18 Ice Creams Around The World That'll Have You Drooling


Noor Atiqah Gafar •  Oct 30, 2016

We all know that the world screams for ice cream but did you know that there are endless variations of the sweet dessert besides your usual vanilla cone??

Let us warn you though, the treats you're about to see will have you like:

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1. Spaghettieis, Germany

Ever wanted your favourite pasta dish in sundae form? Complete with strawberry 'sauce' drizzling down the sides and a sprinkle of grated cheese, the idea of spaghetti for dessert looks pretty tempting now?

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2. I Tim Pad (Ice Cream Rolls), Thailand

Ice cream rolls, or i tim pad, continue to dominate the worldwide frozen dairy market. You can choose from unique flavors like green tea, taro or even dragon fruit! Top it all off with fresh fruits, rainbow sprinkles and nuts for an added crunch?

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3. Gelato, Italy

If you haven't tried this wonderful Italian frozen treat, then you haven't lived friends. Creamy, smooth and silky, gelato has us wishing we were in Italy right now?


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4. Potong Ice Cream, Malaysia

If you grew up in Malaysia or Singapore, you know what we're talking about. These rectangular frozen blocks of goodness come in nostalgic flavours from your childhood like red bean, chendol and durian.

Credit: @letsfoodmakeyouhappy on Instagram

5. Faloodeh, Iran

Ever heard of faloodeh? This Iranian cold dessert consists of thin vermicelli noodles made from corn starch, rose syrup and sugar. Squeeze a little lime juice in there for that zesty zing!

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6. Akutaq (Eskimo Ice Cream), Alaska

The indigenous people of Alaska have their own distinct ice cream called akutaq. It's traditionally made with whipped fat, mixed with wild berries like cranberries and blueberries plus fish.. Wait what??

Credit: @zombiegoodwine on Instagram

7. Frozen Yogurt, USA

Frozen yogurt, or froyo for short, is yet another all-time favourite frozen delight. Tangier than its' sweet ice cream counterpart, many prefer to fill their cup with fresh fruits, M&Ms, gummies and a drizzle of chocolate/caramel sauce.

Credit: @vivithefoodie on Instagram

8. Jipanyi Ice Cream, Korea

Tired of the typical wafer cone? Then, J ice cream is for you! Jipangyi, meaning cane in Korean, is a long and hollow stick made of puffed rice or corn. Holding this large, crunchy treat in public might attract some stares but hey, it's a fun way of getting your sweet fix?

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9. Es Puter, Indonesia

You can find this next treat at most roadsides in Indonesia. Sold by street peddlers, this refreshing dessert is made using coconut milk or santan instead of regular milk.

Credit: @_masjo on Instagram

10. Bastani Sonnati, Iran

Another traditional dessert from Iran, bastani sonnati is made of rose water, saffron, vanilla and pistachios, making it both extremely fragrant and intoxicating?

Credit: Bastani Tehran

11. Kulfi, India

This milky, cone shaped popsicle from India is denser and creamier than regular ice cream. Usually made with crushed pistachio nuts, kulfi takes a longer time to melt due to its density.

Credit: @sarojinidantapalli on Instagram

12. Dondurma, Turkey

Getting this next treat is a little like a cat and mouse game. So, be prepared to be mercilessly teased by dondurma vendors! They'll pretend to give you the ice cream cone on a stick, but then they'll take it away by rotating the stick around.


But it's all in good fun and you'll get your yummy cone in the end?

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14. Bread Ice Cream, Singapore

Singaporeans grew up hearing the ice cream uncle's motorcycle zooming past their block and the incessant bell ringing that came after. In the sweltering heat of Lion City,  this frozen block of deliciousness all wrapped up in a soft slice of bread beats the heat and makes for a pretty filling meal!

Credit: @moana_0816 on Instagram

15. Foot-long Ice Cream, Taiwan

We're not exaggerating about the height of this next treat. The street vendor will literally give you a foot-long worth of soft serve ice cream, that's probably as tall as you?

Credit: thatfoodcray

16. Sorbetes, Philippines

Not to be confused with sorbet, sorbetes is made from a base of coconut milk and cassava.  Meaning "dirty ice cream" in Filipino, this frozen dessert is commonly peddled on street carts, earning its' unfortunate nickname .

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17. Paletas, Mexico

Usually milk or cream based, paletas are made with fresh fruits which makes it a healthier but still yummy alternative to ice cream. Salty/spicy flavorings are commonly added so don't be surprised if your tongue starts burning from the hidden spices?

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18. Mochi, Japan

These adorable bite sized balls of ice cream are wrapped in sticky, chewy dough to prevent it from melting quickly. You can usually find mochi in flavours like vanilla or green tea. But if you're feeling adventurous, try out novelty flavors like eel, squid ink, jellyfish, and soy sauce the next time you're in Japan?

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Now, go out there and treat yourself to your favourite ice cream?