This Is The 5D4N Muslim-Friendly Jeju And Seoul Itinerary You’ve Been Looking For


Faruq Senin •  Jul 27, 2018

We were invited by Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore) for a preview of Halal Restaurant Week 2018 earlier this month and we're so excited to share with you the many halal or Muslim-friendly options Korea has to offer.

Halal Restaurant Week is happening from 16 Aug to 14 Oct and the best part is you can get discount coupons at more than 120 restaurants around Korea!

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All you have to do is sign up here, get your coupons on “My Page” and present them to the staff when you’re there! There are 2 coupons you can get: KRW3,000 off anything on the menu or KRW10,000 off a pre-fixed menu. Check out the restaurant list here.

As much as a week-long trip sounds amazing, we know many of you don't have the luxury of time. If you've never thought that it was possible to squeeze 2 of Korea's most popular cities in 5 days, we're here to tell you it can be done with our 5D4N Jeju-Seoul itinerary! ?

P.S. If you're staying in Korea for a longer period of time, check out our 10D9N Muslim-friendly itinerary of Seoul, Jeju and Busan.


We took an overnight flight from Singapore to Seoul on Korean Air and we highly recommend it as you'll reach Seoul around 6am - just in time to start your day! What we liked about the flight was the spacious leg room and this was perfect as we could have a good night's sleep.

Another feature that we love about Korean Air was its sky camera (which we fully made use of on our day flight back!) For the uninitiated, the sky camera lets you see the view from the flight deck. We only wished there were more movie options on their entertainment system though.

The halal food served was Fish Curry and rice. Although it tasted alright, we couldn't help but be envious of other non-Muslim passengers savouring bibimbap on the flight. Korean Air, if you're reading this, can we have halal bibimbap on the flight someday too?

P.S. If you need WiFi on the go, get the KT Olleh pocket WiFi on Klook. You can conveniently pick it up at any international airport in Korea. The best part about the pocket WiFi was that the battery could last the entire day!

Getting from Seoul to Jeju

Once we arrived in Seoul, we took a domestic flight to Jeju. One important thing you must know is that most domestic flights from Seoul depart from Gimpo Airport and not Incheon, so you'll need to transfer between both airports.

#HHWT Tip: Save aside at least an hour of travelling time between the 2 airports to save yourself the unnecessary stress.

The flight time is a little more than an hour and we took Korean Air. But there are plenty of other flights which fly direct to Jeju too such as Asiana, and even budget carriers like Jeju Air, T'way Air, Jin Air and Eastar Jet.

Day 1

Lunch at Bada Punggyeong (1-2 hours)

  • Once we arrived in Jeju, it was time for lunch and we headed to Bada Punggyeong which was just a 5-10 minute drive from the airport. This eatery is known for their tasty stews and we couldn't resist the allure of their Braised Mackerel Stew (from KRW29,000) which was seasoned with Korean red pepper.
  • Really loved that the stew had just the right amount of spice without being too overwhelming ?

#HHWT Tip: If you're not a fan of stews, order their Grilled Mackerel (KRW14,000) instead. Alternatively, you can get the best of both worlds like we did!

  • Since the weather was windy and gloomy after a typhoon, it was so comforting to indulge in the braised mackerel stew. The best part about Bada Punggyeong is that it had a gorgeous view of the sea.
  • If you need to do your prayers, just inform the restaurant's kind staff and they'll bring you up to level 3 to a dedicated prayer space but you have to bring your own prayer garments. Make sure you check out the breathtaking view of the sea too!

Halal status: Seafood options available, Alcohol served in establishment, Prayer facilities in establishment

(KTO classifies Bada Punggyeong as a Muslim-friendly eatery)

Visit Tamnara Republic (1-2 hours)

  • After lunch, it was a visit to one of Jeju's newest attractions - Tamnara Republic. It's a space where everything is decorated with recycled or reused items. And they were all donated mostly by Jeju locals!
  • Fun fact: You need a "passport" to enter Tamnara Republic. You can get the passport from the staff at the entrance and get it chopped before entering the park ?

  • This space felt like a world of its own - it had a gorgeous landscape filled with numerous ponds, bridges, sloped hills and feature walls (like the one below). Make sure you get your cameras ready to snap some instaworthy pictures!

  • There was also a library at Tamnara with books donated by Jeju locals. Although most of them are Korean books, don't they make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed? ?

