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5 Essential Tips Every Driver Must Know When Driving To Malaysia


Faruq Senin •  Mar 19, 2018


The long weekends are just round the corner and you know what that means? A road trip! Credit: giphy For most of us, driving to Malaysia is the perfect respite from our busy schedules. Road trips with your loved ones are always an exciting adventure but not being fully prepared could land you in trouble and disrupt your travel plans. So, to help you make sure that you won't be stuck in such a situation, we've rounded up a list of useful tips you need to know when driving to Malaysia?
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1. Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) system
If you frequently drive to Malaysia, you might have heard about the VEP. Well, it's official - starting mid-April, Malaysia's Transport Ministry will be issuing tags for foreign-registered vehicles entering Malaysia through the Johor-Singapore causeway and Tuas Second Link.
Credit: Rothschild Jobi on Facebook The VEP will cost RM25 (SGD 8.40) and is valid for 5 years. Don't forget to attach it to your car once you're issued the tag! This is on top of the RM20 road charge that you currently have to pay while driving into Malaysia. Plus, did you know that each VEP tag will be fitted with RFID technology which you can use to pay toll charges in future? ? #HHWT Tip: If you still haven't applied for a VEP and are planning to drive into Malaysia anytime soon, you can do so here.
2. Have the right documents
Now that you've got your VEP settled, there are a few documents you need to keep with you on your road trip. First things first, you need to have a valid certificate insurance for your car when entering Malaysia.
You'll also need to make sure your road tax is up to date before driving overseas with your car. All you need to do is renew it online (if you haven't) and keep a printed copy or digital version of your road tax validity. #HHWT Tip: Do remember to renew your road tax BEFORE the expiry date. Otherwise, a late renewal fees will be imposed. You can find out more here.
3. Keeping your car (and you!) safe
This is nothing new and we've all heard stories of car theft or broken windows. And it's always so easy to dismiss this as we'd like to think that it will never happen to us. But, as the old saying goes - better to be safe than sorry!
The basic rule is to always make sure that you take extra precautions and safety measures. Be careful with your belongings and NEVER leave your car unlocked, even for a short while. Plus, don't leave your valuables lying around even when you do lock your car. There are many other ways you can keep your car even safer such as purchasing anti-theft devices.
4. Get the right traffic apps
You might be wondering, wouldn't Google Maps be enough? Yes, having Google Maps is useful especially when you're driving and need help with navigation, but it's not always the most complete or accurate.
It doesn't hurt having other traffic apps to help you avoid jams or accidents along the way. For example, you can check Malaysia's PLUS website for live traffic situation and updates. You can also download the Waze app for an idea of how busy your journey will be. This also includes estimated waiting times at toll gates especially holiday season!
5. Prepare for the unexpected
While having the perfect road trip without any hiccups is the most ideal situation, sometimes things don't necessarily go your way and it pays to be prepared ☺️ Perhaps one thing to do before your road trip is to ensure that your car is in tip top condition. You won't want to be stuck on the expressway for hours and go through the hassle of fixing your car.
But just in case that happens, (we hope not!) you also have to be prepared for it. One useful thing to have is to bring a safety kit which includes things like jumper cables, flashlight and tyre-changing tools. This will be your life-saver in case the unexpected happens? So there you have it! 5 essential tips every driver must know when driving to Malaysia. Now that you're all equipped with these tips, you're all set for that road trip with your loved ones!