We all have that feeling, that itch to travel from time to time. Sometimes we tell ourselves it isn’t the right time or we don’t have enough money or that it can just wait. But there are times when you just can’t deny the signs and that you just need to take the risk and jump on the next plane for your great holiday.

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Here are 15 undeniable signs you’re ready for your next adventure:

1. You keep bringing your own packed meals to the office to save money on something bigger

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Saving is important but let’s face it, you also have the itch to spend it on  something amazing and you can’t deny the urge you have to explore a different country.

2. Most of your time is filled with watching travel guides on TV or reading travel blogs online

Whenever your boss isn’t looking, you surreptitiously read travel guides at work. During the weekend, you continue watching travel shows at home.

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3. You end up dreaming of what you’ve watched and read…

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If you’re dreaming about it, your subconscious is telling you to just GO FOR IT!

4. You hate your boss but you can’t quit your job because you need the money so a short escape is a good idea

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Let’s get real- no one has the perfect job but  we still need to stick to it because we need to pay the bills. When work gets tough and stressful and you have that free time to explore life, take it! You’ll come back to the office as a different person.

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5. You feel like deactivating your Facebook account because your feed is filled with great stories of your friends traveling to different countries

5_hideThis is the time you get influenced by what people post online. You’re happy and you’re envious at the same time.

6. You keep thinking about when the next time you should travel will be and you’re not focused on work

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7. You try to save your annual leave at every chance you get so you can use it on your next great holiday

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You feel motivated to work on weekends because you have the right to claim for replacement leave later WHICH MEANS YOU GET MORE LEAVE AND COULD STRETCH OUT THAT HOLIDAY!

8. The thought of being in a foreign land makes you want to dance and sing

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9. You keep reading about the essential things to bring for travelling- what to wear and how to plan for a cheap getaway

9_travel planYou don’t earn big bucks like the Kardashians but you still want to see the world anyway, so you keep on researching how to do it on a budget.

10. You browse through flight promotions every time you get them in your email

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11. You start to make a list of why travelling is good for you

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12. You don’t mind traveling alone even though it does scare you a little


13. You’re tired of people asking about updates of your love life and career so all you want to do is get some peace of mind

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When are you getting married? Why did you take that job? Why don’t you have kids yet? When are you going to have more kids? These are questions that just make you want to leave and have a great time.

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14. You want to be independent and see what it’s like to find yourself, alone

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You’ve always had your friends around you ever since you were in primary school until college and you’ve never even had lunch alone. You finally make the decision to explore life on your own terms.

15. You really just want to explore Allah’s vast creation

15_natureYou’ve travelled before and you remember how seeing the breathtaking environment reminded you of Allah’s power and will—and you would like to witness it again.

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So what are you waiting for? All these sings are telling you to explore the world and broaden your horizons. It’s something that you want and need, so just embrace it!

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