Looking to go for a unique getaway full of fun, quirks and adventure? How about ditching the usual hotel accommodations and making your way over to these unique hostels that offer more than just a roof over your head?

Yes, we’re talking about unique hostels around the world that won’t break the bank and are an experience all on its own!

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1. Kadir’s Tree Houses – Olympos, Turkey.

1 - Kadirs Tree Houses Olympos TurkeyCredit: gqitalia

Kadir’s Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey will bring your childhood dreams to a reality with their gorgeously located tree houses, right in the heart of all the flora and fauna of Olympos! Whether you decide to meet new friends from all over the world in their shared tree houses, or opt for a more private and comfortable bungalow accommodation, you are rest assured of a delicious meal, and fun filled activities from rock climbing, canyon touring and more!

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3 - Kadirs Tree Houses Olympos Turkey travelCredit: panoramio

Prices: Prices start at 30 Turkish Lira for shared dorms per person and goes up to 90 Turkish Lira per person for air-conditioned bungalows! (All prices include an open buffet breakfast and dinner! 😄)
Address: Yazir Mahallesi Olimpos Mevkii 07350 Kumluca / Antalya
Contact Number: +90 (0) 242 892 12 50
Email: info@kadirstreehouses.com
Website | Facebook

2. Jumbo Stay – Stockholm, Sweden.

4 - travel-Jumbo-Stay-Sweden stockholmCredit: tourismontheedge 

Now we know that sleeping in a plane might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but what if this plane is actually a hostel based in a used out jumbo jet model 747-212B, initially built in 1976 that doesn’t actually…take off!?

Forget turbulence and feel at ease in this unique little jumbo hostel which comes with a good choice of shared dorm rooms (with shared baths), standard rooms and even a range of suite’s that come with ensuite bathrooms! If you’re looking for something truly unique, opt for their Ensuite Cockpit or Black Box suite! And did we mention that this hostel is just a few minutes away from the Arlanda Airport, so it’s great as a quick stay before your next flight, or before your trip out to Stockholm City!?

5 - jumbo staysCredit: handluggageonly

6 - Jumbo Stay- Stockholm, Sweden.Credit: tripfind

Price: Prices start from 450 SEK per night for the four bedded shared dorm rooms and goes all the way up to 1895 SEK per night for the Ensuite Black Box Suite’s!
Address: Jumbo Stay, Jumbovägen 4, SE-190 47 Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden
Contact Number: +46 (0)8-593 604 00
Email: booking@jumbostay.com
Website | Facebook

3. La Balade Des Gnomes – Durbuy, Belgium.

7 - La-Balade-des-Gnomes-Hobbit-Hotel-Design-BelgiumCredit: modernisticdesign

This b&b is a fairy tale come to life! If that isn’t enough to get your attention, the sight of this hotel’s 10 extraordinarily decorated rooms will definitely delight your senses! The motto of the hotel is “all that you can imagine is real”. They play with the imagination, and the extreme attention to detail will definitely bring you to the other-worldly place!

With rooms named The Legend of Trolls, In a Moon Neighbourhood and even Macquarie Island (we’ll let your imagination flow here), you can even opt to stay in a Trojan Horse suite if that tickles your fancy! Located 50 minutes away from Liege Airport, your stay here will definitely be something out of a dream!

8 - La Balade Des Gnomes- Durbuy, BelgiumCredit: uniqhotels

9 - La Balade Des Gnomes- Durbuy, BelgiumCredit: uniqhotels

10 - La Balade Des Gnomes- Durbuy, BelgiumCredit: upsocl

Prices: Prices start at 130 Euros for 2 persons all the way up to 250 Euros for 2 persons for the Trojan Horse Suite! Make sure to book early as only ten rooms are available!
Address: Rue Remouleur 20, Heyd, 6940 Durbuy, Belgium
Contact Number: +33 472 20 86 23
Email: info@labaladedesgnomes.be
Website  (Language is in French!) | Facebook  (Language is in French too!)

4. Propeller Island City Lodge – Berlin, Germany

Propeller Island 1Credit: dailymail

Another extremely unique hotel that will definitely test your imagination, the Propeller Island City Lodge is designed by artist Lars Storschen, and is more of an art installation turned hotel that is known for its elaborately themed rooms!

Propeller Island 2Credit: dailymail

Choose from a range of 31 rooms with far fetched themes such as the Mirror Room- a diamond shaped room complete laid out with mirrors, the Upside Down room where furnitures hang from the ceiling and even a Coffin Room which may excite the Gothic fans out there! (Do take note that some rooms don’t offer ensuite baths due to it’s unique designs, so take advantage of the shared but cozy baths instead!)

