5 Pokemon Hotspots in Tokyo To Catch ‘Em All While You Sightsee


Tengku Suzana •  Aug 19, 2016

It’s Pokemon Go fever all around the world and it’s no exception in Japan, the birthplace of Pokemon! So since you'll definitely be visiting these sights, it's the perfect excuse to catch some Pokemon while you're there ;P

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1. Ueno Park

Even though cherry blossom season was months ago, it sure looks like it now at Ueno Park with the continuous lures. Gorgeous, isn’t it? ;P Be on the lookout for Venusaur and Porygon!

Ueno Park

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Pokemon Go aside, Ueno Park is one of the best spots for hanami. If you’re there during the cherry blossom season, arrive early to get a good spot under the trees as you enjoy your picnic. Taking a swan ride across the waters is also a must!

Ueno Park

2. Senso-ji (Asakusa)

A trip to Tokyo isn’t complete without visiting the oldest temple – Senso-ji! You’ll be able to find a wide variety of Pokemon in the area, especially with Sumida River just a short walk away. Possible rare Pokemon find? Blastoise!

P.S. The famous Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) is a gym and definitely one of the most competitive ones around!


As this area is typically crowded, please watch where you’re going and of course, always respect the local culture and traditions!

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3. Meiji-Jingu

A peaceful oasis in the middle of bustling Tokyo, Meiji-Jingu is the perfect place for some time off after all that shopping in Harajuku and… to catch some Pokemon! Pokemon hunting here would be more enjoyable with the wide open space and lots of Pokemon hidden in the trees and bushes. Be careful not to trip as you walk on the pebbled path!


If you have extra time, head over to nearby Yoyogi Park, it’s believed to be a Sandshrew nest!


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4. Shinjuku Gyoen

Although there is an entrance fee to Shinjuku Gyoen, we think the price is worth it for the sight you’ll be greeted with as you step through the gates. Besides, you might be leaving with the park with a Venusaur, Blastoise, Porygon, Snorlax (if you’re lucky) and lots of Pikachus!


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#HHWT Tip: Shinjuku Gyoen Ouka Ramen is close to the park so hop over there for a huge bowl of really yummy ramen after your Pokemon hunt!

shinjuku gyoen ramen ouka

5. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Many centuries ago, the Tokugawa shogun and Emperor Meiji performed their daily strolls at the Imperial Palace. Today, you get to experience the public garden the way they did, while catching Pokemon if you wish! Plus, you might just leave the palace with a Gyrados, Snorlax and Kabutops in your Pokeballs.


Credit: Poketan

If you'll be in Tokyo during Autumn, the Imperial East Garden is a must-visit for a perfect koyo experience. The trees will blush in shades of orange, burgundy and bright yellow so get your cameras ready! 

Imperial East Garden

Credit: WPPilot (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Bonus: Farfetch'd is believed to be a region exclusive, so keep a lookout for it as you explore Tokyo!


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Are you ready to catch them all?

Credit: @aoineko.00

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