3 Attractions In Berlin Every History Buff Must Visit


Baiti H. Hamdan •  Nov 01, 2016

The capital of Germany, Berlin is a must visit city for history buffs everywhere!  The centuries old, intricately detailed architectural wonders are testaments to the convoluted history which surrounds this culturally rich city.

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So, we've put together 3 attractions in Berlin every history buff must visit! Expect to spend countless hours wandering around and reading up on historical anecdotes?

1. Historic landmarks of Mitte

Cruising past the iconic Bundestag in a BikeTaxi
Cruising past the iconic Bundestag in a BikeTaxi

Mitte is an absolute sight to behold – particularly the highlights between Tiergarten and Alexanderplatz. See the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Rotes Rathaus, the TV tower, the Victory Column and Berlin Cathedral. It will take 2-3 hours on foot but you can do this real quick by jumping into one of the many BikeTaxis that will be happy to take you past the places of your choice for anywhere between €20-35 depending on how long the ride is and how many people there are.

2. Museum Island

The stunning bust of Nefertiti at Neues Museum

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History buffs, you cannot miss out on Museum Island! A UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s an ensemble of buildings and artefacts dating as early as the 1800s. The Pergamonmuseum is famous for its archaeological holdings, with a collection of Classical Antiquities, Ancient Near East and Islamic Art. The Bode Museum houses an extensive collection of sculptures, Byzantine Art and coins. The Neues Museum suffered from severe damage during the war and was left in ruins until 1999 where it underwent massive restoration works. If you like Ancient Egypt, this one’s for you! The Alte Nationalgalerie houses works in the Classicist, Romantic, Biedermeier, Impressionist and early Modern styles while the Altes Museum showcases the city’s main collection of ancient art and sculpture and a gold treasury.

The stunning interior of the Alte Nationalgalerie

Credit: Rainer Güttgemann

Plan your visit to Museum Island by checking out their website!

3. World War II landmarks

The Holocaust Memorial is a jarring exploration through a maze of stones

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The dark history of Berlin is an experience that is unlike any other city. Opt for a World War II or Cold War tour for an insider’s view on key signposts of the rise and fall of the Hitler regime or choose to spend more hours focusing on one place at a time. Important spots include Checkpoint Charlie, the Jewish Museum, the Holocaust Memorial, Typography of Terror, Bendler Block and the Berlin Wall. All these locations are scattered across the city so be sure to include travel time in between if you’re planning to see them all.

Map of the Berlin Wall Memorial

Credit: Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall must be the whole reason you’ve come! Start at the Visitor Centre and Documentation Centre for a history of the memorial and video screenings of the Cold War, then walk along the border strip with multiple stops including the Chapel of Reconciliation, Ghost Stations, the Monument and Memorial Grounds which all include first-person accounts earmarked along the remnants of the wall. If you want to see a longer stretch of the wall, the most popular spot is 15 minutes away at the Ostbanhof nearer to Checkpoint Charlie with entire sections beautifully hand-painted with artistic graffiti.

Address: Bernauer Str. 111, 13355 Berlin, Germany

Directions: Closest train station: Berlin Nordbanhof (S-Bahn)

Find the starting point on the map here:

Opening Hours: 8am-10pm Monday to Sunday

Will you be stopping by these attractions on your next trip to Berlin? Let us know in the comments below??