4 Hipster European Cities That Are Absolutely Stunning In Autumn


Maryam Zainol •  Jul 25, 2018

Golden backdrop, warm drinks and cooling walks – what better time to visit Europe than in Autumn! ??

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The autumn months in Europe are considered off-season. With fewer tourists in such beautiful weather (not too hot, not too cold – just right ?), it’s the perfect time to travel! Let’s take this opportunity to learn European history and experience a different yet captivating culture ❤️

So skip the usual major European cities. Instead, travel to these 4 top hipster cities in Europe (Kraków, Berlin, Manchester & Prague) for an unforgettable, picturesque vacay that perfectly blends heritage, nature and novelty. ?

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Kraków, Poland

There’s more to Kraków than beatniks (literary movement of the 1950s) and bagels. But it has set the tone for this young, booming city alive with colourful arts and culture. This only means one thing – a plethora of photo ops just waiting to happen while you’re out and about in Kraków, especially in the fall! ?

1. What To Do

Visit Poland’s Hipster Wonderland

Małopolska Garden of Arts

Credit: @arch_photos on Instagram

Located in an award-winning rusted-metal-and-glass structure, what used to be a 19th century stables is now the hot and happening hub of Kraków’s cultural art scene.

Credit: @arch_photos on Instagram

Home to amazing street arts, an art gallery and a branch of Arteteka (public media library for DVDs, CDs, board games, comics, video and computer games), there’s plenty to explore here! ? From theatrical performance to film screenings and art workshops, there’s always something going on at Małopolska Garden of Arts.


Credit: @liv_kulhova on Instagram

What was once Kraków’s dodgiest area, this historical Jewish district now is definitely worth a visit! Today, it’s a lively bohemian neighbourhood with tangible hipster vibes thanks to the abundance of Insta-worthy cafes, quirky antique shops and art galleries. ??‍?

Credit: @adamatravels on Instagram

Explore the streets and you’ll find dozens of murals colouring the faded walls and edgy atmosphere of Kazimierz, perfect for your next artistic Instagram-worthy shot! ?

Dolnych Młynów

Credit: Dolne Mlyny on Facebook

While the name might be hard to pronounce, this old tobacco factory has been refurbished (and renamed!) as Tytano – the alternative culture centre known as ‘city within the city’. ?

Credit: Dolne Mlyny on Facebook

The once abandoned industrial site now houses 6 bustling buildings occupied by young, trendy start-ups, micro companies, artist’s workshops and restaurants. Grab a cup of coffee ☕️ at one of the hip cafes here and watch the locals as they go about their busy lives.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kraków (MOCAK)

Credit: @whynot_reuse on Instagram

Launched in 2010, this museum is one of the highlights of Kraków’s culture. Even if you’re not into arts, the MOCAK is worth dropping by for its unusual and creative collections that’s sure to keep you entertained. ?

Credit: @gozqek on Instagram

Even the exterior of the museum is picture-worthy! Innovative warehouse design with glass floors and slanting roofs, it’s no wonder that the MOCAK is one of the popular student hangouts in the city. ?

#HHWT Tip: They offer free entry on Tuesdays!

Walk Through History (For Free!)

City Tours

Credit: @discover.krakow on Instagram

Kraków was the royal capital from the 14th to 16th century and is steeped in history! Take a walking tour to experience the sights and sounds of the city.??

Credit: City Walks - Krakow on Facebook

There are plenty of free walking tours to choose from – Old Town Tour, Communist Tour and Macabre Tour. See the Wawel Castle, walk through the Main Square and Old Town and relive the colourful history of Kraków that has shaped its present landscape. ❤️

Credit: City Walks - Krakow on Facebook

Kraków has so much more to offer than what meets the eye. From the many amazing and notable architectural wonders to the cultural heritage left behind by history – this up and coming city deserves a spot on your travel list! ??

2. What To Eat

Savour Unique (And Muslim-Friendly) Local Snacks

Pierogi (dumplings)

Credit: @kogelmogiel on Instagram

You’ll find this at every street corner in Poland. This dumpling is served sweet and savoury with fillings ranging from sweet sauces and fruits to boiled potatoes and cottage cheese. ? Always opt for the vegan-friendly one to ensure no meat was used in the food preparation!

Obwarzanek (bagel)

Credit: @ahohomemadefood on Instagram

No trip to Kraków is complete without trying their famous, traditional ring-shaped bagel! Baked in Kraków since the Middle Ages, the chewy bagel covered in poppy seeds is best savoured with cream cheese and veggies, or even on its own! ?

