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6 Iconic American Food Chains That Are Halal in Dubai


nurbaiti •  Dec 07, 2016


If you grew up watching American sitcoms or cartoons, you've probably heard your favourite character mention grabbing a bite or ordering from one of these iconic American food chains. Serving classic American fare like cheesecake, burgers, milkshakes and my personal favourite; PANCAKES?
Credit: giphy The food chains may not be halal in America, but don't fret, Dubai is home to most, if not all, of America's world famous food chains! Your tastebuds will definitely thank you for this?
1. The Cheesecake Factory
The name might sound like it’s a dedicated cake shop but apart from the amazing cheesecakes, The Cheesecake Factory also serves hot food from its kitchen. Back in 1940s, the business started off with only cheesecakes but it was 1978 when the first Cheesecake Factory restaurant opened, with lunch and dinner menu to go along with its extensive dessert selection. Imagine how excited I was being able to try The Cheesecake Factory when I was in the United States but being there, I had to stick to the usual halal-friendly option and I chose salmon. [caption id="attachment_7772" align="alignnone" width="1200"]
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How do you choose only one from all of this??[/caption] With halal food not being an issue, just imagine what we could try at The Cheesecake Factory in Dubai!
2 - Cheesecake Factory chicken
Credit: eatdrinkkl [caption id="attachment_7774" align="alignnone" width="906"]
3 - Cheesecake Factory tuna salad
Seared Tuna Tataki Salad[/caption] Credit: thecheesecakefactory There are more than 200 options in the menu to choose from including pizzas, pastas, salads and burgers. I bet I would have a tough time deciding what to eat. Address: Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th Interchange, Al Barsha, Dubai. Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Saturday – Wednesday) and 10am – 12am (Thursday and Friday). Website
15 - IHOP restaurant front
Credit: vkeong Pancakes. That soft, pillowy, fluffy round thing placed on a plate, one stack after another, typically served with butter and honey. What better place to have your fix of pancakes than at the International House of Pancakes, or better known as IHOP. I ordered something safe like pancakes with banana when I tried IHOP back in the States, but with Dubai’s IHOP, we can have bacon with our pancakes, yo!
16 - IHOP pancake stack
Credit: qatareating Beyond pancakes, IHOP has waffles, French toasts and crepes among others. For those who prefer savoury over sweet, options such as omelettes, breakfast steaks, and even Philly cheese steak would surely satisfy your palate.
17 - IHOP spread
Credit: anakjajanAddress: 1st Level, Unit K01C, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Opening hours: 8am – 1am daily Website:International website | IHOP Dubai
3. Applebee’s
Applebee’s is an American brand from Kansas that serves good ‘ole American dishes like shrimp, chicken, pasta, ribs, steaks and salads.
20 - Applebees spread
Credit: zomato In 2013, Applebee’s former president Mike Archer said in an interview that the food they serve in the UAE and the USA is consistent so you can be assured that if you order a quesadilla burger, it would taste the same anywhere in the world. Applebee’s in the US has pork in the menu but don’t fret, Dubai’s Applebee’s is 100% halal and the sauce does not contain any alcohol. [caption id="attachment_7790" align="alignnone" width="1591"]
22 - Applebees jumbo shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp[/caption] Credit: foodienfabulousAddress: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Opening hours: Sat: 10am – 2am, Sun – Wed: 10am – 1am, Thu – Fri: 10am -2am Website
4. Shake Shack
When this hugely popular burger chain decided to venture out of America, it decided that it should set base in Dubai (I wish it was Malaysia instead).
4 - Shake Shack restaurant front
Credit: eatandtreats Shake Shack is a burger joint with a humble beginning. In 2001, it was a hot dog cart stationed in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. Three years later, it became a permanent kiosk in the park and now Shake Shack is a global brand.
5 - Shake Shack tray
Credit: eatandtreats I strive to eat almost all natural, organic and antibiotics-free meat because of health reasons so reading these on the menu makes me cry tears of joy… “100% all-natural Angus beef. Our proprietary shack blend. No hormones and free from antibiotics.”“Our vanilla and chocolate recipes use only real sugar, no corn syrup and milk from dairy farmers who pledge to not use artificial growth hormones.”“Chicken - No hormones ever and free from antibiotics.”
6 - Shake Shack burger
Credit: anakjajan
A fast food joint that has burgers and milkshakes AND uses only meat and dairy that are free from antibiotics and hormones… …. can we have Shake Shack in Malaysia already?! Address: Mall Of The Emirates, Al Barsha 1 (First Floor, Next to West Food Court), Dubai Opening hours: Open daily from 10am – 12am Website
5. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Americans do love their hamburgers like Malaysians love their nasi lemak. There is another burger joint that you should try while in Dubai and it’s called Five Guys. [caption id="attachment_7796" align="alignnone" width="900"]
29 - Five Guys and an Obama
President Obama trying to figure out what to order at Five Guys in Washington, DC, in 2009.[/caption] Credit: slate I’d go for any type of beef burger any day, Mr President. Just like this beautiful mess below.
30 - Five Guys burger
Credit: nogarlicnoonions Burgers at Five Guys are hand-formed and cooked to its juicy perfection on a grill. Its fresh-cut fries are cooked in pure peanut oil (heads up to those with peanut allergy, you can avoid this place). They have burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries and milkshakes.
31 - Five Guys set
Credit: lovindubai I saw Five Guys in the States but had to pass it up because I’m not a fan of fish in my burgers, so thank you Dubai for this halal option! Address: Lower Ground Level, Dubai Mall, Dubai Opening hours: 10am – 12 am daily Website
6. Texas Roadhouse
8 - Texas Roadhouse restaurant front
Credit: thedubaimall A meat lover’s heaven in Dubai would probably be Texas Roadhouse, a Texan-themed restaurant that boasts of legendary food with reasonable prices. [caption id="attachment_7779" align="alignnone" width="1332"]
New York Strip
New York Strip[/caption] Credit: only1ivy Diners will receive fresh baked bread and nuts to munch on while waiting for the orders to arrive. A winning point to this place is that the steaks are hand cut in-house and the side dishes are made from scratch. [caption id="attachment_7781" align="alignnone" width="1200"]
10 - Texas Roadhouse baked potato and buttered corn
Baked potato (right) and buttered corn (left).[/caption] Credit: anakjajan The selection for side dishes is aplenty and you can choose from baked or mashed potatoes, steak fries, seasoned rice, house or Caesar salad, buttered corn, coleslaw, among others. Texas Roadhouse slow cooks its ribs, guaranteeing you a fall-off-the-bones experience as you devour your meat. The ribs and its homemade Texas Red Chilli have won awards in the USA. Address: LG112-2, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai Opening hours: 11am-11pm on Saturday - Wednesday; Thu-Fri 11am -12am Website Aren't these halal eateries just absolutely mouth watering?? Comment below which American food chain you'll be rushing to go to the next time you're in Dubai!