2018 In Review: 8 Popular Destinations We Visited And Our Most Memorable Experiences


Faruq Senin •  Jan 04, 2019

If you’ve been following us, you’d know that 2018 was full of exciting travels for the HHWT team. From uncovering new destinations like Spain and Xi’an to revisiting destinations we love dearly like Hong Kong and South Korea, we hope our guides have helped you to plan your trips better ?

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So, here’s a round-up of what we enjoyed the most in each of these 8 popular destinations that we’ve been to in 2018!

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1. Hong Kong

It comes as no surprise why Hong Kong is HHWT’s Preferred Destination for 2018. With a great mix of vibrant city and nature spots, the city is bursting with things to do. Plus, here’s where you can taste authentic Halal Chinese cuisine (yes, we’re talking about dim sum!) and believe it or not, there are many accessible prayer spaces too. We’ve rounded up the top things we love about Hong Kong.

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Magical experience at Disneyland

You should know by now that we are HUGE fans of Disneyland! After all, it’s the “Happiest Place on Earth”. We spent a whole day here during our Hong Kong trip, but we still couldn’t get enough of it! The rides here really brought out the kid in us. Our personal favourites were the Mad Hatter Tea Cups and Hyperspace Mountain ☺️

Although we were a tad disappointed that the Disney Castle was closed for renovations, we were treated to something different – the ‘We Love Mickey’ projection show where Main Street was brought to life. The best part was when Mickey showed up to bid farewell – this was the cherry on the cake after our awesome day at the park!

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But perhaps what really blew us away is the variety of halal food options and prayer room at the park. The Explorer’s Club has many halal-certified and a range of cuisines from Korean to Japanese and Southeast Asian options. The prayer room has a facility called wudhu mate, which made taking wudhu so much easier. It’s definitely not a stretch to say that Hong Kong Disneyland is the most Muslim-friendly Disneyland in the world!

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Spectacular Symphony of Lights show from a boat

Where can you get a record-breaking light and sound show plus a gorgeous skyline for free? In Hong Kong of course! If there’s one attraction in Hong Kong that we’d always be awed by, it’s the Symphony of Lights show. The best viewing spots are the Harbour City Ocean Deck and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade!

But on our recent trip to Hong Kong, we decided to try something different instead. We hopped aboard the Aqua Luna which is one of the last remaining red-sail Chinese junks! Sailing through the Victoria Harbour while admiring the breathtaking view from the Aqua Luna was an unforgettable experience and the highlight of our trip ?

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Breathtaking skyline at The Peak

Here’s another place in Hong Kong we can’t get enough of – The Peak! At 428 metres above sea level, this is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong and the view from up here is so breathtaking that we can’t quite sum it up in words. Plus, we visited really early when it’s less crowded, so we didn’t have to jostle with the crowd for the perfect shot.

Besides the magnificent view of Hong Kong’s skyline, we thought that the tram ride up The Peak was an experience in itself too ☺️ Moving 45-degree upwards, it was our first time riding a funicular like this and it was an experience like no other. Just remember to hold on tight to the railings if you don’t have a seat!

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2. Australia

2018 was our first time exploring Australia and we can see why many Muslim travellers would return over and over again. With a never-ending list of activities, gorgeous nature, wildlife and fascinating Aboriginal culture, it’s no wonder that Australia is always a hot spot for travellers. We had the most amazing time in Western Australia and Cairns (Queensland)!

Sandboarding at Lancelin, Western Australia

New experiences are always great and this year, we had the opportunity to try out sandboarding at Lancelin in Western Australia. If you’re wondering what sandboarding is, think of it as surfing but on white sand dunes. Initially, we thought it was easy but boy were we wrong! It was only when we were at the top and ready to slide down did we realise how scary it could be ?

So needless to say, we failed and tumbled on our first few tries but once we got the hang of it, we didn’t want it to stop! After a few tries, we realised that it’s all about the amount of wax underneath our sandboards, which could make or break the experience. Overall, it was a unique and fun sport which we highly recommend ?

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Selfie with quokkas at Rottnest Island, Western Australia

We were pretty stoked before our trip to Western Australia because we knew that we’d get to meet the quokkas - the “happiest animal on Earth” - at Rottnest Island! After seeing so many selfies of travellers with quokkas, we knew we had to try it too.

But if you think that snapping a selfie with a quokka is as easy as ABC, then you’re wrong! It took us a good 30 minutes before we got the perfect shot but it was all worthwhile ☺️ Truth is, quokkas don’t like sunlight so you have to search for them in the shaded areas like under the trees. It was definitely a fun adventure ?

