6 Mouth-Watering Halal Eats You Need To Try At SG’s Biggest Carnival


Farzana •  Dec 01, 2017

Thrilling park rides, exciting carnival games and oh-so-delicious foods ? Singapore's LARGEST carnival, Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, is in town from the 15th of December, so fuel up and enjoy all the fun it has to offer. Question is, where do you begin your food-hunt? ?

1. Hyde & Co

You may not be in London for all the upcoming winter carnivals, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a slice of Britain here ? The English-themed cafe gives you an air of the British folks, but with locale delights like the Chili Crab Pasta, Ondeh Ondeh French Toast, Laksa Hae Bee Hiam and Har Cheong Kai Chicken Waffle.

Credit: hydeandco on Instagram

And like all things British, you can't leave without trying the fanciful selection of tea brews and even Tea Floats ☕️

Credit: hydeandco on Instagram

2. Word. Cafe (Muslim-Owned)

The WORD of the town is that rainbow bagels and bucket drinks are the hipster craze of 2017 ? From the Handsome Burg - the rainbow-coloured beef burger served with piping hot fries - to the Bucket Gangster of various unique flavours, each calls for a camera-worthy shot ?

Try out the Satay-in-a-cup, Spicy wings and Coney Dog among other interesting menu choices, and you'll be having dinner AND supper before you know it!

For all the food you're chowing down, you need a bucketload of equally Instagrammable giant cup holder to go with it ? We totally recommend sharing this with your pals, as its impossible to finish alone!

3. Katoshka (Muslim-Owned)

We don't mean to sound cheesy, but these fries will totally make you melt! Sink your teeth into crispy fried russets, topped with heavenly sauces; Special Cheese, Sour Ranch, Chilli Beef and Mediterranean Curry. Whether you're craving something salty, spicy or out-of-this-world, your cheese fries craving will be satisfied any way ?These russet fries are double fried with russet potato skin, and the only way to complete your meal is with the Asam Boi concoction! A mixture of iced lime juice and sour plum, it'll sure to replenish your energy and perk you up ?

Chilli Beef, Mediterranean Curry, Sambal Cheese russets

4. Meat My Meat (Muslim-Owned)

Credit: meatmymeat on Instagram

5. Over The Rainbow (Muslim-Owned)

Who says unicorns don't exist? They do, over the rainbow at least ? From yummy, vibrant-coloured swiss rolls to paddle-pop milkshakes with adorable unicorn-shaped meringue, marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles and candies, its the perfect comfort meal for any fairytale-catcher.

Credit: emography on Instagram

If your idea of carnivals include wanderlust snapshots and loads of new thrills, then you can't go wrong with a stop-over at this booth for a quick burst of flavours ?

Credit: teamcravings on Instagram

6. FynnieLicious

If Over The Rainbow's for the young at heart, FynnieLicious is for those eyeing traditional dishes. From bite-sized fillings like satay and cup corn to the sinfully sweet rainbow waffles with ice cream or butter cake with milo topping, you can easily eat them one after the other.

Credit: FynnieLicious on Facebook

Owned by the same boss, Over The Rainbow and FynnieLicious are both eateries that'll make you go over the moon with their creative mix ?

Credit: fynnielicious on Instagram

Be sure to take on the jaw-dropping 55 metres high Star Flyer or slide down the Log Flume while you're at the carnival, but don't forget to savour the mouthwatering dishes as well ? After all, what's a carnival without the food? ?

Admission to the carnival is free but the costs for both games and attraction rides start from SGD4. Though, you can skip the super long queues by preordering your carnival tickets here!

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[P.S If you're curious to find out more about the carnival, we can help you out!]