  • And guess what? You too can contribute your books to the library too. A donation of 5 books will earn you the passport. It's amazing how this initiative was launched to preserve the use of physical books.
  • Note: Tamnara will only be fully opened to the public in 2020 but you can enter the park with a tour. Alternatively, we recommend you to email ([email protected]) and call them (+82 10 5647 7224) to arrange for a private tour.

Unwind at Iho Taewoo Beach (1 hour)

  • Take your time to unwind at Iho Taewoo Beach, which is one of the nearest beaches to Jeju city. The beach is popular during summer and it was nice to see the locals spending time with their families.
  • Do remember to check the weather too as Jeju's weather is known to change drastically. We were lucky we could enjoy the beach as a huge storm had just passed ?

Check in to Ramada Plaza Jeju

  • We stayed at Ramada Plaza Jeju for 2 nights and we totally loved every minute of it! The room was spacious with a huge King-sized bed and a sofa area and the bathroom is probably the size of our rooms back home?
  • But the best part of the room would have to be the breathtaking view of the sea. Not to mention that the hotel is near the airport so you can do some plane-spotting too.

P.S. Check out the hotel's prices here.

Savour halal bulgogi at Tammora (1-2 hours)

  • The good part about Ramada Plaza is that it's home to Tammora, a Muslim-friendly restaurant. As most Muslim-friendly restaurants in Jeju serve only seafood, here's where you can get your fix of halal bulgogi ?
  • Trust us, every bite into their beef bulgogi was a treat. Served on a hotplate, it was juicy and the marinade had the right balance. It was unlike anything we've eaten back home!

  • Their set meal prices range from KRW29,500 to KRW55,ooo.

#HHWT Tip: As the restaurant prepares their halal and non-halal meals separately, remember to call them to reserve your halal meals at least 3 days in advance so that they can get the halal meat ready in time.

Halal status: Halal meat available, Alcohol is served in establishment

(KTO classifies Tammora as a Muslim-friendly eatery)

Day 2

Learn about Jeju's folklore (1-2 hours)

  • Start your day at the Jeju Folk Village Museum by learning about Jeju's traditions. Here's where you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Jeju's way of life in the 19th century.
  • Did you know that there are over 100 houses here that's been preserved and restored?

#HHWT Tip: Get the audio guide from the front counter for just KRW2,000 to understand the village better. Don't forget to bring an insect repellent too as you might get bitten by mosquitoes on a hot day!

  • What we loved about the village is that there are figurines like these to simulate daily life back in the day. You can also try your hand at everyday activities such as grain-milling, ironing clothes or wood-carving.
  • It's no wonder that many Korean historical dramas were filmed here, including the popular Daejanggeum (Jewel In The Palace).
  • Admission fee: KRW11,000 (Adults), KRW7,000 (Children)

#HHWT Tip: Need to do your prayers? Just ask the staff and they'll bring you to a prayer space.

Take in the views of Seopjikoji (1-2 hours)

  • If there's one place you must go to get the best views of Jeju's volcanic formations, it would have to be Seopjikoji. "Seopji" is an old name for the area, while "Koji" refers to a sudden bump of the land.

  • We were here in April during spring and back here again for summer but we were still awed by the view!

  • This time, we managed to climb all the way up to the lighthouse and was greeted with THIS. AMAZING. VIEW ?
  • Needless to say, the climb up was tiring but don't worry, the sea breeze will keep you cool.

Lunch at Uribong Sikdang (1 hour)

  • After all that climbing, it's time to refuel with the only way that Jeju locals do it - by sampling the best seafood at Uribong Sikdang. One thing you can't miss at this eatery is their Abalone Soup.
  • At just KRW15,000, you'll get generous portions of abalone, crab, mussels and tofu. The seafood broth is flavourful yet light on the palate and sipping it is very comforting, especially on a hot summer's day.

  • If you've got a bit more to spend, we highly recommend getting their premium Salt-Grilled Hairtail Fish (KRW28,000). We particularly loved that it had no fishy aftertaste and its soft texture.
  • Uribong Sikdang is located very near to Jeju's famous attraction, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, so you should definitely drop by if you're around the area.

#HHWT Tip: The eatery has a dedicated prayer room complete with prayer mats, garments and even a Quran.

P.S. Remember to look out for our HHWT stickers ?

Halal status: Seafood options available, Alcohol is served in establishment, Prayer facilities in establishment

(KTO classifies Uribong Sikdang as a Muslim-friendly eatery)

Admire hydrangeas at Jeju Hueree (1-2 hours)

  • If you're lucky enough to be in Jeju during summer like we did, be sure to catch the picturesque sight of hydrangeas in bloom at Hueree Natural Park. These blue, white and pink petals flourish from early spring to late autumn.
  • Located on the outskirts of Mt Halla, Hueree park's colours change with the season, so it's best to check our their Facebookor Instagram pages to see which flowers are in bloom.

