3 Irresistible Hipster Snacks In JB’s New Paradigm Mall You Need To Try


Farzana •  Dec 07, 2017

Go on a gastronomical adventure in the newly-opened Paradigm Mall! Indulge in savoury teatime eats after all the shopping you're going to do in the massive 500-over retail stores. Opened on November 28, it houses the state's first ice skating rink, indoor climbing gym, largest cinema and of course, trendy and delicious fares ? Whether you're taking a 20 minutes drive from the checkpoint or a 10 minutes drive from the city centre, there's no reason to miss out on a food trip, is there? ?

1. Isaac Toast & Coffee Malaysia

Things are about to heat up and get toasty in JB ? Isaac Toast's one of the most popular breakfast spots for Koreans, and now those in Johor for a day or two can tuck in to the affordable array of sandwiches for a hearty time! Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but with their mouthwatering selection of sandwiches, you'll be wishing to have them for all meals ?

Soft slices of bread draped with a secret honeyed condiment, meat patty, cheese and omelette make any growling tummy pleased ? With dozens of toppings and meat choices, why not create your perfect sandwich, instead of putting them in the toaster all the time? ?

Credit: Isaac Toast & Coffee Malaysia on Facebook 

Creative and so, so pretty to eat! The Mint Chocolate Shake is YOUR perfect pick-me-up when you're done walking through the entire mall ?

Credit: Isaac Toast & Coffee Malaysia on Facebook 

*Disclaimer: We reached out to Isaac Toast for confirmation and they informed us that they're pork-free and are in the process of getting halal certificate, so do dine at your own discretion ?

Location: Level 3 (3FK-12J)


2. Original Cake

Hailed from the picturesque Tamsui Old Street in Taiwan, the castella cake has now reached the shores of Malaysia. Now, who says food can't bridge two countries? ? Made with fresh eggs, milk, vegetable oil, sugar and flour, the ingredients may seem simple, but in the simplicity of it all lies a delectable teatime delicacy enjoyed by everyone ❤️

Credit: 新山生活誌 / JB City Guide on Facebook 

Whether you're a fan of the original, golden cheese or frozen chocolate flavours (or simply a fan of food in general ?), don't miss out on taking a bite off this fluffy soft bread. The golden cheese castella is drizzled with layers of sliced cheese and cheese powder, while the frozen chocolate is - you guessed it! Creamy, rich and oh-so-chocolate-y, its made with HERSHEY'S Chocolate, making this the secret obsession for everyone with a sweet tooth ?

Credit: 源味本鋪 Original Cake on Facebook 

Credit: 源味本鋪 Original Cake on Facebook 

 *Disclaimer: We reached out to them and they informed us that their cakes are suitable for Muslim consumption. All the cakes are pork-free and lard-free and the Sunway Velocity Mall and Penang outlets received the Halal accreditation by Jakim ? The rest of the outlets are in the process of getting halal certification, so do consume at your own discretion.  

Location: Level 3 (3F-41)

Website | Facebook

3. Umami soft serve

We can't skip out the chic substitute to your usual ice creams ? If you're a fan of classic yogurt like we are, the soft serve blueberry yogurt is exactly what you need. Cool off with a refreshing dessert and you'll immediately be recharged for another trip around the 1.3 million square feet of retail space!

Credit: UMAMI Softserve on Facebook 

There's match-a to love about the choice of flavours available. From the Uji Matcha, Nama Chocolate to the seasonal flavours of Passion Fruit and Black Sesame, who says yogurt has to be plain and boring?

Credit: UMAMI Softserve on Facebook 

Credit: UMAMI Softserve on Facebook 

*Disclaimer: We reached out to them and they told us that the raw ingredients are halal-certified, but do dine at your own discretion!

Location: Level 2 (2FK-01A)


Address: Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru,, Jalan Skudai, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

While there's many others yummy eats your tummy can look forward to in the new Paradigm Mall, we picked the 3 must-try food that's sure to brighten your day ? Now tell us, which will you try first?