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12 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Technology This Ramadan


Luqman Hakim •  May 21, 2019


Humans have been dependent on technology for centuries now, from knowing the sun’s position using a sundial to the magnificent, powerful tool of the Internet. We are now in the 21st century and in the age of the smartphones. People all around the globe depend on their smartphone’s mobile applications for various tasks such as navigation and surfing the Internet. ? Credit: Giphy You can make full use of your smartphone, an essential item in this day and age, to guide you through the month of Ramadan. Aside from your smartphone, you can also make use of your computer and other digital gadgets. From mobile applications to media guides readily available on the Internet, we look at ways you can make the most out of technology this Ramadan. ?
Islam-related Mobile Applications
1. Ramadan Legacy Make your month of Ramadan complete with the free Ramadan Legacy app. The Ramadan Legacy app, available on Android and iOS, is one of the biggest Ramadan mobile applications used by Muslims worldwide.
You can use this app to track your progress during the month of Ramadan. This includes daily reminders for your mandatory prayers and Tarawih (night) prayers.
The app also has information on the month of Ramadan, list of daily duas, a guide to the Quran, nutritional and fitness guides and even a Ramadan manual for the ladies. ? Get it now free on Android or iOS. 2. Muslim Pro This is a must for every Muslim who owns a smartphone. The Muslim Pro mobile application is a complete, all-in-one app for Muslims. The Muslim Pro app is not just useful during Ramadan, it is the perfect guide for every worshipping Muslim. ?
The app has a prayer tracker, where you can set an Azan (call for prayer) notification on your phone, notifying you when it is time to pray. You can also search for mosques and Halal food spots near your location using the app.
Get it now free on Android or iOS. 3. Quran for Android Sorry iOS users, this mobile application is exclusive to Android’s Play Store. The Quran for Android app is a simple mobile Quran for your smartphone, complete with audio narrations and translations.
The Quran was sent down during the month of Ramadan to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), so it is only fitting that you spend your time during this holy month reading and reciting the Quran. Having this app in your phone would prove useful as you don’t have to carry the Quran wherever you go.
Get it now free on Android. Quran by Quran.com (For iOS users) Fret not, iOS users! There is a similar Quran mobile application for you guys. The Quran app by Quran.com is exactly like the Android’s version mentioned above. The application has translations of the Quran in different languages and you can also bookmark the verses you wish to save for later. Get it now free on iOS. 4. My Ramadan App by aLIVE.sg A great app for parents with kids, My Ramadan App is a mobile application created in collaboration with the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore’s (MUIS) Kids aL.I.V.E programme. ?‍?‍?‍?
Credit: aL.I.V.E on Facebook The app has a list of Ramadan-related daily duas where you (and your kids) can refer to. Parents can also use this interactive mobile application (complete with a colourful interface) to track their children’s fasting, Tarawih prayers and their surah memorisation progress.
Get it now free on Android or iOS. 5. Hadith of the Day Spend your time reading through records of the Prophet’s sayings and traditions (or Hadith) in this amazing mobile application. The Hadith of the Day app allows you to access a huge collection of Hadith, forms of supplication and the “Hadith of the Day” page, which is updated daily with Hadith excerpts.
You can easily access the long list of Hadith, which range from Hadith about adultery to death, from marriage to children. You can access Quran verses about Allah SWT, fasting and sacrifices made as a Muslim too.
Get it now free on Android and iOS. Islam-related Mobile Applications (Ramadan ‘On the Road’)6. #HHWT Travel Planner Ever had trouble looking for Halal eateries and prayer spaces or mosques when travelling? Download #HHWT Travel Planner and all your queries will be solved. ?
This mobile application works as an itinerary planner for your trip in the palm of your hand, planning your trip made easy. Explore cities such as Tokyo and Seoul with ease with the #HHWT Travel Planner. The app allows you to search for a nearby prayer space or mosque, making it easy for you to perform your daily mandatory prayers and your Tarawih prayers while travelling.
Get it now free on Android or iOS. Need tips when travelling during Ramadan? Check out this list of tips before your trip.
Other Mobile Applications
7. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker – MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is an extremely useful mobile application especially during the month of Ramadan. You spend most of the day fasting, so watching what you eat and counting your calories would benefit you physically during the month of Ramadan.
