5 Medieval Castles You Can Actually Afford to Stay In


Have Halal Will Travel •  Jun 17, 2015

We're sure most of us have had fantasies about living in a castle! Be it the pretty ones from Disney fairy tales or post-PSLE dream school, Hogwarts, there’s something about castles that makes us yearn for magic and adventure.

Affordable Castle Stays Daenerys Staring at Her Next Conquest


As you’ve probably never entertained the possibility of living in one, we’ve decided to do the work for you. Think of us as your advisors, here to offer a list of affordable castle stays to appease your inner royalty.

So come forth, lords and ladies! Your castle awaits.

1. Burg Stahleck – Bacharach, Germany



Burg Stahleck is probably the most Disney-like in our list of affordable castle stays. Built on a crag along the Rhine, it's the perfect place to pretend to wave at your loyal subjects down below and view the far ends of your kingdom...

At the foot of the castle is a charming village that would make any Instagrammer squeal in delight!

Affordable Castle Stays Burg Stahleck Bacharach Germany Medieval Town


Unfortunately, Burg Stahleck is almost always fully-booked so be prepared to plan way in advance so you can experience it for yourself.

Recommended Activity: Perfecting your royal wave.


Price Per Night: Dorms from ~ 21,50 € (SGD 33)*

Link: Hostelling International 

2. Hostel Carcassonne - Carcassonne, France

Affordable Castle Stays Cite de Carcassonne France Fortress


If you're more of the Helms Deep-y type, you might appreciate staying at Carcassonne - the toughest, most baddass castle on our list. Carcassonne was used by the French as a fortress to defend their border against Spain, and has all the architectural features you'll ever need to re-enact your favourite epic battles.

Affordable Castle Stays Cite de Carcassonne France Jousting

Self-Catering Carcassonne

Medieval jousting and sword-fighting demonstrations in full regalia are also held daily!

While you’re technically not staying in the main castle, you get to live in an ACTUAL medieval fortress! How cool is that?

Recommended Activity: Looking over the parapets and clutching your intricately-carved elven bow.

Affordable Castle Stays Legolas and Gimli at Helms Deep


Price Per Night: Dorms from ~ $28 (SGD 38)*

Link:Hostelling International

3. Caherkinmonwee Castle – Galway, Ireland

Affordable Castle Stays Caher Castle AirBNB


With over 200 5-star ratings on AirBNB, owners - Peter and Ava - must’ve done something right.

The old Irish castle was lovingly restored by Peter himself and includes modern features such as wifi, a hammock in the bedroom and a pool table in the dungeon alongside authentic medieval-y ones like an accessible turret, wrought iron hinges, spiral staircases and the warmth of a crackling furnace to lull you to sleep.

For the price of a regular hotel room in Singapore, you get the privacy of your own castle. Your own. All of it.

Peter might even let you mount your own flag like proper royalty!

Recommended Activity: Hanging out at the rooftop and looking wistfully at the night sky thinking, when will my royal relatives finally find me?



Price Per Night: Entire Castle from ~ SGD 227


4. St Briavels Castle – Gloucestershire, England

Affordable Castle Stays St Briavels Gloucestershire England

Youth Hostels Association

St Briavels seems like a really bad place to have a youth hostel, but lucky for those with an insatiable need for adventure, someone decided to put one there.

Beneath the YHA tag line 'Fun Family Breaks in a Castle' and an interior that attempts to be cheery, lies one of the most haunted castles in England. Guests have been reported to flee in the middle of the night from eerie encounters such as disturbing sounds, the feeling of being tugged and various sightings.

If you’re (un)lucky, you could end up in the Oubliette Room – perhaps the most haunted area in the castle. The name comes from the French word 'oublier' meaning ‘to forget’. Hidden under a carpet in the room is a trapdoor that opens to reveal a deep hole, in which prisoners were thrown and thereafter forgotten.

Recommended Activity: Just… be safe.


Harry Potter Wiki

Price Per Night: Dorms from ~ £13 (SGD 28)*

Link: Youth Hostels Association

5. Augill Castle – Kirkby Stephen, England

Affordable Castle Stays Augill Castle Kirkby Stephen England Medieval Castle Front


Augill Castle might be slightly on the expensive side, but considering how absolutely incredible it looks (both in and out) and that there’s a movie theatre inside the castle, we’d say it’s pretty worth it.

Affordable Castle Stays Augill Castle Kirkby Stephen England Common Room

Good Hotel Guide

From panelled walls, plush leather and velvet seats and decorative weaponry – everything is absolutely spot on. The five acres of gardens that surround the castle is no bother because you’re never gonna want to leave anyway!

Affordable Castle Stays Augill Castle Kirkby Stephen England Bedroom

Good Hotel Guide

Recommended Activity: You might as well put on the period costume you’ve been hiding in the closet.

Affordable Castle Stays Medieval Costume


Price Per Night: Private Rooms from ~ SGD 205 per pax

Link: AirBNB

*Additional Charges May Apply

So there you go! Five castles to choose from – which one’s your favourite?