5D4N Muslim-Friendly Family Itinerary to Vietnam


Noor Aishah Karim •  Oct 18, 2023

If you’re looking for adventure, cheap food and friendly people for a getaway, Vietnam might be the perfect holiday destination. We've got the perfect 5-day Muslim-friendly itinerary through Vietnam and its cities of Hanoi and Sapa, contributed by Nur Diana. She took a family vacation with her husband, parents and sibling and here’s what they did!

Day 1: Traveling to Sapa

  • Take a flight to Hanoi and then switch to a minivan to travel to Sapa

P.S. Diana took a direct flight from Singapore to Hanoi on SQ, we checked and the prices start from SG$227!

  • To ensure comfort and space, book a 9-seater luxury minivan just like what Diana did for her family of 6
  • Diana notes that her family does not like tour groups and would often plan their trip by themselves

Stay at the KK Sapa Hotel for your two nights at Sapa!

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Day 2: Sapa

  • Travel to Fansipan Mountain for amazing views ?
  • Book your trip to the mountain through Klook, and it will be hassle-free, all you would need to do is to show the travel operators your QR code, and it is all set!
  • The journey to Fansipan Mountain consists of three parts
    • Train Ride
      • from Sapa station to Fansipan station
    • Gondola
      • To get across the valley
      • The trip up the gondola allows you to be amongst the clouds, and its visibility would be low!

Photo credit: Nur Diana

  • Tram
    • The weather may get super windy and wet, so it’s advisable to wear a slightly thicker sweater or jacket. At the summit, there are Asean flags (except Singapore) which visitors can use as props.

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Photo credit: Nur Diana

  • Cat Cat Village
    • After visiting Fansipan Mountain, explore the nearby Cat Cat Village
    • A picturesque and charming destination nestled in the mountains of Vietnam. Located in the Hoang Lien Son range, near the famous town of Sapa, Cat Cat Village offers a unique and authentic experience for travellers seeking to immerse themselves in traditional local culture.
    • The name "Cat Cat" is believed to have originated from the local ethnic minority groups who inhabit the village, particularly the Hmong people.
    • In the Hmong language, the word "cat" means "cascade" or "waterfall," and the word "Cat Cat" translates to "waterfall cascade." The village is known for its scenic beauty, characterised by pictures

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Halal Food At Sapa

  • There are limited halal options available in Sapa, and Sapa Halal Restaurant and D’Lion are some of the few halal restaurants there!
  • Diana’s tip: Bring instant noodles with you in the event you can’t get to the halal restaurants.

Photo credit: Nur Diana [ That is a Nasi Ambang!! ? ]

HHWT Tip: It would be better to download google translate to communicate with the locals as there may be a language barrier. Diana expressed how she once ordered 4 drinks and ended up with 8!

P.S. We asked Diana for her thoughts on Sapa and here’s what she thought:

  • A beautiful place with an ever-changing landscape. It is an untouched beauty.
  • An ongoing development around Sapa town but not so extensive.
  • Worth the 5 hours trip from Singapore!

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Day 3: Commute to Hanoi

  • To ensure comfort and space, especially when travelling with family for 5 hours, book a 9-seater luxury minivan to get to Hanoi!

After you’ve arrived, rest at Bespoke Trendy Hotel Hanoi, before heading out to the old quarter of Hanoi

Old Quater of Hanoi

  • Located near Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter dates back over a thousand years and has been the commercial hub of Hanoi since ancient times.
  • Each street in this labyrinthine district is named after the goods traditionally sold there, such as Silk Street, Shoe Street, and Silver Street.
  • The area is known for its traditional "tube houses," narrow buildings with small storefronts that extend deep into the block.

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Photo credit: Nur Diana

  • For dinner, head over to this halal restaurant at Cosia Hotel!
  • Halal status: Halal-certified

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Then head on to this Al-Noor Mosque in Hanoi!

Photo credit: Nur Diana

P.S. If you’re looking for halal food in Hanoi, there are quite several halal restaurants that you can try. Most of it is in the old quarters where the mosque is, and these eateries serve Malay, Indian cuisine and more! The local halal Vietnamese food is usually out of stock or no longer served so go early to catch a taste of the local flavor!

Day 4: Halong Bay Day Tour!

Photo credit: Nur Diana

  • Book a day trip to Halong Bay in Singapore through a Vietnamese agent or Klook. Your agent would pick you up from our hotel and the travel time is 2 hours.
  • Head on to the pearl factory before going to the pier. At the pier, you will then take a boat and sail out into the bay.
  • There will be 3 pit stops for you to do some activities. The time given was only 40mins per station.
  • The first stop was Titov Island, where you can swim or trek up a small hill.
  • The second stop was kayaking or boat ride.
  • If you choose Kayaing, you are up for a fun experience and will even come across majestic ‘stones’ up close.
  • P.S. Diana describes this as one of the highlights of her trip!

Photo credit: Nur Diana

Halal Food on Halong Bay

  • For Halong Bay, food is part of the package, and no outside food is allowed.
  • However, you can request vegetarian food, and the tour operators will ask you if you can eat seafood as they only serve seafood except for the fried eggs, which are cooked using vegetable oil.

Day 5: Hanoi → SG

Home sweet home!

If you’re planning to go to Vietnam and planning your trip, here’s Diana’s advice:

  • Get a travel agent if you’re not a DIY traveller, as it may be a hassle, especially the pre-prep before heading for the trip. But if you prefer to be with your family and plan your own time and activities at your own pace, you should travel free and easily in Vietnam!
  • Be careful of transport scams! Diana was scammed by the taxi driver inSapa where she paid$32 for a ride, and Sapa town is just a small town! But that’s how we learn, after all, it’s just part and parcel of travelling!
  • Travelling on your own allows you to uncover new places, and you can manage costs according to your budget since you pick your hotel and transportation!
  • As with travelling, don’t forget to do thorough research and be prepared for food, snacks, medication and more!

We hope this DIY Itinerary will inspire you to travel and explore the world and is helpful if you were to travel a trip to Sapa and Hanoi! Diana describes the trip as a wonderful and memorable trip, and we hope you would too if you follow this itinerary for your upcoming trip!