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6 Essential Steps To Protect Yourself From High-Tech Car Thieves In Malaysia


Nabillah Roslee •  Feb 13, 2018


Reports of increasing incidents of car theft in Malaysia are worrying drivers around, especially as the Chinese New Year long weekend draws near and families plan to visit their relatives. Credit: giphy If your car operates on a keyless entry system, you may be at extra risk of getting it stolen! Lately, thieves have resorted to high-tech tactics so that you won’t even have time to react as they hack into your car’s locking system from a distance. All they need is a laptop and a RM150 radio-frequency hacking device easily obtained online or at the local electronics shop.
If you’re one of the drivers planning to drive around Malaysia this coming weekend, here are some steps you can take to prevent from getting your car stolen!
1. Park in a well-lit and open area.
It is highly advisable that you always park your car where you can easily see it from a distance. This way, you can constantly keep an eye on it and notice any nearby suspicious activity immediately.
2. Turn your car wheels into the curb.
Turning your wheels into a curb or in the direction of another vehicle actually discourages potential thieves! They will have to make more manoeuvres while attempting to drive out and this will slow them down to their disadvantage.
3. Install anti-theft systems.
The best way to discourage a thief immediately is to show that you’ve taken extra precaution to keep your car safe, especially if you make it visible. For example, installing a steering wheel lock will let on that you’ve taken extra measures to make a theft harder while actually keeping your car safe.
Credit: Albert Lynn on Flickr You can also invest in a tracking device that will be of good use in the event that your car does get stolen. Having a tracking device helps to lead the police straight to the perpetrator and can help you retrieve your car in no time. Additionally, it will benefit you to check your car’s manual to see if there are any in-built security systems that you haven't been aware of! These could be really helpful and saves you unnecessary spending on similar anti-theft systems bought elsewhere.
4. Never leave your keys and belongings unattended inside the car.
Credits: PoppetCloset on Flickr Even if you’re not leaving behind a Burberry handbag or an iPhone X, your belongings are extra incentives for thieves to target your car. You can keep them hidden under the seat or in your car’s trunk, but to be more safe, they’re better off with you. Furthermore, this can prevent other types of car theft such as break-ins!
5. Always look around before leaving your car.
It pays to be extra cautious sometimes, and especially in this situation! Taking a second look at your surroundings before leaving your car helps you take notice of any suspicious people lurking around. And if there are any potential thieves watching, they will be deterred once it’s clear that you’re being security conscious and aware of your surroundings.
6. Don’t leave your car running unattended.
This might seem like a ‘Duh!’ point, but we tend to forget this when in a hurry sometimes, perhaps when rushing off to the toilet or when we forget something at home. You also run the risk of invalidating your car insurance and losing the payout in the case that your car does get stolen. Ultimately, your family’s safety and that of your own is of utmost importance. When confronted with a potentially armed thief, do not attempt to retaliate and stay calm. While you could buy another car, lives cannot be replaced so it’s always better to prevent physical danger above all else. Credit: giphy We hope these tips will help you stay vigilant and safe this long weekend and for the rest of your driving days! Just remember – every little step goes a long way.