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Here’s 3 Halal Bakeries Where You Can Find “Dirty” Chocolate Bread, Malaysia’s Latest Craze


Nasreen Nasir •  Apr 03, 2018


We love our traditional food but sometimes, we just crave for something new ? Malaysia has its fair share of food trends and this week, it's all about the famous "dirty" bread! Credit: Giphy Don't let the name fool you just yet, because what you're about to see will totally change your mind about pastries ? Inspired by Beijing's famous zang zang bao (which literally means "dirty, dirty bread"), this bread was voted as one of the most popular baked goods in China! And of course, Malaysia is quickly catching up to the hype as local bakeries are already launching their own version of this messy treat! ?
Credit: D'Croissant on Facebook   But what exactly is it? The latest food craze is actually a bun filled with rich dark chocolate sauce and dusted with tons of chocolate powder, making it almost impossible to eat while keeping your hands and mouth clean! ?   Just imagine biting into the bun and feel the chocolate burst in your mouth! ? Definitely a fun experience, if you ask us ? It's no surprise that we'll be seeing this sinful treat in every local bakery soon, and you shouldn't miss out on this delicacy!
Credit: @jasmmm_ng on Instagram So, are you game? If yes, you should totally look for it at these local bakeries: *DISCLAIMER: Do note that although these bakeries are NOT halal-certified, we have reached out to them personally and they have confirmed that their "dirty" breads do not contain any alcohol. 

1.  Donutes Coffee and Cake Baking

Available in every outlet.

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2. D'Croissant 

Available in its KL outlet.


3. Utterly Ice Cream

Available in its Penang outlet.