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5 Places On Earth To Find These Magnificent But Threatened Animal Species


Suzana •  Sep 21, 2016


With recent news of giant pandas no longer being listed as endangered species, it’s time to celebrate the continued survivability of these gentle giants. As we continue to educate people on the importance of habitat conservation for our furry friends, ZUJI Singapore looks at five other animals that are currently listed as endangered or vulnerable. These species can be found in various parts of the world – all beautiful, unique, and incredibly at risk of extinction.
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1. Amur Leopards  Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Russia
Credit: Silvain de Munck on Flickr Along the sweeping border landscapes of northeastern China and Far East Russia, you’ll find the elusive Amur Leopard – illegally poached for its spotted fur and said to have as few as only 70 individuals left in the wild. If catching a glimpse of this mystical big cat is on your bucket list, head to Primorsky Krai in Russia where you’ll find the Kedrovaya Pad Reserve, the only dedicated reserve in the world to protect the Amur Leopard.
2. Polar Bears – Svalbard (Located between Norway and the North Pole)
Credit: Valerie on Flickr Thanks to the climate change which has slowly depleted the sea ice that these lovable bears live on, Polar Bears are now classified under the ‘vulnerable’ category in the conservation scale. Take a cruise to the icy Arctic regions of Svalbard, Norway, where you’ll get to see the ‘King of the Arctic’ in action against the winter snowy wonderland backdrop.
3. Sumatran Rhino – Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia
Credit: WWF The Sumatran Rhinos are critically endangered for their extensively poached horns, leaving them with only less than 110 of their kind in the world. More than 60% of them live in just two national parks in Indonesia: Bukit Barisan Selatan and Way Kambas National Park, where you’ll get a chance to learn of the breeding and protection efforts of these amazing creatures.
4. Bengal Tiger – Kanha National Park, India
Credit: tinypretorius on Flickr As regal as it is, the Bengal Tiger is still victim to illegal poaching for their skin and body parts, loss of prey due to hunting, and conflicts with villagers. With less than 2,500 left in the world, one of the best places to witness these majestic beauties is at the tiger reserve at Kanha National Park near Jabalpur, India.
5. Quokka – Rottnest Island, Australia
Credit: Sam West on Flickr Due to the encroachment of human civilization, predators, and bush fires, the smiling Quokka is considered to be a vulnerable species. Throughout the years, it has been named the “happiest animal in the world” and gained popularity as the cutest selfie critter. Head down to Rottnest Island in Australia, where you’ll find these adorable ones in clans – some more than happy to snap a selfie with you! Contributed by Zuji Singapore.