#HHWT Tip: Though quokkas are quite tame, they are still wild animals so visitors are advised not to touch them or feed them as there is a risk of being bitten!

Immersive Aboriginal culture, Cairns

Most visitors to Australia tend to overlook the rich culture of the Aborigines but meeting the local indigenous Pamagirri guides at Rainforestation Nature Park was one of the highlights of our Cairns trip. We got to watch them perform a series of traditional dances called the Pamagirri Corroboree which depicted aspects of their culture like food gathering and the sound of animals!

Learning about the Indigenous culture, way of life, traditions and beliefs was really fascinating. We even learnt how to throw a boomerang, spear-throwing and the technique to play the didgeridoo. Needless to say, it was a cultural immersion we couldn’t have possibly gotten anywhere else ?

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3. South Korea

South Korea will always have a special place in our hearts. After all, it was where the idea for HHWT was born! This lovely country is so much more than just K-pop and K-dramas – its culture, natural sights and yummy cuisine will draw you in. In 2018, we visited Seoul (and attractions around it) and Jeju. Here are the experiences we loved the most.

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Gorgeous nature on Nami Island

With its neatly lined trees and romantic vibe, Nami Island is one of Korea’s top spots for travellers. The island is beautiful all year round and we were very lucky to have visited it in autumn as the fall foliage was at its peak! The scenic views made it feel as though we’d been transported into a fairy tale.

We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the island’s nature and we just wished we could stay here forever! Plus, with halal food and a prayer room available, it’s hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous place ?

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Korea’s Largest Theme Park, Everland

Ah, Everland, where do we even begin? Truth be told, we didn’t expect our time here to be so fun, but it exceeded our expectations in every way! Not only does this park have amusement rides, but it’s also made up of a zoo, safari, and plenty of instagrammable spots. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, this is THE place to go. Our top picks for thrilling rides are the Columbus Adventure, Double Rock Spin and T-Express.

Our favourite part of Everland was the safari, aptly called Zoo Topia. We rode an amphibious vehicle which had no windows, so we could enjoy a true safari experience and observe giant pandas, elephants, tigers among 2000 animals. We loved how personal it felt being so close to the animals!

Everland is a mix of everything, so if you’re here with a group of friends or family, you’ll know that there’s something for everyone. The best part is that tickets are pretty affordable for such a huge park. The usual price for admission tickets is SGD65.79 but with Klook, it’s just SGD34! Plus, you can skip the entrance queues as you can enter the park with the QR code with your online booking. The journey from Seoul to Everland takes around 1.5-2 hours, and we recommend booking Klook’s Everland Shuttle Bus for a fuss-free trip.

Wearing the hanbok

Having watched Korean dramas (especially the historical ones!), we’ve always been fascinated by how graceful the hanbok looks so it’s always been our dream to try it on! On our recent trip to Seoul, we finally got to wear a hanbok. Wearing the hanbok for a whole afternoon made us feel like a princess ☺️

It was really interesting to learn what goes into making the hanbok look beautiful such as the hoop skirt and how it was put together using different ornaments. We were also really amazed by the variety of hanbok designs available at the hanbok rental store.

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4. Taiwan

We made quite a number of trips to Taiwan this year, and it’s a destination unlike any other. From its modern cities to the beautiful mountain landscapes, to Halal authentic Taiwanese cuisine, we can’t wait to be back for more! These are the top highlights that we recommend:

Releasing a sky lantern at Shifen

Shifen is a railroad town with quaint alleys that reflect Taiwan in the olden days and travellers flock here for one thing – to release sky lanterns. Believe it or not, sky lanterns were once used as a signalling system but today, you can paint your wishes on them before releasing it to the sky. But do note that the train tracks are still in operation, so be careful when you’re on the tracks!

We had a go at the lanterns and wrote our heartfelt wishes to our team and the entire Muslim community. There’s a sense of liberation in seeing the lantern fly into the unknown and we were truly overwhelmed with joy as we released our lanterns! To this day, we’re still wondering where it ends ?

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Sunrise in Alishan

Alishan is renowned for their beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and one of the top things to do is to take the Forest Railway and catch the sunrise from Zhushan. It’s a breathtaking experience and recommended for all first-time travellers to Taiwan!

Being one of Taiwan’s most scenic mountain areas, Alishan boasts endless picturesque views and at times, we were among the clouds and it felt so unreal. We also enjoyed the abundance of tea plantations at Alishan, and we couldn’t get enough of tea tastings. Besides that, we were also pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of Muslim-friendly meals available here, especially the doughnuts at Fenqihu Station ?

