15 Organizations To Donate & Become Volunteers To Help Flood Victims In Malaysia


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 21, 2021

Malaysia is currently facing one of the worst floods the country has ever faced with more than 50,000 victims who have been forced to leave their homes as reported by CNA. For our Malaysian friends, if you're looking for organizations to donate or volunteer to help the victims across Malaysia, here's a list to help.

15 Non-Profit Organizations To Donate Or Become Volunteers To Help Flood Victims

1. GSPJ Flood Foodbank

Credit: @tashny on Twitter

As reported by NST, Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam have opened their doors to aid the flood victims. Plenty of food delivery services and restaurants have ceased to operate due to the flood and Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya are helping the victims by cooking and sending food to them. GSPJ is accepting volunteers to help them with the meal preparations and those with four-wheel drive vehicles are most welcome to help them send food to the victims.

Currently, they are also collecting groceries and essentials for the victims in Taman Sri Muda. Please contact them with the number in the image if you have some to spare.

AddressJalan Utara, &, Lorong Utara (B), Pjs 52, 46860 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

2. Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia

Credit: @msiswakeadilan on Instagram 

Other than essentials like food and water, Mahasiswa Keadilan is seeking donation to purchase powerbanks to help the victims. The flood victims urgently need powerbanks to use their gadgets so they could communicate with volunteers or seek help. If you wish to help, do donate to the bank account number stated in the image. Head over to their Instagram page for more info.

3. Smart Selangor

Credit: @Smart_Selangor on Twitter 

To those living in Selangor or KL, Smart Selangor are collecting donations for essentials like prayer mats, towels, toiletries, underwear and lingerie for men and women. People can also donate pampers, milk for babies, blankets and dry foods. Please contact them with the number in the image to help the victims.

4. MAJU Foundation

According to MAJU's tweet, they are currently seeking donation to help Orang Asli in Kelantan. As we all know, every year Kelantan faces terrible floods and this year is no surprise. If you wish to donate, you can transfer to this bank account number:

  • Maybank :  5151 2061 9312
  • Nama : Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity (L) Foundation
  • Reference: Banjir Orang Asli

5. The Pastels Shop

Credit: @thepastelshop on Instagram 

The Pastel Shop is a skincare shop collecting money donation to purchase essentials like sanitary pads, shampoo, toothpaste, and facial cleansers. If you wish to purchase the kits to help donate, head over to their website. They will send the kits to the flood victims at Pusat Pemindahan Sementara in Selangor.


6. Cuci Cuci Malaysia

Credit: @cucimalaysia on Instagram 

Cuci Malaysia is a non-profit organization that will help the flood victims by cleaning affected areas and houses. Currently, they are looking for volunteers to help them and seeking donation so they could buy cleaning supplies and equipment. They've already started cleaning certain areas in Klang Valley and if you're interested to help, fill up their Google Form or visit their Instagram page for more info.

7. Happy Bank

Credit: @happybankcrew on Instagram 

Happy Bank is a non-profit organization is collecting donation to help the victims. They are also sending all the essentials like food, blankets as well as powerbanks, cables and adapters. If you wish to assist them to donate and distribute essentials, you may contact them.

8. IMARET Malaysia

Credit: @imaret_my on Instagram 

IMARET has launched an emergency fundraising for flood victims for Selangor as well as other affected states in Malaysia. They are also currently looking for volunteers and medical volunteers to help them in helping victims who are stranded or at flood evacuation centres. For more information, head over to their Instagram and contact them.


Credit: @mycare.hq on Instagram 

MyCARE is holding a fundraising to help the victims with food, essentials for women & babies as well as supplies to help them. They've been preparing food and distributing the essentials to those in need. If you wish to donate and help them, head over to their Instagram for more info.

10. Global Peace Mission

Credit: @gpmmalaysia on Instagram 

Another NGO which is contributing to helping the flood victims is Global Peace Mission. They are currently doing fundraising in phases in order to purchase cleaning supplies, medicine, hygiene kits, food, clothes as well as furniture for houses that were badly damaged. Check out their Instagram or contact them for more information.

11. MUDA

Credit: @partimuda_ on Instagram 

MUDA is currently rescuing those who are stranded in flooded areas in Selangor and haven't been able to reach any rescue teams. They are also holding a fundraising to help the victims in other states. If you wish to volunteer too, you can register through this link: maribantu.my/pasca or you can go their Instagram for more information. You can also see their latest updates on their rescue missions.

12. Adab Youth Garage

Credit: @adabyouthgarage on Instagram 

Adab Youth Garage is seeking donation in terms of food, women's essentials, baby pampers, blankets, hygience kits and more. Currently, they are helping victims in Bangi and if you want to help them, do donate or contact the number in the image for more information. You may also visit their Instagram page for latest updates.

13. MY Hope Hero

Credit: @myhopehero on Instagram 

MY Hope Hero is a non-profit organization that is helping victims across Selangor. From Shah Alam to Banting, their teams have been helping non-stop. If you wish to help them, you may donate or become a volunteer to help them distribute essentials to the victims. They also currently calling for vendors to set up food trucks at evacuation centres. Head over to their Instagram page for new updates.

14. The Hope Branch

Credit: @thehopebranch.my on Instagram 

The Hope Branch is another non-profit organization that is mobilizing aid to flood victims in Selangor. They are seeking donation to purchase essentials like toto, blankets, hygiene kits, food, clean water and diapers. Do donate if you wish to help the victims and you can look for latest updates at their Instagram page.

15. Impactive Malaysia

Credit: @impactive_malaysia on Instagram 

Impactive Malaysia is an NGO currently looking for volunteers to help victims in Hulu Langat and Shah Alam. To those with four-wheel drive vehicles are most welcome to help them rescue and give aid to the victims. You may also donate to them with the info on this IG post or go to their Instagram page to know more info.