6 Apparel Tips To Keep Ultra Warm On Your Winter Holiday


Noor Atiqah Gafar •  Nov 28, 2016

When you hear winter, what's the first thing that crosses your mind? White blankets of soft snow covering every inch of land that can be seen by the naked eye, individually distinct snowflakes fluttering in the wind, a cuppa hot chocolate against a roaring fire.. Sounds pretty comfy right?


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The cold winds can sense weakness from a mile away! So, if you're not well covered up, you'll probably end up a frozen human popsicle? But no worries, our step by step guide to keeping warm will hopefully prevent you from turning into Frosty the snowman☃

1. A good base makes for a warm and comfy traveller

There's quite a few articles of clothing you have to put on before you can greet winter with open arms. Effective layering is key to a chill-free vacation,  so that's why we cannot stress the importance of a good base/inner clothing! Without a toasty warm base to start, you might be left feeling like this:

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Trust us, heat generating inner wear will be your new best friend.  Uniqlo, for one, offers HEATTECH clothing that's both lightweight and comfortable! Depending on the temperature of the country you're visiting, you can choose from HEATTECH (for regular winter wear), extra warm (very cold days) and ultra warm (intense cold). Wearing the right HEATTECH wear will feel like being on the receiving end of a nice, warm bear hug?

#HHWT Tip: Did you know that you can be completely covered from head to toe in Uniqlo HEATTECH apparel?? That includes jeans, scarves and right down to socks!

2. Avoid looking like a marshmallow with the right top

Now that you have a good base down, it's time to decide on a top. This next step is crucial; the right top should thick enough to insulate your upper body but not so that becomes a second layer of skin! Putting on 6 sweaters to combat the cold should be avoided, not unless you want to end up looking like walking, puffy marshmallow! ?

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There's different types of material used in winter tops (eg. merino wool,  fleece, cashmere) and Uniqlo has a huge variety! We'd personally recommend the cotton cashmere pullover and cashmere turtle neck?


Not only are the clothes pretty affordable, but since they're made from 100% cashmere, the material is super soft and smooth - almost like a snugly blanket! Plus, we love how the loose cowl neck design for the cashmere turtleneck gives it a sweet, feminine touch?

3. Complete that perfect winter OOTD shot with comfy, stylish bottoms

Alright, now that your upper body's all well protected, your trembling limbs need to be shielded too. Oh, and don't think that you have to compromise your fierce sense of style just for the sake of comfort! There's lots of trendy, heat retention bottoms out there that'll both ward off the cold and keep you looking good?


Ladies, stay stylish with Uniqlo's merino blend ribbed skirt (our personal favourite?)! The midi-length skirt is stretchy and the vertical lines make for a flattering, slender silhouette. It's also pretty versatile; you can match it with different coloured tops and it can be used during other seasons too.

#HHWT Tip: The cold winter winds are pretty notorious for, well, blowing things away so, to be safe, wear a pair of HEATTECH leggings or HEATTECH tights with your skirt.

If you're not a fan of skirts, slip on a pair of HEATTECH high rise legging pants for maximum comfort and mobility?


4. Find the most flattering outerwear!

We wish our current outfits would be enough to combat the winter but alas, we'd still at risk of turning into a human ice block? Time to find that one jacket that'll flatter your body while keep you warm at the same time!


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As seen above, there's loads of different kinds of outerwear for you to choose from. The temperature of the country you're travelling to plays a huge part in your decision making! Also keep in mind the material used, the thickness of the material, comfortability and how well the outerwear will protect you in sub zero temperatures❄️

#HHWT Tip: When choosing your jacket, always get a size bigger!

The right winter outerwear should leave you warm and toasty, yet it should be versatile enough for you to mix and match with different kinds of innerwear.

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We'd recommend Uniqlo's stretch down coat; a stylish down coat with a modern silhouette that both slims and flatters! The coat is made with an outer lining of stretch jersey and features a slender waistline. With it's high collar and sturdy hood, this coat can be matched with most colours and innerwear?


5. No more cold feet!

Your cold feet need protection too! Keep your wriggling toes warm with a pair of soft, colorful HEATTECH socks☺️


Choose from any array of designs and lengths for your everyday wear! Ladies, you miiiiight be tempted to splurge on a cute pair of knee high socks? Oh, and avoid falling flat on your face by pairing your HEATTECH socks with friction shoes?

6. Complete your outfit with winter accessories

Now that you've put together the perfect winter outfit, it's time to accessorize!


To prevent your fingers from becoming completely numb from the cold, a pair of sturdy gloves is a must! Uniqlo's HEATTECH knitted gloves are super soft and heat retaining, plus the thumb and index finger are designed with conductive thread so you can use your phone (hello Instagram!) without removing your gloves!


Scarf/Neck Warmers

Getting goosebumps on your neck? Your neck's probably exposed to the cold so it's best to cover up.

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Wrap yourself in a HEATTECH scarf or neck warmer! The scarf is made from yarn, so unlike some scratchy scarfs, it won't leave you feeling itchy all over.



To top it all off, grab a pair of earmuffs or a beanie (for those bad hair days?). This will help reduce the likelihood of your ears falling off from cold?

BONUS: Heat Packs

Still feeling a little chilly? Get yourself a couple of heat packs to put in your pocket!

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Shake them up and they’ll emit heat? You can find these disposable packs in most convenient stores overseas and they're pretty handy to carry around.

With this step by step guide, you won't be missing good ole Mr Sun all that often! Equip yourself with an arsenal of heat retaining clothes and you'll be singing the famous Frozen song that everybody knows?

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