These 5 Dishes Are Why This Halal Thai Eatery Should Be Your Next Foodie Adventure


Shasha Dania •  Dec 18, 2019

[Updated 10 January 2020]

It’s no secret that halal Thai food is a major favourite for many of us. ? From tongue-tingling spicy tom yum soup to classic dishes such as stewed beef noodles and Pad Thai, we can’t get enough of Thai cuisine and we’re always on the lookout for delicious eateries to try!

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Time for Thai is a Thai restaurant that brings the best version of Thai cuisine to Singapore. Not only are their chefs scouted from Thailand and their food made from scratch, they use authentic Thai recipes to guarantee you the best possible taste! ? We were invited down to try out some of their dishes and we can say that we were impressed – keep reading to find out why even Thai visitors recommend Time for Thai to others, and what dishes we loved! Their new promotional dishes Leng Saap and Seafood Bucket are available at both Simpang Bedok and Beauty World outlets so you can have a grand feast no matter where you are.

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Note: All prices stated are nett. Time for Thai does not charge GST or service charge.

1. XXL Spicy Mutton Spine Soup/Leng Saap (SGD45)

Leng Saap is a Thai dish that is usually made with pork spine and broth. Time for Thai has created the first halal version of Leng Saap in Singapore made with mutton spine – maybe even the first in the whole world! This comes as no surprise since Time for Thai is known for launching new innovative dishes such as their previous promotional item: the first halal Tom Yum Lobster. For SGD45, it’s pretty affordable considering the amount of meat that comes with it!

Time for Thai’s Leng Saap is marinated overnight in a mix of 15 different spices to reduce the gamey smell. What we ended up with was a dish with meat so tender it was falling off the bone, and broth so aromatic we could smell it as it approached the table. ? There was still a faint smell of mutton, but it wasn’t very strong – the broth however smelled super aromatic and was way more peppery than expected!

P.S. The spine looks huge but lots of it is the bone itself. We recommend sharing it between 4-5 people so that you can order other soups or vegetables too. It’s quite a heavy dish, and we were definitely feeling full after digging in. It’s also the perfect dish for anyone who’s on a budget as it is a promotional item on the menu this December at both the Simpang Bedok and Cheong Chin Nam outlets – perfect for your next get-together! ?

2. XXL Seafood Bucket (SGD50)

This definitely isn’t the first or only seafood bucket-type dish in Singapore, but the generous serving size blew us out of the water! (Pun intended ?)

Picking apart our bowl, we could find prawns, squid, mussels, crab, lala, and some corn to balance it out. The prawns were a huge stand-out from this dish – they were large and sweet! ? The gravy is a sweet and spicy sauce with hints of garlic, and really complemented the freshness of the seafood, which I think makes the dish good enough to have on its own with a side of rice. Since it’s big enough to share between 3-4 people, make sure to bring your friends and family here this December to savour this new promotional item (available at both Simpang Bedok and Cheong Chin Nam) at an affordable price!

3. Beef Noodle Soup with Tendons (SGD9.90)

We had to try one of the ‘favourites’ on the menu – this also happened to be the manager’s recommendation! Personally, I’m a big fan of Thai-style beef noodle soup and have high expectations whenever I try a new version so I couldn’t wait to see what Time for Thai’s dish would be like. ? When it arrived, what stood out first was the variety of beef that topped the dish. You couldn’t even see the rice noodles underneath!

The soup had a slightly peppery taste, but it wasn’t too spicy. Individually, the ingredients were all well-cooked as well. The beef tendon and beef balls were soft, and the stomach wasn’t too chewy! Price-wise it’s a little higher than the Thai beef noodles I’d usually buy, but I think it’s definitely value-for-money for how fragrant yet light the broth was, and how each ingredient melted in my mouth. If you’re a fan of Thai beef noodles you should definitely give it a try! ?

4. Steamed Sea Bass with Spicy Lemon Sauce (SGD24.90)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of steamed fish. ? I’m not confident about picking apart the meat from the bones! However, the freshness of this dish really changed my opinion about it. Though we were there in the evening, the fish was so fresh that the meat still looked bright and clean, and it fell off the bone without any worry.

The sauce is supposed to be a Spicy Lemon sauce but there wasn’t any overpowering citrus taste. Instead it felt very light and refreshing, with a touch of chilli and garlic that kept me wanting more. Though the serving of the fish itself was quite large, it felt like a very light dish and I would recommend it for a family meal! You can have a choice of different parts of the fish, depending on your taste. ?

5. Traditional Goreng Pisang station (From 80 cents each)

For dessert, though there are classics such as Mango Sticky Rice on the menu we ended up craving something light, crispy and crunchy after all of the broths and soups. ? Thankfully, there was a variety of traditional fried fritters we could choose from, which is only available at Time for Thai’s Simpang Bedok outlet.

The options include: pisang goreng (4 for SGD2), cempedak goreng (4 for SGD2), jemput jemput (4 for SGD2), potato/sardine epok epok (1 for 80 cents), spring rolls (1 for SGD1), keledek goreng (4 for SGD2), vadai (4 for SGD2), and Thai sweet potato balls (4 for SGD2). It’s a cheap dessert option, and you can order it in individual pieces or a plate of mixed fritters (prices as stated above) like we did. Even if you’re only stopping by Time for Thai for a quick meal, it makes for a great snack you can also ‘takeaway’ from the restaurant! ?

Overall, Time for Thai’s dishes were definitely worth their price due to the large servings and amazing taste. The restaurant’s casual location at Simpang Bedok also makes it suitable for anything from a casual date night with your significant other, or a family meal with loved ones. We can definitely see why some of their regulars have been fans since they opened! If you want to know more about what else they have to offer besides these mouth-watering dishes, make sure to check out their website for the menu. ?


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Halal Status: Halal-certified

Average Price: SGD7.90 (Rice/noodles), SGD8.90 (Non-seafood dishes), SGD19.90 (Seafood dishes). Do note that all prices are nett. Both outlets do not charge for GST or service charge.

Opening Hours:

Simpang Bedok: Open daily; 11AM - 1AM

Beauty World: Open daily; 11AM - 3AM


Simpang Bedok: Simpang Bedok, 282 Bedok Road, Singapore 469438

Beauty World: 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599739

Contact: Call +65 6909 9404 (Simpang Bedok) or +65 6909 3903 (Beauty World) for reservations. For catering or large orders, email [email protected] for inquiries.

Getting there: 10-minute walk from Tanah Merah MRT Station

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