Propeller Island 3Credit: worldalldetails

Prices: Prices start from 79 Euros per person and costs an additional 15 Euros for every additional person per night (depending on room type). The highest rate is 190 Euros per person, all not inclusive of a 5% Berlin City Tax for tourists!
Address: Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58, 10709 Berlin, Germany
Contact Number: +49 30 8919016
Website | Facebook

5. Celica Art Hostel- Ljubljana, Slovenia

Celica 1Credit: hostelcelica

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to get locked up behind bars, minus the whole… sentence thing? Well look no further than Celica Art Hostel, a youth hostel and an art gallery all found within the walls of a former prison and military barrack of more than a 100 years until the independence of Slovenia in 1991. Each cell is uniquely designed by a different artist as a form of artistic and freedom of expression.

Celica 2Credit: roughguides

Hosting a Museum of solitary confinement, an art gallery with monthly local and international exhibitions and even an area to find your inner peace, everyone from all walks of life is warmly welcomed here, all to spread positivity in a unique manner. And if that isn’t a total opposite of what originally was a dark, depressing place, we don’t know what is!

Celica 3Credit: slovenia-trips

Price: Prices start from approximately 18 Euros to 33 Euros per person/per night (prices may vary, for updated price listings please check official website), the cheapest being the shared dormitories while the latter being a prison cell.
Address: Metelkova 8, SI – 1000 Ljubljana
Contact Number: +386 1 230 97 00
Email: info@hostelcelica.com
Website | Facebook

6. Caveland – Santorini, Greece.

santorini-hostel-greek-islandCredit: hostelgeeks


Generally speaking, Santorini is a traveller’s dream destination- from the beautiful contrasting blues and whites, the picturesque scenery and the gorgeous seaside view, what else could make a trip to this place even more special than just being there?

Caveland 2Credit: The Italian Backpacker

Here’s where Caveland comes into the picture. An eco-friendly hostel nestled within an old 18th century winery, Caveland is a complex of cave houses and terraces with amazing views and interiors, a small garden of various trees, daily yoga in a relaxed atmosphere and even an outdoor pool to bask in! Not to mention a breathtaking view, everyday during your entire stay there. Sigh, can we help it if we’re gushing already?

Caveland 3Credit: hostelgeeks

Price: Prices start from 16 Euros onwards per person/per night and may slightly vary depending on peak/off peak seasons!
Address: Karterados, post Box 39, Karterados 847 00, Greece
Contact Number: +30 2286 022122

7. St Briavels Castle – Lydney, Gloucestershire, England.

Castle 1Credit: english-heritage

Experience life as a queen, king, princess, prince (you get the drift) in a real life castle that will take you back to the Medieval times (or you can pretend you’re just Harry Potter, hey we’re cool with that too 😉). Standing at over 800 years old, this castle is definitely one for those with magical wonders, an appetite for history, and even for thrill seekers, as it’s also known to be one of the most haunted locations in the UK (well… which castle doesn’t have a ghost or two lurking around…?)

exteriorCredit: english-heritage

Castle 2Credit: coolplaces

But hey, don’t fret! The castle is now a fully renovated youth hostel, and also an English Heritage attraction! Choose to sleep in The Prison room, the Oubliette (that comes with a dark secret within) or even the Porters Lodge, just to name a few! Also catch a Medieval history event or two and be transported back to the olden days. Did we mention you get to dine, wine and be merry in a banquet hall all while socializing with people from all around the world too?

Castle 3Credit: Cleo Thailand

Price: Prices start from £19 per person/per night for a bed in a shared room and goes up to approximately £129+ for a private room (rates may differ according to dates)!
Address: St Briavels, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 6RG
Contact Number: +44 845 371 9042
Email: stbriavels@yha.org.uk

8. Karosta Prison Hostel – Latvia

Karosta 1Credit: discover-latvia

As opposed to the more ‘positive and artsy’ prison hostel we mentioned before, Karosta Prison is where you come to for the ultimate prison life experience. Guests are expected to sign a contract with conditions  such as following prison rules, and even allowing prisoner-like treatment by the prison guards before staying in this hostel. Any rule breaking will result in punishment- so don’t say we didn’t warn you! And to make things a wee bit scarier, Karosta Prison is known to be haunted as many inmates in the past have died within its closed doors- so you might be able to make a new friend or two 😅

SONY DSCCredit: hotel

But if you’re not up to staying a night in a cold, possibly haunted iron clad cell and eating prison food behind closed doors, guests are able to come in for a museum tour, experience an interactive reality show – Behind Bars, and even play games for a fun and thrilling experience that will definitely be engraved into your memory!