Mouthwatering Taiwanese cuisine

One of the things that we can’t forget about Taiwan is its amazing food! We had the chance to slurp down Taiwan’s signature dish, its delicious beef noodles, at 2 well-known halal restaurants - Muslim Beef Noodles Restaurant and Chang’s Beef Noodles. The broth was really rich and it left us wanting more.

Another place we’d frequent after our halal meals was the night market! Both the night markets we went to in Taipei (Ningxia Market) and Kaohsiung (Ruifeng Market) had Muslim-friendly options! We enjoyed munching on snacks like sweet potato balls, fried giant squid and peanut ice-cream rolls.

#HHWT Tip: At a night market and not sure what you can eat? Look out for “素食” words on stalls as it indicates vegetarian options.

P.S. Besides finding halal food, there’s so much more to do in Taiwan. We’ve got you covered with these activities on Klook!

Interaction with locals

An encounter that will always stick with us is the warmth of the Taiwanese locals! Despite the language barrier, it was easy to get around and locals are more than happy to help when you’re in need. For one, when we were at the Kaohsiung train station, 2 locals helped to pay for our fare as they saw us struggling to figure out how to buy tickets.

At Alishan, the locals constantly made us feel welcomed and greeted us with “ni hao” wherever we went. Everyone was curious to find out where we’re from as most of the tourists who visit Alishan are locals, so it was nice to share more about Islam!

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5. Thailand

Thailand is a country we won’t mind visiting over and over again. This Muslim-friendly haven never disappoints – with its wide offering of affordable halal food, vibrant night markets and its large Muslim community. This time, we got to explore beyond the usual spots in Bangkok and also went to Phuket for an island getaway.

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Interesting markets in Bangkok

One thing that always fascinates us when we visit Bangkok is the variety of markets that they have, from your traditional wet markets to themed ones. Our experience at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market allowed us to immerse ourselves in the daily lives of the locals. Although this is a popular tourist destination, it was still really interesting to observe the stall vendors prepare food or items to be sold to customers.

We heard stall vendors shouting aggressively to sell their items or shouting across to other stall vendors. It was fascinating to listen to their conversations although we couldn’t understand any of it! As for items to get at the market, we recommend some coconut ice-cream to beat the heat, fresh local produce or grilled seafood. Do note that the stalls here aren’t halal-certified so, dine at your own discretion. There are also many stalls selling souvenirs here. We highly recommend this experience, as it’s not every day that you get to visit a floating market ☺️

P.S. As Damnoen Saduak is located about 1.5-2 hours by car from Bangkok, we decided to book a tour on Klook with an English-speaking guide. We liked that we didn’t need to go through the hassle of transferring between different modes of transportation by yourself. It’s also cheaper than local tours or renting a boat at the market!

Pampering spa and massages

Ah, how can we resist the allure of a pampering spa and massage in Thailand? One of the spa experiences that left an impression on us was the Let’s Relax massage chain in Phuket. Everything from its boutique interior to attentive staff and facilities impressed us. We loved that we could choose our preferred oil as each of them caters to different moods.

We picked a 3-hour package where we enjoyed a massage, body wrap and facial all in one. Needless to say, it left us rejuvenated and refreshed after the many activities that we did in Phuket.

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Island day trips

The highlight of our Phuket trip was the island day trips that we went on. While there are many gorgeous beaches in Phuket itself, nothing beats escaping the bustling tourist areas. One island that left us completely in awe was Koh Phi Phi. The limestone formations and emerald waters were stunning, and we had a refreshing snorkel and swim too! It was definitely the best way to beat the scorching heat.

We booked our day trip from Klook and we loved that there were so many islands and different boat options that we could choose from. While we took a speedboat for our trip to Koh Phi Phi, we opted for a slightly more luxurious and comfortable ride on a catamaran to Maithon and Coral Island. It was our first time on a catamaran and we loved its many different seating areas – the sundeck, net and indoor area.

Warmth of the locals

The Thais are truly one of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. It’s no wonder that Thailand has been called the “Land of a Thousand Smiles”! On our trips to Bangkok and Phuket, we tried conversing in Thai with the locals and it was a really rewarding experience. It was heartening to know that they appreciated our efforts and that we could bridge the gap simply by trying to understand them ?

We were also very lucky to have interacted with the local Thai Muslim community in both Bangkok and Phuket. It’s amazing how we can share the same faith but have completely different lives and speak in different tongues. That in itself, is the beauty of Islam and one of the reasons why travelling is encouraged in Islam.

