These 5 Picturesque Spots Will Complete Your Taipei Trip


Jannah •  Dec 16, 2016

You may not know this, but Taipei is home to some of the best breathtaking landscapes and scenic beauty. Always been a fan of them? Look no further, we have put together 5 in this list for you to enjoy!

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1. Taroko Gorge National Park

Credit: @a.the.w on Instagram

You can embark on various trails here to see the amazing view offered in this park. If you are looking for a jog with a view, you can do it here too!

Amazing isn’t it?

Credit: @chiuning1994 on Instagram

2. Mao Kong (猫空)

Board the Maokong gondola towards Maokong to see the sunset over Taipei city. Enjoy a cup of tea at the Maokong Teahouse while watching the day end and Instagram all those night views!

You are also able to see different trees blossoming at different times of the year.

Credit: Mid 70's Concept on Facebook

3. Taipei’s iconic building Taipei 101

Take the fastest elevator up to Taipei 101 Observatory to see a scenic view of the city. There are malls at the first five floors for some shopping time too!

4. Shifen Waterfalls (十分大瀑布)

Credits: David Tul on Flickr

As the waterfall splashes into the lake, try to catch the sight of a rainbow ?

Credit: Taiwan Tourism Bureau, India on Facebook

5. Elephant Mountain (象山)

A short hike of 15 to 20 minutes will get you to the top of Elephant Mountain. Here, you can spot the iconic building, Taipei 101!

Credit: @adventure.traveler.peter on Instagram

#HHWT tip: Try to avoid weekends, as it is fairly crowded.

BONUS: Watch the spectacular fireworks from Elephant Mountain!


Credits: Kyle Wang on Flickr

If you visit Taipei during the year-end countdown, you can witness the amazing fireworks on the Taipei 101 building from Elephant Mountain. Marvel at the display of lights, capture some pictures for memories, or simply admire the spectacle going on before your very eyes. ?

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So there we have it! If you've been to Taipei, let us know of any other interesting attractions to visit in the comments below ? Happy traveling!