  • Admission Fee: KRW13,000 (Adults), KRW10,000 (Child)

Go on a yacht tour (1 hour)

  • Spend a sunny afternoon on a yacht off Jeju's southern coast with the Grande Bleu Yacht Tour. Dubbed Korea's largest and most luxurious cruise yacht, this tour is perfect for those of you who enjoy the sun and the sea.
  • The 1 hour course shows you some of Jeju's most beautiful cliffs such as the Jusangjeolli Cliff. If you're lucky enough, you might even be able to spot dolphins (which we weren't able to see ?)! There are about 100 of them living around the port.

  • As it was our first time on a yacht, we were pretty excited to be on it. But the waves were really strong so we highly recommend that you take some motion sickness pills before you start your yacht tour!

  • Another highlight of the tour was the fishing experience on deck. The yacht will make a stop in the middle of the sea and you can start fishing!
  • Price of tour: KRW60,000 for 1 hour, KRW80,000 for 90 minutes

Savour halal shabu-shabu (90 minutes)

  • End the day with a halal shabu-shabu dinner at Cheonhaecheon. This all-you-can-eat buffet serves halal meat, with different cuts of beef and it's certified by the Jeju Islamic Cultural Center.
  • There’s also a wide range of seafood like abalone, crayfish, prawns and crabs which you can eat to your heart's content!
  • For just KRW34,000 per person, we felt that the price was reasonable especially with such a wide variety of buffet spread.

#HHWT Tip: Get a discount of KRW3,000 if you sign up for coupons on Halal Restaurant Week. All you have to do is sign up here, redeem your coupons and show it to the staff at the restaurant.

  • Each table will be given two soup bases - original and kimchi. We preferred the kimchi soup as it had a bit more kick to it. The best way to enjoy their thinly sliced beef is to dip them in the soup and watch it cook in seconds!

  • What we loved about the buffet was their cooked food section as well. We really enjoyed sinking our teeth in their tteokbokki, beef bulgogi and Korean fried chicken.

#HHWT Tip: If you need to do your prayers, just inform the staff and they'll bring you up to the second floor of the restaurant. There are prayer mats and garments so you don't have to worry!

Halal status: Halal meat available, Alcohol is served in establishment, Prayer facilities in establishment

(KTO classifies Cheonhaecheon as a Muslim-friendly eatery)

Day 3

Travelling back from Jeju to Seoul

  • After a good two days in Jeju, it's time to head back to Seoul. Depending on how far you stay from the airport, it's best to plan your route in advance to ensure that you won't miss your flight. The airport tends to get busy at times so it's always good to arrive early!
  • For those of you who enjoy duty-free shopping, Jeju airport's transit area has a large store where you can get your shopping fix, so rest assured you'd have no problem killing time while waiting to board your plane ?

P.S. Have more time to spend in Jeju? Check out our 5D4N Muslim-friendly itinerary of Jeju.

Lunch at Makan Restaurant (1-2 hours)

  • Once you've arrived in Seoul, make your way to Itaewon - the centre of all things halal - and head to Makan Restaurant.
  • Serving you homely and authentic Korean dishes, this has got to be one of our favourite halal restaurants in Seoul!

#HHWT Tip: Gimpo Airport is connected to Seoul city via the Airport Railroad. To get to Itaewon, take the Airport Railroad to Gongdeok and transfer to Line 6 to get to Itaewon.

  • If you're spoilt for choice on what to eat, we highly recommend getting their Dakdoritang (KRW10,000). This Korean-style braised chicken stew is a mix of sweet and spicy flavours. We loved that the chicken soaked up the rich flavours of the stew and the meat simply fell off its bone.
  • Don't miss out on their Dalkganjeong (sweet and spicy crunchy chicken) too! For just KRW20,000, you'll get a huge portion to share between 2-3 people. Trust us, one bite of this juicy and flavourful treat won't be enough to satiate your cravings ?

P.S. The side dishes here are really yummy and the best part is, you can always ask for a second serving of side dishes in a Korean eatery.

Halal status: Halal-certified by Korea Muslim Federation, Mosque nearby

Visit Seoul Central Mosque (1-2 hours)

  • After a hearty meal, take a short walk to the Seoul Central Mosque which is just round the corner from Makan Restaurant. With such a distinct entrance, it's hard not to spot the mosque!