6. Spain

The only European destination we visited this year, we’re glad we’ve finally ticked Spain off our bucket list! Learning all about Islamic history in Seville, Granada and Cordoba was certainly an enriching experience and it reminded us of the beauty of travelling. From its majestic monuments to Spanish culture, our Spain trip was constantly filled with excitement ☺️

Reliving Islamic history

The main highlight of our Spain trip was none other than learning all about Islamic history in what used to be called Al-Andalus. Did you know that Islam was the major religion of Spain from the 8th to 15th century? It was a humbling experience to relive Islamic history at iconic monuments like the Alhambra Fortress, Royal Alcazar Palace and Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. It was also fascinating to see that the intricate Islamic architecture is still preserved to this day.

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba was particularly striking to us as it used to be an important mosque in Islam and turned into a church after the fall of the Islamic kingdom. But original mosque columns (and the symmetrical red-and-white striped horseshoe arches) are still intact while an additional chapel was added in the 16th century. It was such an extraordinary feeling as we walked through the grounds, reliving the time of Islam’s rule in Spain. This definitely needs to be on every Muslim traveller’s bucket list!

Halal Spanish treats

What’s a trip to Spain without savouring some Spanish delights? One of the dishes that we couldn’t pass up on was paella (Spanish rice dish cooked in a shallow pan)! Although there were limited options for halal authentic Spanish cuisine, we managed to try different variants of paella in Seville, Cordoba and Madrid. We loved the paella mixta (chicken and seafood paella) at El Patio Andaluz Restaurant in Cordoba the most.

We also tried one of the best churros (that we’ve ever tasted!) at the oldest chocolate shop in Madrid, Chocolateria San Gines. Having been opened for over 120 years, this 24-hour café is known for their Spanish churros and chocolate. We loved how light and crunchy the churros were and when we dipped it into the chocolate – the taste was simply out of this world! The chocolate was smooth with just the right amount of sweetness and it complemented the airy dough of the churros. How we wish we could have brought some home ?

P.S. Other than savouring the best chocolate, Madrid has plenty of activities you can do. Check them out on Klook!

Beauty of the Spanish dance (flamenco)

Of course, our Spain trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Spanish culture so we decided to watch flamenco dance show at La Casa del Flamenco in Seville. The talented performance by the guitarist, singer and 2 dancers simply blew us away!

Although we couldn’t understand the language, we could still feel the emotions through the skilful guitar strumming, singing and of course, the energetic movements and dramatic expressions of the dancers! It was one of the most passionate dances we’ve seen in our lives. Don’t miss out on this cultural experience when you’re in Seville ?

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7. Japan

Our trips to Japan in 2018 were all about exploring new destinations near major cities. For one, we got the opportunity of discovering destinations near to major cities like Tokyo (Mt Fuji, Hakone, Nikko, Yokohama) and Osaka (Himeji, Kobe, Shiga, Mie). It was also our first time exploring Nagano. Although we’ve visited Japan countless times, there’s still so much more to explore!

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Majestic Mt Fuji and Hakone

The highlight of our Japan trips this year was being able to visit Japan’s tallest mountain, Mt Fuji, which is 3776-metres above sea level. Standing in front of Mt Fuji and just soaking in the beauty of Allah’s creation was a surreal experience for us, as we’ve only seen the mountain in photos and videos. We felt so lucky to have had the opportunity to see Mt Fuji in all its glory and we wouldn’t have traded it for anything else ?

As we had a tight schedule, we opted for a day trip from Tokyo which we booked on Klook. The tour took us to Subaru Mt Fuji 5th Station, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Ashi and Mt Komagatake. Plus, we had a very knowledgeable local guide who shared fun facts about Mt Fuji with us. It’s always a more authentic experience to learn about a place from a local as compared to going by yourself!

Halal Japanese food (and prayer spaces!)

Even though we’ve been to Japan many times, we’re still amazed at the growing number of halal options available. In most non-Muslim countries, you’ll usually get your halal food fix by eating Middle Eastern or Indian food, but in Japan (big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto), you can spend your whole trip eating halal authentic Japanese food! The effort of the Japanese to attract Muslim travellers is really commendable and this is a good enough reason for us to keep visiting Japan ?

On our recent trip to Tokyo, we tasted one of the yummiest Japanese curries at CoCo Ichibanya Curry House and the best tempura at Halal Tendon Itsuki. It’s also really heartening to see more and more prayer spaces coming up at Muslim-friendly eateries, train stations, tourist information centres or shopping malls. This makes it so easy for us Muslim travellers to practise our faith, without any worries.