Krówka (fudge)

Credit: @branislav.artim on Instagram

The krówka is a Polish candy made of milk, sugar, butter and vanilla flavouring. It also makes the perfect souvenir to bring home to your family and friends ?

Naleśniki (pancake)

Credit: @magdalenka.madzinska on Instagram

This is the Polish equivalent of French crepes. It comes in sweet and savoury fillings and can be found all over the city! Go for the sweet ones served with fresh fruits, honey and cream. Yum!

#HHWT Tip: Always remember to ask if any meat or alcohol is used in their food preparation! Better to be safe than sorry ?

3. Attractions You Can’t Miss

Culture, Heritage and Beyond

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

Credit: @samulihavela on Instagram

Poland is also home to the largest German Nazi concentration camp. Make a day trip to Auschwitz located west of Kraków, to pay your respects and learn the devastating history of the genocide that changed the world forever. ?

Not only would this be an educational trip, but it is a strong reminder of why we should respect other’s faiths and culture by making the effort to understand and to live peacefully side by side – regardless of race, creed or gender ❤️ Don’t we all wish for world peace?

#HHWT Tip: Entrance to Auschwitz is free if you arrive before 10am! Or book a guided tour online. To get to Auschwitz, take the hourly-run express bus from Krakow MDA bus terminal which takes about 1.5 hours.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Credit: @m7md2251 on Instagram

The salt mine in Wieliczka started operations in the 13th century before it was shut down in 2007. With a depth of 327m and over 287km long, the salt mine is a popular tourist attraction and is a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site! ? You could see the natural value as well as spiritual practice on these grounds (or rather, underneath!).

Credit: @robertoei on Instagram

Home to underground saline lakes, four chapels carved out of the rock salt by miners and carvings by contemporary artists, the salt mine is a beautiful and historical attraction that’s not to be missed! Take the tourist route for a photographic journey through its history ?

Berlin, Germany

Credit: @berlin_citytourcard on Instagram

From museums, revolutionary music to cutting-edge architecture, Berlin screams modernisation and innovation. Having gone through war, divided in two and finally reunited in 1989, of course, this cultural metropolis is on our list! ?

1. What To Do

Get Artsy Inspiration At Berlin’s Art Hub

Bauhaus Archiv – Berlin’s Museum of Design

Credit: @bauhausarchiv_berlin on Instagram

For the design aficionados, marvel at the Museum of Design that homes the world’s largest collection of works from the Bauhaus movement – a German design school that has shaped global architecture and design. ?

Credit: @bauhausarchiv_berlin on Instagram

With functional designs and furniture pieces, the museum displays the history of Bauhaus through its collection of teaching materials, art pieces, drawings, prints and architectural models.

#HHWT Tip: The museum is currently undergoing renovation and has been moved to a temporary location at Knesebeckstraße 1-2 (U Ernst-Reuter-Platz), so be sure to visit the right location!


This was the height of modern living in the 80s! ??‍? It’s preserved to the minute in the Plattenbau-Museumswohnung – an East German 3-bedroom flat from 1986.

Credit: Toby.hawkes.co.nz on Facebook

Take a look at how the East Germans (officially known as the German Democratic Republic) lived back then with nostalgic displays of household products, kitchen and personal items like medals and books. Step back in time and hear first-hand anecdotes from the manager. ?

DDR Museum

Credit: Walkthisway.berlin on Facebook

Located in the heart of Berlin, the museum is one of the most visited attractions here for its interactivity, giving tourists a unique experience.

Credit: DDR Museum on Facebook

Just like the Plattenbau-Museumswohnung, the museum’s exhibitions let you experience the everyday life in former East Germany. Touch, feel and interact with the Berlin Wall, the Stasi and more – you could even try on GDR clothes in the recreated Tower Block apartment! ?

Reichstag Dome

Credit: Awesome Berlin on Facebook

Climb to the top of Berlin’s parliament building for a stunning panoramic view of the city – for free! ? The dome has 360 mirrors integrated into it reflecting light in different directions. This architectural masterpiece offers a view of Bradenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and the Holocause Memorial.

Seeing the beauty of linear designs and advancement in construction and technology, doesn’t it just leave you in awe of what human minds are capable of?

#HHWT Tip: Pre-register online or at a counter nearby the southern entry before visiting ?

Credit: Leonardo Genesin Photography on Facebook

Berlin is a walking history textbook interspersed with amazing modernity. Walk along the Berlin Wall, explore the streets in the heart of the city and spot the combination of beautiful and edgy street arts that makes Berlin unique. ❤️

#HHWT Tip: Since the 16th century, Islam has interspersed with the German culture in the heart of Berlin. There are many mosques in Berlin city, so do look out for them! ?

