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24 Must-Try Food At Bangsar Ramadan Bazaar Under RM10


Iyesha •  May 09, 2019


Ramadan is upon us and it's the time of year where Muslims around the world observe many different self-reflecting aspects of life, which also includes fasting from sunrise to sunset ? Credit: Giphy But as we Malaysians know it, the month of Ramadan also comes hand in hand with many Ramadan bazaars all around town offering their vast range of food from traditional Malaysian delights to unique twists to our delicious local food ? One popular bazaar in town is the Bangsar Ramadhan Bazaar. Although it's smaller than many, its central location and offerings make it a favourite among many of us to buy our buka puasa and sahur food. Here we've compiled 24 different things from snacks to meals you can buy from 50sen to RM10 at the Bangsar Ramadhan Baazar for you to savour and enjoy during a buka puasa session with friends and family ? P.S. Here are some other Ramadan bazaars in KL you might want to check out.
1. Putu Bambu
One of the classics for Ramadan bazaars - putu bambu! This unique kuih made of rice flour, coconut and brown sugar is steamed in bamboo shoots giving it a tempting aroma ?
You can buy them in different flavours too. Try both the original flavour and the pandan flavour since each has its own unique taste. Price: RM0.50 for 1 piece or RM3 for 6 pieces
2. Chicken Satay
Marinated chicken satay grilled on the spot to perfection - you can't leave a Ramazan bazaar without buying at least 10 of these ? Have it with peanut sauce, pulut rice or just on its own ? Price: RM0.70 per stick
3. Lamb Satay
Lamb satay aka premium satays in bazaar standards. These drool-worthy satays are in a class of its own. The grill brings out the taste of the lamb and gives it a little crisp for extra flavour. Once you try it, you will surely end up coming back for more! Price: RM1 per stick
4. Ayam Madu (chicken tender and bishop nose)
This sweet yet savoury honey chicken is fantastic on its own, or with a plate of rice! And the stalls in Bangsar sell different parts of them too, all giving different flavours depending on the type of meat and the amount of fat ? Price: RM1.20 per stick
5. Popiah Basah
There are so many types of popiah (springs rolls) around in KL from fried popiah to modern twists with unique skins and fillings. But the best one is the classic popiah basah ? Imagine that crunch when you bite into the crunchy fillings like yam bean, carrots, cucumber and that oh-so-tasty sauce that puts it all together. Price: RM1.30 per piece or RM5 for 4 pieces
6. Ayam Madu (chicken wings)
A little bit more expensive (60sens more expensive, to be exact) than other parts of the chicken, the grilled ayam madu chicken wings is not one to be missed! Chicken wings are already great, but grilled ayam madu chicken wings takes it up to the next level! It's juiciness and tender meat makes it fantastic to eat it on its own. But you can always have it with other dishes too, of course ? Price: RM1.80 per piece
7. Drinks (teh bunga, assam boi, air mata kucing, limau nipis)
No matter what the food, at the end of the day what we look forward to the most are tasty thirst quenchers! And you'll find many, many drinks at the Bangsar Ramadan bazaar such as teh bunga, assam boi, limau nipis, and air mata kucing ? Price: RM2 for normal cup size or RM5 for a large size
8. Kuihs
Kuihs galore! From the jelly kuihs, the fried kuihs, the kuihs covered in grated coconut - the dessert lover in you will be jumping with joy! Take away plenty of these traditional delights such as kuih lapis, kuih talam, otak-otak, kek pisang and donuts to have as a starter or a dessert for your dinners ? Price: Starts at RM2 for 4 pieces
9. Savoury snacks
Don't forget the savoury kuihs too, go nuts with all sorts of pastries and kuihs such as akok, curry puffs, and beke ? Price: From RM2 for 3 pieces
10. Cendol
Ah cendol, the strange but perfect combination of shaved ice, coconut milk, gula melaka syrup, and string-like pandan jelly combo. You won't find any popular bazaar in town that doesn't serve cendol, and with its oddly tasty and refreshing feel, it's no surprise why this iconic dessert remains popular all year round ? Price: starts at RM3
11. Apam Balik
Literally translated to 'upside down pancakes', the apam balik is another must-have when visiting any bazaars! The apam balik here are cooked to just the right amount of crisp and topped with peanuts ? Price: From RM3 per piece
12. Teh Ais
A good cup of teh ais is mandatory for a good buka puasa session. Nothing feels better than a cup of teh ais to accompany your dinner for a satisfying meal ? Price: RM4 for one pack, or RM10 for 3 packs
13. Martabak
Thick and juicy minced meat minced meats and onions wrapped in a crispy, paper thin roti, the murtabak is a must buy for any buka puasa session ? Price: Starts at RM4
14. Putu Piring
A traditional snack that will remind you of your balik kampung days. Putu piring are made by steaming the ingredients (rice flour, freshly grated coconut, gula melaka and pandan water) in conical steamers using a white muslin cloth.