  • Opened in 1976, this mosque is one of 8 mosques in Korea (yes there are that many!) but it's the only one serving the Seoul area.

  • What we loved about this mosque is their effort to bridge ties between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Seoul. There are newsletters and brochures outside the mosque explaining what Islam is and dispelling stereotypes that it's a religion of terror. In fact, non-Muslims are also welcome to attend classes at the mosque to learn more about Islam!☺️

Indulge in a herbal foot bath (1 hour)

  • After a few days of being and out about, it's time to pamper yourself with a herbal foot bath at Solgaheon, an authentic Korean herbal pharmacy.
  • Before proceeding with the foot bath, you'll be served a medicinal herbal tea of your choice and this depends on what ailments you have. There are various teas for conditions such as fatigue, indigestion and even joint problems.

  • Once done with your tea, you'll be escorted to do your foot bath which takes around 20 minutes. Did you know that having a foot bath helps with blood circulation, increases metabolism and relieves fatigue? Definitely just what you need on your travels!

Credit: @pic_by_yk on Instagram

  • Price: KRW10,000 (herbal tea), KRW10,000 (foot bath)

Take a pedicab around old Seoul (1-1.5 hours)

  • Once done with the foot bath, hop on a pedicab run by Artee Riders Club and explore old Seoul on wheels.

  • There are 5 courses to choose from and we took the Seochon route. Seochon is a 600-year-old artists' village and it used to be where poets, artists and craftsmen used to stay but now it's turned into galleries, museums and cafes.
  • We loved the fact that the tour made stops at various places so that we can experience how life is like in the district. We had the chance to stop by a local market and the former house of a nobleman.

  • The cost of the tour starts from KRW45,000 depending on the route you choose, and the pedicab rider will be your guide throughout the journey, explaining to you the heritage of the district.

Dinner at Osegyehyang (1-2 hours)

  • It's time for dinner and why not try some vegetarian food at Osegyehyang? If you think that vegetarian food is bland and boring, this restaurant will prove otherwise.
  • One of the dishes we ordered was their Fried Dumpling (KRW9,000) and we were amazed at how the meat is substituted with starch noodles. To our surprise, it actually tasted good!

  • We also tried their Grilled Soy Protein Stew (KRW10,000). Traditionally, this Korean stew would consist of beef but this time, it was soy instead.
  • You won't realise that it's soy just by looking at it but once we chewed on it, it was obvious that the texture couldn't match up to beef. But it was a hearty soup nonetheless and the flavour wasn't compromised.

  • We completed our meal with their Mushroom Stew (KRW30,000). If you're a fan of mushrooms, this would be perfect for you.
  • There are at least 3 different kinds of mushrooms plus various vegetables in the soup. The soup was light and refreshing though we wished it had a stronger flavour.
  • Overall, this is probably our first time trying out Korean vegetarian food and we're surprised that it tasted good ?

Halal status: Vegetarian food available

(KTO classifies Osegyehyang as a Muslim-friendly eatery)

End the night with a musical (2.5 hours)

  • To end the day, we decided to catch a Korean musical called Only You. It's about the life of a married couple and it shows their struggles and love over 37 years of marriage ?

  • It's our first time catching a Korean musical so we didn't exactly know what to expect. But the energetic song and dance quickly eased us into the show and we really enjoyed the stellar performance by the cast!

  • If you're worried about not understanding a thing from the musical, fret not. There are subtitles at the side to guide you through the whole show and ensure that you won't be left out when the Koreans are laughing!
  • In case some of you are wondering how long this musical will be playing, not to worry. Most local musicals have an open run which means that they are playing all year round. You can check out websites like Klook and KK Day to get the best deals on musical tickets.

Check in to L7 Myeongdong

  • After a whole day of walking activities in Seoul, its finally time to check in to our hotel at L7 Myeongdong. This boutique hotel is located right on top of Myeongdong subway station and in the heart of the Myeongdong shopping district!
  • So, all you shopaholics can rejoice - you can shop till late and come back to the hotel to rest ?

  • Another highlight of L7 Myeongdong is its bright and chic interior. Not to mention that the hotel's architecture would make a picture-perfect backdrop too!
  • Check out L7 Myeongdong's prices here.

Day 4

Cook an authentic Korean meal (3-4 hours)

  • Start your day by learning how to cook authentic Korean cuisine at OME Cooking Lab. If you've always enjoyed Korean food and wished you could prepare it yourself, this is the perfect class for you☺️
  • The class will start with a tour of Gyeongdong market guided by a staff from the cooking lab. We were so amazed that the market had such a huge variety of kimchi and fermented pastes - definitely an experience you can't get back home.