2. Where To Eat

Enjoy A Cup of Coffee In Berlin’s Hipster Central

Did you know that Berlin is Europe’s leading start-up capital? This is where innovation and original ideas are born! And with it comes the abundance of hipster cafes where all the think tanks like to hang.

The Barn

Credit: @w._.wie. on Instagram

Located in Berlin’s gallery district, The Barn brews quality coffee beans which are grown and harvested sustainably. Unfortunately, their sandwiches are served with meat, so choose to indulge in their delicious (and vegan-friendly) cakes and pastries instead! ?

Distrikt Coffee

Credit: @distriktcoffee on Instagram

This café showcases a beautiful industrial interior concept. Have a cup of joe alongside one of their amazing healthy smoothie bowls and bread pudding!

#HHWT Tip: Interact with the local baristas and ask if there is alcohol in their cakes and pastries ?

While the German diet is heavy with meat, there are plenty of Turkish restaurants in the city! You can’t walk 5 feet without seeing a kebab eatery ? So don’t worry! There are plenty of vegetarian-friendly options too.

3. Amazing Local Scenes

Live Like A Local For A Day

Mauerpark Flea Market

Credit: @livinnity on Instagram

Mauerpark Flea Market is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike! Happening every Sunday afternoon, the stalls offer various quirky knickknacks for sale – vintage fashions, second-hand clothes ?, accessories and handbags ?, vinyl records, German memorabilia, antiques and more! You could also find wool throws and scarves (which would come in handy if the temperature dips ?)!


Credit: @gotberlin on Instagram

Kreuzkölln is the new up-and-coming neighbourhood in Berlin with many start-ups and artists popping up in the area. Adding to the hip vibes of Kreuzkölln are the many trendy cafes you’ll find! Located right next to the river, it’s a beautiful place to unwind, even in Autumn – it’ll definitely leave you charmed. ?

Credit: @superlui91 on Instagram

Take a relaxing stroll by the canal or rent a pedal boat and get a view of the neighbourhood from the river! Stop by one of the many cafes for a cup of coffee or a Halal kebab ? There’s also a Turkish market that takes place every Tuesday and Friday where you can find a various mix – from vegetables to flowers and handmade leather notebooks. ?

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Manchester, UK

A popular city synonymous with its football teams, Manchester sits in the northwest of England and has a rich industrial heritage. Whether you’re seeking culture, history or a fun vacation, Manchester has it all! ?

1. What To Do

Explore Manchester’s Trendy Hubs

Northern Quarter

Credit: @visual_expectations on Instagram

Visit the hipster neighbourhood of Northern Quarter – the creative hub in the city where you’ll find impressive street arts in between the many cafes in the centre. ?


Credit: @mcrhookup on Instagram

Right next to the Northern Quarter is Ancoats, the first industrial suburb in the world. Now, it’s the nightlife hub of Manchester with many restaurants and cafes that attracts locals and tourists alike! With buildings that combine industrial designs and warm interiors, the aesthetics in the architecture are worth the visit. ?


Credit: @thismodernwoman on Instagram

This bohemian neighbourhood is popular among trendy young professionals. In recent years, there are many independent shops and cafes mushrooming in this suburb, contributing to its tangible hip surroundings attracting the young crowd. ? Drop in the crafty shops – you’ll never know what gems you might find! ✨

Old Trafford

Credit: @claudio07078819 on Instagram

Of course, no visit to Manchester is complete without a tour of its famous football stadium, Old Trafford – home to Manchester United! ? Take a tour of the stadium and walk the tunnels, visit the dressing room and relive the glorious decades of football history!

#HHWT Tip: Looking for a place to perform your prayers ?? Head to Faizan-e-Islam Mosque or Masjid E Hidayah located southeast of Old Trafford (approximately 12-minute walk away)!

Immerse In The Lively Music Scene

Music Lovers

Credit: @vinylexchange on Instagram

For the music lovers, Manchester boasts many independent record stores where you can score vintage vinyl of hit records. Vinyl Exchange, Eastern Bloc and Piccadilly Records are among the few stores that are popular with tourists – some visitors even bring empty suitcases to bring home these precious musical gems. It’s like walking into the 1990s when you walk through the record stores! ??

Arts Scene

Credit: @earlp78 on Instagram

For a dose of art, take in the inspiring works of nearly 200 works of art by big names in the art world (such as William Etty and Frederick Pickersgill) at Manchester Art Gallery, The Lowry and Whitworth Art Gallery. ??‍?