Having this app in your smartphone would prove to be useful as you keep track of what you consume daily (during Iftar and Sahur), ensuring you keep to your daily calorie intake. This will not only guarantee you won’t put on extra pounds but also gives you the opportunity to eat healthily and keep fit during the month of Ramadan. ?‍♂️
Credit: @vincentchew4059 on Instagram Get it now free on Android or iOS. 8. Food Delivery Sites and Mobile Applications In a rush to break your fast (or have your pre-dawn meal)? Check out the many food delivery options in your country. For example, if you are residing in Singapore (and several Southeast Asian countries), you can check out FoodPanda, Deliveroo or Grab Food (mobile application). Alternatively, you can check out the establishment’s delivery website directly such as McDonald’s Mcdelivery, Pizza Hut Delivery and PastaMania Delivery.
Credit: @foodpanda_romania on Instagram Having the option (and convenience) of food delivery services has indeed made us lazier but on the plus side, it has benefited many especially for those who work late or have no time to prepare their meals. Be spoilt for choice as you have a variety of food options to choose from on these sites or mobile applications. ? Credit: Giphy Food delivery mobile applications are available on Android or iOS free of charge. 9. ShareTheMeal On the subject of food, how about sharing some with those who need it more? Empathy is one of the many reasons why Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, (for more reasons, do check out this list). We are reminded to spare a thought for the poor and those in third world countries suffering from poverty.
This free mobile application by the United Nations lets you donate your pocket money to those who need it more. You don’t have to make your way down to a charity organisation. Just whip out your phone, open the app and start donating. Feeding the hungry and charity (or giving the Zakat) are acts which may lead you up to Paradise, especially so during the month of Ramadan.
The Prophet (PBUH) was asked “Which charity is best?”. He (PBUH) said, “Charity in Ramadan”. (Narrated by Anas, Jami at-Tirmidhi) Get it now free on Android or iOS.
The Internet
The Internet has helped us in the 21st century in more ways than we expected. We, as Muslims, can take advantage of this amazing piece of technology to bring ourselves closer to Allah SWT (for more ways to remember Allah SWT, check this article out) and increase our Iman, God willing, during the month of Ramadan. 10. Video Streaming Technology in this generation allows you to gain access to a library of videos at the palm of your hand, all you need is just access to the Internet. Video streaming sites such as YouTube allow users to stream videos uploaded by people all over the world. Videos may include religious lectures, sermons and even tutorials on how to read the Quran. Credit: Giphy You can easily find videos of lectures or sermons made by religious scholars and/or teachers on YouTube. One such example is a rather well-known religious teacher in Singapore, Uztad Nuzhan, who has gained fame through sharing his religious knowledge with Muslims locally and regionally.
Credit: Masjid Jamiyah Ar-Rabitah on Facebook YouTube is also a platform for anyone and everyone to upload their creativity and share it with the world ?. The Productive Muslim Company, for example, uploads interesting (and sometimes funny) videos and animations as modern-day guides for Muslims. They have a collection of Productive Ramadan animations listing down ways on how to stay productive during the month of Ramadan. Another YouTube channel worth visiting is Muslim.sg, an online media platform that aims to inspire and empower Muslim millennials through bespoke Islamic content. This online media platform reaches out to Muslims in Singapore through its Asatizah Youth Network (AYN), a group of tech-savvy asatizah trained in Islamic religious science. Need more tips on how to stay productive? Check out this article. 11. Music Streaming Music streaming software such as Spotify and Apple Music allows users to stream music and audio files uploaded by users. These include Islam-related music, nasheeds, audio forms of Quranic verses and even podcasts uploaded by Islamic scholars from all over the globe.
With the availability of the Internet everywhere, you can easily stream these audio files on Spotify wherever you are. Whip out your headphones and listen to them while you are on public transportation or waiting in a queue.
Did we mention it’s free to download the app? You can stream the music for free with a catch though. You might have advertisements interrupting you every few minutes. However, you need a premium account (with an affordable monthly charge) to stream ad-free.
Digital Devices
12. Gaming Consoles and Smart Televisions The new generation of gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One and modern-day televisions have been added with extra features. These features allow you to easily surf video streaming sites or simply, upload and watch your videos on these devices at the push of a button.
With this technology, instead of spending your time watching cable television or playing games, you can surf the video streaming sites for religious lectures or sermons and watch them on the big screen. ? Credit: Giphy Get your tech on with these various high-tech applications, software and devices during this Ramadan! We hope this list will make your Ramadan a fulfilling one, filled with blessings and amazing experiences! ?