Photo credit: @seoseoeats on Instagram Once it's steamed for three minutes, the blend of coconut and pandan fragrance is sure to allure you  to buy more than a few pieces back for your buka puasa meal ? Price: RM 4 for 5 pieces
15. Kuey Teow Kerang
Freshly cooked right in front of you, this kuey teow goreng will have you salivating just as you pass by the stall. Not to mention that it has kerang too ? Price: RM4
16. Martabak Jala (Chicken or Beef)
At first glance, you might think this is just a normal murtabak But this delicacy has a modern twist to the classic murtabak and roti jala - the murtabak jala! You'll get the tasty fillings of chicken or beef murtabak wrapped in roti jala. The lightly sweetened taste of the roti jala and the savoury of the fillings will tease your tongue with its perfect blend! Price: RM4.50 per piece
17. Meatball Grill
You'll find these bite-sized meat goodies starting at just RM5, and covered in tasty black pepper sauce. Pack them up and pop them in after buka for an explosion of meaty peppery flavours ? Price: Starts at RM5
18. Mango Juice
Price: RM5 per bottle It may seem steep to pay RM5 for a bottle of mango juice, but trust us, this mango juice is as refreshing and as good as it gets. The texture is thick and mango-ey, and the taste is just at the right level of sweetness - perfect after a whole day of fasting ?
19. Roti John Besar
One of the most simple yet sinful dishes to devour yet one of the most satisfying things to eat. Better yet, this roti john is extra big! This means more meat, more vegetables, more cheese and more of anything topped with a whole lot of sauces ? Price: RM6
20. Ayam Penyet
If you just need a single meal for yourself, why not try the delicious fried ayam penyet? Served with cucumbers, tofu, tempeh and sambal for an extra spicy kick ? Price: RM7
21. Daging Sotong Kunyit
Another delicious meal set that you will thank yourself for trying - daging and sotong kunyit ? If you're looking for a simple iftar, this is probably all you need snce it has rice, veggies, squid and beef to keep you satisfied through the night. Price: RM8
22. Nasi Kerabu Ayam Berempah
This bright blue rice is an iconic Malaysian dish typically served with ulam, sambal and deep fried marinated chicken ? Perfect for a filling iftar meal. Not to mention, it's super instagrammable too ? Price: RM8
23. Kambing Grill
Buy a pack of this tasty kambing grill and eat it on its own or have it as one of your dishes with rice. The melted fats and the juicy tender meats will make your taste buds jump for joy! Price: Starts at RM10
24. Ayam Golek
RM18 for a whole ayam golek? Count us in! Once you take a juicy bite out of this chicken, you'll probably come back for chicken number two. All you need is some rice (and maybe some sambal and soy sauce) to eat with the chicken and you can probably feed a group of 3-4 people. How awesome is that? ? Price: RM10 for half chicken, RM18 for a whole chicken And there you have it, 24 awesome foods you can get at Bangsar Ramadhan Bazaar from 0.50sen to RM10 ? Of course, there are plenty of other things to buy there too! Call up your iftar gang and explore the market for more tasty Ramadan food! Psst, check out our 2019 iftar guides for KL restaurants and hotel buffets too!
Directions to Bangsar Ramadan bazaar:
Closest LRT station: it's about 15-20 minutes walk from LRT Bangsar  (here are more Ramadan bazaars along LRT and MRT lines) Landmark: Behind Bangsar Village II