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Interesting Kimono Experience, Asakusa

Wearing the kimono was the perfect chance for us to fully immerse ourselves in Japanese culture and we were glad we had a chance to try it. Before our trip, we always thought that the kimono was only mostly worn by women but men can wear it too! What really struck us about the kimono were the many layers and intricacies that go into wearing it. We had 2 Japanese staff to dress just 1 person! So, you don’t have to worry about coming in without any knowledge of the Japanese dress.

We opted for a kimono rental at Asakusa as it’s filled with traditional streets and temples which reflect Japanese culture. Plus, there were many travellers who were trying out the kimono too so it was a really fun experience! We thought that it’d be hard to walk in a kimono at first but there’s actually ample room to move around ?

#HHWT Tip: If you’re looking for an accessible kimono rental service, we recommend heading to Hana Kimono Rental. It’s located just outside exit A4 of Asakusa Station! Plus we booked our experience online on Klook and got it at a discounted rate.

Ama Hut Experience, Mie

One of our most fascinating experiences in Mie was meeting the Ama divers – Japanese female free-divers who dive without any gear and just by holding their breaths. Believe it or not, the oldest diver is 86 years old! Through our conversations with the Ama divers (translated by English-speaking staff), we gained more insight into their lives and we could feel the tremendous amount of passion and pride in their work.

Besides their heartwarming stories, we were also treated to a delicious seafood meal prepared specially by the Ama divers right in front of our eyes! We really enjoyed their warmth and felt right at home. The best part is, you can also request for a Muslim-friendly meal in advance

P.S. You can also try on the traditional Ama costume, which was once used by the Ama divers!

8. China

It was our first time exploring China and we’re so happy that we got to visit Xi’an! With a vibrant local Muslim community and rich Islamic history, Xi’an is a gem waiting to be discovered. We enjoyed our time there and we know this won’t be the last time we’re stepping our feet in China.

Local Muslims and culture

One of the highlights of our trip to Xi’an was finding a Muslim Quarter. Yes, in case you’re wondering, this is a lively street filled with delicious halal local treats. But more than that, we loved the warmth, energy and friendliness of the local Muslims which made us feel right at home!

We also had the opportunity of visiting one of China’s oldest mosques – the Xi’an Great Mosque. The mosque was constructed to honour the founders of Islam in China and it dates back 1300 years! As we stepped into the compound, we were blown away by the mix of Chinese calligraphy and Arabic scriptures that adorned the structures around the mosque. It’s so beautiful to see that Islam transcends race, as reflected by this mosque and the Muslims in Xi’an. It’s things like these that inspire us to travel more and find Islamic heritage in the unlikeliest of places ?

Yummy halal food

Having a whole street dedicated to halal food, we could sieve out the delectable treats that Xi’an has to offer. One of the must-try eats is Yang Rou Pao Mo, which is a signature Xi’an dish made up of flatbread soaked in mutton gravy and then topped with chunks of tender beef. This hearty meal truly warmed our hearts in the frigid winter. We also loved how generous the portions were!

Even as we were full from our meal, we couldn’t miss out on yummy street snacks. We found a Chinese version of hamburger called Rou Jia Mo. Flavourful beef brisket is sandwiched between handmade, steamed bread that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and a bite into it left us thoroughly satisfied! Another snack that we loved was Shi Zi Bing (persimmon doughnut). It was really interesting as persimmon is mashed into a pulp and then kneaded into a dough filled with dates and almonds before it’s fried to perfection. It was really soft and sweet, and we’re quite sure we haven’t tasted anything like this ?

Terracotta Warriors

Our trip to Xi’an wouldn’t have been complete without visiting the Terracotta Army Museum! Thousands of warrior sculptures were built here to protect Emperor Qin in his afterlife and we were amazed that each of them was built with an extraordinary level of detail, from the expressions to the armour, and even the hairstyle! Did you know that no 2 figures here look alike? ?

But perhaps what fascinated us the most was its backstory. Turns out that the sculptures were only discovered after 2000 years as the Emperor had killed everyone who had a hand in building the sculptures. Archaeologists were still uncovering more sculptures while we there even though the area has been discovered over 4 decades ago. These ancient relics are truly worth a visit!

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It’s no doubt that 2018 was a fulfilling year for us. The list of things we loved and enjoyed is never-ending but through it all, we’re so thankful to be given the opportunity to travel and share our experiences with you. We hope to continue inspiring Muslim travellers to explore new places and we can’t wait to share with you what we have in 2019! So, do keep a lookout for our upcoming trips ?

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