  • Then it was our favourite part of the trip: cooking! If you don’t have any cooking experience, no need to fret as it is mostly done in group and the instructor will gladly help you ?
  • The best part about the class is that they'll specially prepare halal meat and ingredients for you but just make sure you call them in advance to book. Even their utensils are all labelled halal so there's absolutely nothing to worry about!

  • We prepared a total of 5 dishes: Japchae (sweet potato noodles), Dakgalbi (spicy stir-fried chicken), Egg Roll, Seafood Pancake, Iced Cucumber Seaweed Soup.
  • My personal favourite was Dakgalbi as it's not easy to get a halal version of it in Singapore. Needless to say, this one had the right balance of sweet and spicy, with the chicken fully soaking up the flavour of the sauce. I liked that it wasn't too dry and I could savour the sauce on its own. Of course, the feeling of having it homecooked was priceless too!

  • Overall, we really enjoyed the cooking lesson but we just wished that there were chances to cook individually. Plus, we even got a recipe book at the end of the class so that means we can cook the dishes back home too.
  • The cooking class costs KRW60,000 per person. Here's how you can book your slot - reserve online, call (+82 10-9909-0908) or email ([email protected]) Do remember to let them know that you need halal ingredients!

Halal status: Halal meat and ingredients available

Watch art come alive at L'atelier (1-2 hours)

  • Located in the heart of Dongdaemun shopping district, L'atelier is an indoor impressionist art theme park set in 19th century France ? Who knew you could experience the streets of France in Seoul?
  • Here's where you can see famous paintings of 19th century artists such as those by Monet and Van Gogh come alive! We really loved the use of moving pictures and holograms to make art more interactive.

Credit: @latelier.official on Instagram

  • Price: KRW24,000 (Adult), KRW16,000 (Child)

Visit Deoksugung Palace (2 hours)

  • While most travellers always make a visit to Seoul's most famous palace, Gyeongbokgung, why not make a trip to Deoksugung instead? It’s conveniently located right outside of City Hall station. Although it's smaller than the other palaces, having less visitors means that it's the perfect chance for you to take a break from the bustling city.
  • Don't miss out on the changing of royal guards ceremony at the entrance of the palace where you'll be treated to superb drills and colourful display of uniforms.

Credit: Matthew Garin on Facebook

  • The highlight of the palace would have to be the mix of traditional and Western-style architecture. Plus, this is the only palace which has a mix of both architecture styles!
  • The best part about Deoksugung is that it's opened till 9pm, while other palaces are usually only opened till 5pm. So, if you're busy in the day, you can just drop by the palace at night! Do note that the last admission is 8pm.

Credit: @ae_min_ on Instagram

#HHWT Tip: If you're planning to visit all the palaces in Seoul, we highly recommend getting the Combination Ticket for Palaces. It costs just KRW10,000 and you'll be able to save money too. You can get the ticket at the entrance of any palace.

Experience Korean fine dining (2-3 hours)

  • Head over to Chaegundaam for dinner for a taste of Korean fine dining. Known for their excellent vegetarian cuisine, the restaurant has been featured in Seoul's Michelin guide for 2017 and 2018.
  • We had the Michelin recommended set which costs KRW67,500. Though it's a little pricey, you'll get to experience a full course authentic Korean meal. We really enjoyed the palatable appetisers which came in a few rounds.

  • Our favourite appetisers were the traditional Korean pancakes. They were really interesting as they're made using different ingredients ranging from seaweed to even corn. There was also a lot of tofu used in preparing the dishes as a substitute for meat, but the taste wasn’t compromised.

P.S. Did you know that dishes at Chaegundaam are prepared only using organic ingredients and natural herbs? ?

  • What we found really unique was the fact that the main course was simpler than the appetisers. It consisted only of Doenjjang Jjigae (soybean paste stew), brown rice, kimchi and a few side dishes! But that was sufficient as we already had a few rounds of appetisers.
  • There was also a round of traditional Korean desserts at the end which included injeolmi (sweet rice cake with roasted soybean powder), cinnamon tea and watermelon. What a refreshing way to end the night!

Halal status: Vegetarian food available, Alcohol is served in establishment

(KTO classifies Chaegundaam as a Muslim-friendly eatery)

Alternative: Hibiscus Asian Restaurant (1-2 hours)

  • If you're on a tight budget but still want to have a big feast to enjoy your last night in Seoul, head over to Hibiscus Asian Restaurant instead. You can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet here for just KRW15,000 ? That's quite a steal if you ask us!

