bazaar of them all – the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar!


Feeling a little lost as you navigate your way through the hundreds of stalls in the bazaar? We’re here to help you out!

1. Ramly Burger


At the heart of every bazaar, lies a Ramly Burger stall (or ten). This famous street burger originated from Malaysia and typically consists of chicken/beef patty covered in egg and marinated with seasonings. It may sound simple, but it’s THAT good. The patty is so tender and juicy that you’ll want a burger all to yourself!


#HHWT Tip: If you’re planning to break fast at the bazaar, we recommend reaching at around 6.45pm and head STRAIGHT for the Ramly Burger stall.

 2. Churros


Churros are officially one of the top food trends in Singapore for 2015, with many cafes in Singapore serving this sweet treat. Not surprisingly, it’s also a hit in the bazaar! If you walk around the entire bazaar, you’ll probably find 4 to 5 stalls selling churros, from the traditional cinnamon sugar to localized flavours like pandan with Gula Melaka dip!


We were pretty intrigued by the red velvet churros and got a chocolate dip to go with it. The taste of red velvet was not too overwhelming and we could still taste the chocolate on top of the red velvet. Almost like eating a tiny fried cupcake :P


We're definitely making another trip down to try the Singapore flavoured Pandan churros with Gula Melaka dip!

You can find Bakes & Crafts located right next to Happy Rollies (see below)!

P.S. Bakes & Crafts' confectioneries do not contain alcohol, pork or gelatin & all ingredients used are halal certified.

3. Happy Rollies


Be prepared to queue at one of the hottest stores in the bazaar this year – Happy Rollies (stall #453)! Inspired by the ice-cream stalls in Thai bazaars, this store sells freshly made ice-cream rolls. The ice-cream is mashed with other ingredients, spread on a cold metal surface and rolled to form delicious ice-cream rolls!


The menu may seem a little confusing but we recommend choosing between the popular combinations:

  • Nutella + banana
  • Milo + Oreo
  • Strawberry + Lychee
  • Oreo + Strawberry

We tried the nutella + banana combination topped with rainbow sprinkles. Our verdict? Definitely worth the wait! The texture of the ice-cream is very different from your usual ice-cream. When you put that first scoop into your mouth, you’ll be able to distinctively taste the two flavours and boy do they go well together!

Happy-Rollies-Nutella-Banana-Ramadan-Bazaar-Singapore copy

Happy Rollies Ice Cream Rolls Singapore

Happy Rollies

#HHWT Tip: Go straight to the stall to collect your queue number before walking around the bazaar. We heard that the queue can get pretty insane! Also, don’t take too long to snap a photo of your happy rollies, it melts super quickly!

P.S. We've checked with the stall owners and all ingredients used are halal certified.

4. Pisang Keju


We thought nothing could beat Goreng Pisang, our favourite deep-fried banana snack commonly found in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Until we tried… Pisang Keju (fried banana with CHEESE)! We have to admit this is so sinful but so yummy :P

Pisang Keju Sg Ramadan Bazaar


We picked nutella as the topping because you can never go wrong with nutella, right? ;) Definitely going to give condensed milk a try the next time we head down!


If you’ve tried this before, what’s your favourite topping?

5. Dendeng (Flavoured Beef Jerky)


Need something savory to combat all that sweetness? Finish off your food adventure with a bazaar staple – dendeng! It actually refers to thinly sliced meat marinated with sugar and spices. Think beef jerky, but a tender and chewier version.


Dendeng usually comes in a few flavours such as original and chilli, with beef and chicken options.

 6. Air Katira

Air-Kathira-Ramadan-Bazaar-Singapore copy

During Ramadan, you’ll be sure to find Air Katira at almost every bazaar in Singapore. Made of evaporated milk, basil seeds, katira and malva nuts, this cold refreshing drink is definitely the best way to beat the heat as you walk around the bazaar. The drink is also available in many flavours, ranging from Bandung (rose syrup) to Durian but our favourite is still the original one!

Have we worked up your appetite? :P If you're currently in Singapore, there are only 10 more days for you to visit the bazaar!



While wandering around in the bazaar, we chanced upon a pop-up barber and shaving parlour! Yep, you heard us right. A pop-up stall where you can actually get a quick haircut or shave! They're located beside Tanjong Katong Complex at Sims Ave.

*Do note that the stalls mentioned above are not halal certified and as always, we highly advise all our readers to validate the halal status of the stalls/establishments before dining at your discretion.