Bedok 511 Market: Hidden Gem For Halal Western Hawker Food, Malay Kuih (& More!)


Farhana Husin •  Aug 17, 2021

Hawker centres are a part of everyday life for Singaporeans. Besides local food, you can find a wide range of halal hawker food, including some of the best Western hawker food. Our Tribes by HHWT member Farhana Ayu shares with us the best makan spots at 511 Bedok (officially called Kaki Bukit 511 Market & Food Centre). It's an underrated hawker centre in Bedok!

511 Bedok - An Underrated Halal Hawker Paradise

One of my favourite weekend activities with the kids is to bring them to the place which grew up in the first 20 years of my life, which is at Bedok North Street 3.

Credit: Farhana Ayu

Not only will it be a storytelling trip of my childhood hangouts but I'll also bring them to my favourite Western Stall, Nur Jannatun Naim at Kaki Bukit 511 Market & Food Centre at Bedok North Street 3!

Credit: Farhana Ayu

Even after moving out from Bedok North for more than 20 years, my family still frequent their stall for their Fried Chicken Wings, Sabsuka and Roti John.

Credit: Farhana Ayu

Credit: Farhana Ayu

This 511 Market & Food Centre is one of those hawker centres that's worth your time as they have a good variety of Halal food stalls where you can get all types of Malay Kuihs & Desserts like Goreng Pisang, Lekor, Dadih & Gudil, Nasi Lemak, Horfun, Chicken Rice, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Padang, Indian Rojak, Otak-Otak and lots more!

Credit: Farhana Ayu

Credit: Farhana Ayu

That's not all!! Just a few steps away, Block 510 although it may seem to have a quiet atmosphere to it, but it is actually quite happening with shops like Topping De Cuppies selling Takoyakis & Martabak Manis and also Farlida Cafe selling Bubble Tea, Coffee & Waffles!

Credit: Farhana Ayu

Relive your childhood taste buds by visiting your old childhood estate's food centre and take a walk down memory lane for nostalgic feels

Coming back to Bedok North sure brings back many bittersweet memories of growing up in my childhood yesteryears of religiously going to our favourite snacks shop every day after school. Some of the things that I'd buy are the Tikam snacks, playing Block Catching, Rumah Dayak, Poison Ball, Hide n Seek, catching tadpoles, hanging out at our friend's house, hearing our Mums scream our names from the window either for us to go home or to buy Grated Coconut & other groceries ?

Credit: Farhana Ayu

I also like walking & exploring around the estate seeing the once upon a time favourite snacks, stationery & grocery shops being replaced with new hip & happening shops.

Although it has been 20 years since we last moved out from Bedok North, time sure stood still for some of our neighbours and shopowners who doesn't seem to age much at all and even their shops look the same after all these years!

Bringing the Kids back to our Childhood place for a feel of nostalgia & the old Bedok charm certainly forges a connection of how we have lived our childhood. Love hawker food? Then, check out these places:

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