  • Although the buffet spread was limited, they have a good mix of Korean and Western dishes. We really enjoyed their Beef Bulgogi and Sweet and Sour Chicken. The Beef Bulgogi was juicy and we liked that it wasn't too dry.
  • For those of you who want a little break from Korean food, you can also indulge in their pizzas and spaghetti bolognese. Plus, they have a wide range of salad too.

  • Hibiscus also has a wide selection of ala carte Middle Eastern and Indian dishes such as Shish Kebab, Tagine and Briyani, so there are really a lot of options for everyone, and it's good especially if you're travelling with family.
  • As part of Halal Restaurant Week, you can get KRW10,000 off Hibiscus' pre-fixed meals. All you have to do is sign up here, get the coupons on "My Page" and redeem them!
  • Note: Hibiscus opens only at these timings: 7am - 10am (Breakfast), 12pm-2pm (Lunch), 6pm-9pm (Dinner), closed on Sundays for lunch and dinner.

#HHWT Tip: Hibiscus has a small prayer room which has prayer mats and garments, so you can perform your prayers easily.

Halal status: Halal-certified

(KTO classifies Hibiscus as a Self-Certified eatery)

Day 5

Check in at a city terminal (30 min)

  • It's your last day in Korea and if your flight doesn't leave till afternoon, we highly recommend that you check in at a city air terminal. There are 2 of them - one in Seoul Station and another near COEX mall, where we checked in at.

Credit: @pu08525 on Instagram

  • What we loved about the city air terminal is that you won't need to carry your luggage around the city after checking in, especially if the check-out time at your accommodation is pretty early.

#HHWT Tip: Do note that you can only enjoy this service if you're flying with Korean Air, Asiana and Singapore Airlines.

Visit Asia's largest underground mall (1-2 hours)

  • Yes, you read that right! Seoul is home to COEX, the largest underground mall not only in Seoul but in Asia too. You can find all the leading global fashion brands here like Burberry, Zara and H&M plus an aquarium and library.

  • We absolutely loved COEX's Starfield Library, which is a hit with travellers and locals. This free and open-air library boasts a collection of 50,000 books and magazines although there is only a small section of English books.
  • But with such picturesque backdrops, you won't want to miss capturing some picture-perfect moments here ?

  • We love how everything is convenient at COEX. There’s even a prayer room at the convention centre beside the mall. Just head to the third floor and find Hall E. The prayer room is located near halls 307 and 308 and it's fully equipped with prayer mats and garments too.

Try Turkish food in Korea (1-2 hours)

  • If you're looking for something different for your last meal in Korea, why not try some authentic Turkish food at Kervan Turkish Restaurant? This famous halal chain has several outlets in Seoul so you should definitely visit one of them.
  • We got the Mix Steak Kebab, Butter Chicken and some naan bread to pair with it. The Mix Steak Kebab had the right amount of tenderness and the flavours fit perfectly. I personally wasn't used to the slightly sour taste of the Butter Chicken but it still tasted good. We were also amazed that a lot of locals were having their lunch here too!

Halal status: Halal-certified by Korea Muslim Federation

Time to head home

  • After a good 5 days in Korea, it's time to say goodbye ? If you're flying with Korean Air like we did, you'll depart from Incheon Airport's new terminal 2 which just opened in January so everything is brand new. We loved how it's so spacious and there's so much natural light!

  • There's also a prayer room in the new terminal's transit area. It's on the 4th floor near the Korean Air lounge and in between gates 249 and 250. Just take note that there's no wudhu area so you have to take it at the nearest toilet. Do remember to bring your own prayer mats and garments too.

So, that's the end of our 5D4N Muslim-friendly itinerary of Jeju and Seoul. This guide is perfect for those of you who want a taste of Korea but don't have the luxury of time.

And you don't have to worry about food as we've got you covered with yummy halal delicacies. From authentic Korean seafood specialties in Jeju to delicious Korean fried chicken and even a halal cooking class in Seoul, there are so many options to choose from. Call your travel buddies, it's time to plan a trip to Korea ?

P.S. Korea's Halal Restaurant Week will be happening from 16 Aug to 14 October so do keep a lookout for our upcoming articles on the event. Plus, you can also get KRW3,000 or KRW10,000 off your meals using the coupons provided on their website.

This article is brought to you by Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore).