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12 Signs You’re Definitely A Muslim Traveller


Have Halal Will Travel •  Dec 18, 2015


Although we’re pretty much the same as any other traveller, being Muslim sure makes us unique in some ways when it comes to exploring the world!
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Here are 12 signs you might just be a pro at travelling:

1. You carry a compass everywhere you go
When you’re in a destination where the qibla arrow isn’t pasted on the ceiling somewhere in your hotel room or you’re out and about where a mosque isn’t in the vicinity, out comes your trusty qibla compass, pointing you in the right direction for you to spread your prayer mat towards.
2. You've downloaded a whole slew of apps
You’ve downloaded any and every app on your phone that might be useful for your travels – from photo apps and halal food directories to compass apps (when you don’t have a physical compass on hand that is!).
…The only people who would probably use a compass app on their phones are hardcore hikers and Muslims ;)
3. You’ve researched your destination like crazy
Muslim travellers have different needs, from the type of food that we eat to requiring places to perform prayers.
That’s why you spend hours browsing through travel blogs and websites (like ours, which we hope comes in handy!) and you book your flights in advance so that you can get halal meals on board long haul flights.
4. Your bag is heavier than the average traveller's
Okay this might not apply to the guys, but ladies out there will understand that hijabs and modest clothing take up a lot of space!
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That’s why you get excited over clothes you don’t have to iron…so you don’t have to lug a mini iron around to places that don’t provide one ?

5. You plan your day according to prayer times
You’ve printed out a copy of the prayer times at your destination for everyone who’s traveling with you, you plan your flight times so that you minimize the need to pray while you’re up in the air, and you time your stops throughout the day so that you’re able to make it in time for your prayers wherever you’re at.
Credit: giphy That’s what we call efficiency!
6. You’re resourceful!
You’ve trained your eye to spot that tiny halal sign a mile away, you’ve got a list of non-halal ingredients to watch out for when buying snacks, you’re an expert at finding places to pray and you definitely know how to manage any tough situation you’re thrown into.
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7. You get excited when you see another Muslim
There’s nothing like the huge smile that cracks across your face when you realize that the person standing in line next to you is a Muslim too! The tips you get to exchange during your encounter is definitely a bonus ?
8. You’ve got travel versions of everything
Credit: iheartorganizing From foldable prayer rugs and little bottles of soap to prayer garments that you can squeeze into a tiny bag, you’ve got all the essentials you need on hand right in your carry bag.
9. You carry an empty bottle with you everywhere you go
You know the pains of taking wudhu when you’re out and about – that’s why you’ve always got an empty bottle on hand. [caption id="attachment_4173" align="alignnone" width="900"]
...and you could always make a boat out of those plastic water bottles too...[/caption] Credit: 3news No one needs to see your acrobatic act of washing your feet at the sink! [caption id="attachment_4172" align="alignnone" width="1000"]
If you're really lucky maybe you might be able to run into a washroom that has these special wudhu "sinks"![/caption] Credit: specwash
10. You’re all about experiencing the local culture
Whether you’re hanging out by the beach in Busan, wandering around Kyoto in a kimono, shopping til you drop in Dongdaemun, soaking up the sun on an island or cycling around London, you’re a pro at immersing yourself in the local culture the halal (and fun!) way ;)
11. You’ve got a bag just for food
Food Bag
Credit: arrahmah When it’s midnight and your stomach starts grumbling for something warm, you’re ready with a whole bagful of instant noodles and everything else from sauces to homemade snacks.
Credit: giphy That’s if you’re not bursting from indulging in that halal ramen, samgyetang, street food, and desserts of course!
12. You’re brave and you appreciate the little things
You’re always up to getting out of your comfort zone and getting into an adventure!
Credit: geebakk on Instagram You also take the time to thank God for all the beautiful things, amazing sights and even the unpleasant stuff you come across on your travels.
Waking up to see a spectacular sunrise is never a problem, because you know that being a Muslim traveller is one of the best things ever!
Credit: giphy There’s a whole wide world waiting for you out that door, and you can’t wait to see it all!