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3 Essentials Every Traveller Needs For That Long Haul Flight


Atiqah •  Oct 13, 2016


Got that 14-hour flight to survive? Well, we've got just the right travel hacks for you! Invest in these 3 items to beat that jet lag!
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1. Ostrich Pillow
The Ostrich what now? Yup, you read that right. The people behind Studio Banana Things have banded together to create a portable power-napping device so that you can catch some z’s on the go.
Credit: Studio Banana Things
Credit: Stimulant Much like its’ enormous, fluffy namesake, the Ostrich Pillow makes for a comfortable makeshift pillow against any surface. But why would anyone want to intentionally resemble an ostrich, I suppose we’ll never know? Where to buy: http://studiobananathings.com/ Price: USD99
2. Toothpaste Tablets
Imagine getting off an 8 hour flight and leaving with a (literal) bad taste in your mouth.  I mean, sure, some planes do provide small tubes of toothpaste but is that really enough to beat the stink?
Credit: The Awesomer These toothpaste tablets are perfect for those long flights, an absolute lifesaver to be honest.  Just pop some in your mouth, chew a little and you’re good to go! The thought of chewing your toothpaste is a little bizarre, but hey, it’s a great alternative?
Credit: dudeiwantthatWhere to buy: You can purchase it on the Archtek website. Price: From USD2.99 onwards
3. The Head Hammock
Ever had that awkward moment when you’ve accidentally nodded off and your head ends up on the shoulder of an unsuspecting (and bewildered) stranger? Yup… Not your greatest moment.
Credit: Kickstarter Have no fear, designer Paula Blankenship has your back! Dubbed ‘the ultimate travel sleep solution’, the nod travel pillow is your ticket out of any more awkward sleeping encounters. Sleep soundly with your chin nestled against the tiny, secure hammock. P.S. The fabric is also water repellent so your nap will be drool free? Where to get: Preorder on Kickstarter Price: From USD25 It may look weird to some, but hey, don't be surprised if you see someone using them already! ? Which one's your favourite out of the three? Give them a try and let us know!