 2. Where To Eat

Indulge In Popular Local Eats

Eccles Cake

Credit: @emma.charlottef on Instagram

Made with flaky pastry and butter, Eccles cake is filled with currants and topped with sugar. Most bakeries sell these local favourites. Don’t fret! The Eccles cake is made alcohol-free ?

Chip Butty

Credit: @unitedchip on Instagram

This simple yet famously known as a truly British pastime snack, the chip butty is simply chips on bread. While you may not find it on the menu, you can request for it in any cafes that serves chips (fries). ??

Fish n Chips

Credit: @thecornerplaicemcr on Instagram

Everybody knows that you can’t visit England without savouring a good fish and chips. The closest shop to the city centre that serves Halal fish n chips is The Corner Plaice Hulme! ?

Prague, Czech Republic

Credit: @praguetoday on Instagram

The city of Prague is known for having the best views of Autumnal foliage, which is why it is dubbed the Golden City! There’s so much to see and do with its gorgeous gothic and baroque architecture and quaint cobbled streets – and it’s even more beautiful in the fall. ??

1. What To Do

Stroll Through Prague’s Old District

Karlin District

Credit: @nikolina_94 on Instagram

Situated about 20 minutes outside the city center, the Karlin district sees a plethora of hipster cafes that serve the best mug of hot chocolate you’ll ever have! ☕️ Easily accessed by the Metro train network, drop by Café Kafíčko to warm up in the cool autumn air.

Charles Bridge

Credit: @dana.bruma on Instagram

Walk the 13th century Charles Bridge at night with statues lining up the sides and a breath-taking view of the Prague Castle in the distance! ? Here, you’ll see artists creating their works of art and selling it for cheap.

Old Town

Credit: @interpals.net on Instagram

Explore the Old Town where it was once a medieval settlement. The Old Town square is a centre of activities with stalls selling food, cafes lining up the streets and Prague’s medieval astronomical clock that’s worth a visit. Bring out your camera because the view from here is beautiful. ❤️ ?

Bucket List for Film & Culture Buffs

Bio Oko

Credit: @vaderismyfather on Instagram

This small, independent and hip cinema attracts film buffs like bees to honey. Located on Frantiska Krizka Street, it’s a popular haunt for art students and culture enthusiasts! ? They also host showings of European cult films!

2. Where To Eat

Food Zoona

Credit: @artfood_zoona on Instagram

Every weekend, the happening Arts and Food Zoona festival takes place on the streets near Prague Zoo. You’ll find many street food, drinks and local artists peddling their art pieces! If you have the chance to visit Prague while the festival is happening, try their crazy waffles and Asian cuisine! ?


Credit: @overeating101 on Instagram

Ask anyone who’ve been to Prague and they will tell you the same thing – try the Prague trdelnik! ? This uniquely Czech treat can be found anywhere on the streets. But the best one is sold near the Old Town square. The rolled dough is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut. Now, it comes with all sorts of fillings from ice cream to custard cream! ?

P.S. Despite the small Islamic community that dwells in the city of Prague, explore the streets and alleys and you will come across many Turkish and Middle Eastern eateries serving delicious dishes that’ll satisfy your hunger ?

3. Stunning Bird’s Eye View

Enjoy Panoramic Views Of The Golden City

Letna Park

Built on a high plain, the climb up Letná Park is quite challenging – but the panoramic view at the top is definitely worthwhile. ❤️ What makes this spot truly special is the clear view of the Vtlava river and the bridges of Prague below. Capture the picture-perfect scenery in the Autumnal light and the magical sunset so beautiful that you’ll never want to leave.

Petrin Hill

Credit: @gotherewithme on Instagram

The Petrin Hill is a viewpoint that’s friendly for both adults and children alike. Formerly one of King Charles’s vineyards, this romantic hill also gives you a panoramic view of Prague below. Climb the Observation Tower where you can truly admire the golden, red and yellow blanket of trees during autumn that sweeps the entire city. The view is truly one of a kind! ?

Credit: Giphy

From September to November, why not plan that Euro trip you’ve been meaning to take? ? Explore Europe’s more artsy destinations, uncover their innovative imagination come to live and immerse in exquisite autumn foliage. ?

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Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a self-proclaimed foodie, an arts & culture buff, or a selfie expert, there’s plenty to see and do in these hipster cities! So don’t wait any longer. Time to plan that cultural trip filled with endless photo ops this Autumn! ?

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