Karosta 3Credit: karostascietums

Price: 15 Euros per person per night. A 24 hours Extreme Night show inclusive of stay will cost 17 Euros per person for adults and 14 Euros for children and seniors.
Address: Liepāja, Karosta, Invalīdu iela 4
Contact Number: +371 26369470
Email: info@karostascietums.lv

9. Radeka Downunder Underground Motel & Backpacker Inn – Coober Pedy, South Australia.

Radeka 1Credit: triptouch

They always say, ‘when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do’, so when you’re in the land down under, you stay ‘down under’, literally! At Radeka Downunder, you get to choose to stay underground in what was previously an Opal mine from the 1960’s. 65% of people in Cooper Pedy live underground to avoid the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter, so you’re guaranteed to stay ‘cool in Summer, and warm in Winter’.

Radeka 2Credit: theoutlook

Located in the centre of town, just 200 metres away from shops and restaurants, Radeka Downunder provides two types of accommodations, Motel rooms that are either 3.5 metres underground or above ground, and also Budget Dorms and Rooms that are 6.5 metres underground!

dsc09720-largeCredit: anaustralianodyssey

Price: Prices start from AUD$35 per person per night depending on the type of accommodation you choose! Family rooms may go up to AUD$270 for a max of 6 people per night!
Address: 1 Oliver Street (Corner of Hutchison St & Oliver Street), Coober Pedy, South Australia 5723
Contact Number: (+61 8) 8672 5223
Email: stay@radekadownunder.com.au

10. Free Spirit Spheres – Vancouver Island, Canada.

Spheres 1Credit: cabinity

Forget the average wooden tree houses and opt for a truly unique spherical treehouse to experience nature at its finest! Located in the coastal rainforest Vancouver Island, you can explore the island and return back to your suspended sphere for a peaceful nights stay. Albeit small, the available three sphere accommodations are cozily designed, and may sway a little whenever a breeze comes. But don’t worry and simply enjoy the soothing gentle rocking, all while taking in the greenery that surrounds you from there on out.

Spheres 2Credit: architectureandinteriordesign

There’s also a large pond in the centre of this 5 acre private property that attracts birds and other wildlife to further enhance your commune with Mother Nature! Talk about glamping at its finest!

Credit: Canada Keep Exploring on Facebook

Price: Prices start from $175 CDN onwards per person per night
Address: 420 Horne Lake Rd, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1Z7
Contact Number: 1-250-757-9445
Email: info@freespiritspheres.com
Website | Facebook

11. Book and Bed – Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

Book 1Credit: Book and Bed Tokyo

Calling all book lovers! This is just the hostel for you! This Japanese bookstore themed hostel is jam packed with over 1700 books in both English and Japanese, and guests may read themselves to sleep in beds hidden behind the many available book shelves! Although pretty compact, the hostel doesn’t provide very comfortable accommodations, instead its in the experience of falling asleep while doing something you love, which in this case- reading, that is the ultimate draw.

Book 2Credit: primerec

When you finally decide to take a break from all that reading, head over to the many attractions that await you in and around Ikebukuro itself and soak in the amazing Japanese culture. You know you want to! 😉

[We’ve got tonnes of halal food and travel guides on Japan to help you out too!]

Book 3Credit: acemagazine

Price: Prices start from ¥3,500- (without tax) / per night for Compact ‘rooms’ and ¥4,500- (without tax) / per night for Standard ‘rooms’.
Address: 1-17-7, Lumiere buillding 7th floor, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan 171-0021
Email: info@bookandbedtokyo.com
Website | Facebook

12. La Villa Hamster – Nantes, France

Hamster 1Credit: travel.rambler

Tired of living life as a human being and want to take a quick break from reality? How about turning into a hamster for a day or two? Or at least, experiencing life as the furry little animal. At La Villa Hamster, you can spend your day running in a 2m-wide metal hamster wheel, feasting on hamster grain, sipping water off a water tube, and accessing your bed after a long tiring day by a step ladder and a crawl space!

Hamster 2Credit: hotelcontractbeds

Guests are also given hamster masks to wear during their stay- and why not, anyway, if you’re turning into a hamster for a day, might as well go full out, no?

Price: €150 euros per night!
Address: 20 Rue des Saisies, 56260 Larmor-Plage, France
Contact Number: +33 6 64 20 31 09
Website (Language in French only).

So with that, ladies and gentlemen, take your pick and pack your bags to any one of these unique accommodations around the world! Whether you’re out to be one with nature, waiting to be thrown behind bars or even off to hunt ghosts in a castle or two, break out of the norm of staying in a normal hotel and make your way to one of these extremely quirky hostels for an experience you’ll definitely never forget!

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